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Tom Allen

Portrait from June 1971

The Reel Tom in June 1971

Strike a pose in July 1971

Tom Terrific
in October 1971



Jack Alix

From GO Magazine,
in September 1967

From Membership Card below

JA the DJ at a record hop, sometime in 1967

With Cousin Duffy in '67




Shelby Austin

Polyester prone
in 1977!

With Vicki Mallgrave & Sheila Chandler


With Vicki Mallgrave in Star Wars Halloween Costumes



Gene Baxter

With Lee Chambers
& Susan Raider
at 1983 Xmas party.



Glenn Beck

With Joe Theismann, J. Robert Howe & Dave Foxx

In Control Room in Greenbelt in 1983



Sherry Berger

With Earth, Wind & Fire
in September 1979.



Marvelous Marv Brooks

From the Corral Hills studios.

Good Guy Marv

December 1965 in Bladensburg



Pam Brown

Early in 1982

With Collette Roeder




Beverly Burch


(L-R) Sue Gardiner, Anita Miller,
Bev Burch & Bobbie Sweitzer in '72.




With The Red Head & Judi

In the original Gold Money Car

New hair for the Fall of 1973

Trying on jewelry in the Fall of 1976

With Tim Kelly & The Visible Vault

With Evelyn



Scott Carpenter

With the Blackbyrds in 1978

With Scott Woodside in 1979



Lee Chambers

Summer - 1979

Catching Rays in 1982

At 1982 Ramblin' Raft Race

Before Walk For Fitness in 1983

After Walk For Fitness in 1983

With Gene Baxter & Susan Raider at 1983 Christmas party



Sheila Chandler

With (L-R) Shelby Austin
& Vicki Mallgrave

With Vicki Mallgrave



Mike Cohen

With 'Phono Phunnies' contest winner (L) in 1973.



Jim Collins

Playlist cover
from June 1973

With 'Phono Phunnies' winner in 1973

With another 'Phono Phunnies' winner

w/yet another 'Phono Phunnies' winner

With Harv Moore, a movie promoter & Columbus in '73

Wearing Music Troll T shirt

Publicity shot
from 1973

With Harv Moore & Bob Raleigh (Bill Miller) in 1974

On the air,
in January 1976

With Helen Reddy on NBC's 'Midnight Special' in 1976

In Sept. 1976

Pre-strike, 1977




Columbus discovers DC in 1971

Dropping anchor in DC in 1971

In the newsroom in November 1971

Columbus & his 'fans' in Oct. 1971

'Columbus-mobile' winner in Nov. 1971

Passing out $1 bills as George Washington in February 1972

Growing beard

Where People Get Cash in January 1973
with 'Phono Phunnies'

Makin' a Cash Connection with 'Phono Phunnies' in 1973 


He gave away lots of $$ with 'Phono Phunnies' in 1973

Publicity shot in May 1973

Another contest winner in
July 1973

With Jim Collins, & Harv Moore in July 1973

Again with a
check in 1973

Still another winner in September 1973

Professional portrait from 1974

Bellbottoms not
in the chain!

With Kevin James in
June 1975



Chris Curtis

With 'Money Car' winner
(L) in March of 1973.



Dino Del Gallo

All smiles in 1973

Back on the job in '76

On the air in 1977



John Dowling

ADA Walk For Fitness - 1983

Not Lindsay Buckingham!



'Cousin' Warren Duffy

Publicity shot

With autograph!

From GO Magazine,
September 1967

With Jack Alix in '67

With Little Miss Dynamite
in September of 1967

With Brenda Lee in 9/67

At the 'Hide the Picnic', 9/67

On stage before 12,000 strong at the 'Hide the Picnic' promotion from September 1967.  



Jim Elliott

In production studio

Stretching out in '76

With 1977 winner

Another 1977 winner

1977 Publicity shot

From Summer 1977

1977 Headshot

Hangin' in Fall '77

With S. Woodside in 78

w/Waylon Richards
& Sugar Ray Leonard

Blizzard of Feb. 1979

On the air the night
after the blizzard

w/Unknown Star
winner in 1979

w/Ray Parker in '79

w/S. Woodside in 1979




With Carla in 1976.



Chris Fisher

1974 - Could you tell?



Dave Foxx

With contest winner in 1977

With Elvin Hayes in 1978

Foxx on the
box in 1979

Short sleeves in February 1979

Morning Show, circa 1983.

with Glenn Beck, Joe Theismann &
  J. Robert Howe

In Greenbelt Studio, 1983.

A-OK with
Double XX.

in the AM.



Phyllis Gammon

Early in 1979.



Sue Gardiner


(L-R) Sue Gardiner, Anita Miller,
Bev Burch & Bobbie Sweitzer in '72.



Jerry G (Ghan)

Publicity shot in 1963

With kids on ponies

At the races

At an amusement park




Don Geronimo

From about 1980.




Alexander Goodfellow

The 'Beachcomber' in 1971

With Todd Reynolds in 1971



Milt Grant


Milt Grant in 1964.



Dean Griffith (Dean Anthony)

A very young Dean-o!

Flat top publicity shot from 1962

With Bob Raleigh (Rolle Ferrar) & The Shirelles

With Pat McCoy, Eliot Paul & Jerry Kearns

Winning an award

Interviewing Phyllis Diller

With Tonto, Jay Silverheel

Interviewing Miss DC

Interviewing MD Governor

With 'Mom of the Year' contest winner

Broadcasting underwater!

Remote at an appliance store



Dean Griffith (Larry James)


From Dec. 1965

From 1966



Dean Griffith (Hank Burdick)

From 1967



Wayne Hetrich

At the controls in 1968.

With GM Bob Howard in 1968.



Wade Holmes

Publicity shot.



Bob Howard

With Chief Engineer, Wayne Hedrick in 1968 

W/B. Prettyman (l) & Nils Seibold (r) in 1968

Circa 1973



J. Robert Howe

Morning Show, circa 1983.


Glenn Beck, Joe TheismannDave Foxx
  in 1983.

In News Room in Greenbelt.

Know - Howe in the Morning.

Post Walker & Howe in 1983.



Wolfman Jack


Howlin' & Prowlin'



Kevin James

w/Columbus in '75

With Babes
'O Plenty in 1976

Sleep Deprived
in 1977



Scott  (Tony) Jenkins

Taken in Baltimore, circa 1978.

During the blizzard in February 1979.



Davy Jones

Approximately 1968.



Johnny Jones

March 1972




In the Gold Money Car.

With The Red Head (left)
& Carla



'Barefoot' Larry Justice

From 1962.



Lisa Kay


On the phone in '82

(Special thanks to Joe Lehan for the above).



Jerry Kearns


Publicity shot from about 1960.


Decorating a contest winner's tree in 1960 (with Pat McCoy (top left), Eliot Paul (bottom left) and Dean Griffith (Dean Anthony) bottom right).



Dave Kellogg

Publicity Shot from 1973.



Bruce Kelly

1983 ADA Walk For Fitness



Tim Kelly

3 G's & a 'Z' contest, May '76

With Carla
& Visible Vault in 1976

Cornball in 1977



Liz Kiley

Early in 1979.



Billy Kilmer

Billy Kilmer in a WPGC Music Troll jersey.

Harv Moore & Billy Kilmer

Hiding in which room number?



Ed Kowolski (aka, Todd Reynolds & Ed McNeil)

With Alexander Goodfellow in 1971

Number One in 1971



Bryan Lawrence

Overnights in 1973

From playlist in 1973



Lee Logan

From early in 1979.



Keith Mac Donald

From July 1976.



Gentleman Jim Madison #1 (Walter Rubin)

From about 1966



Gentleman Jim Madison #2 (Bob Benson)

From 1966



Gentleman Jim Madison #4 (Joel Denver)

All wrapped up in his work.

Hard At Work in May 1971



Vicki Mallgrave


With Shelby Austin & Sheila Chandler

With Shelby Austin in Star Wars Halloween Costumes

With Scott Woodside

With Sheila Chandler

With Boston



Dee Masano

Watergate hair, 1974.



Dan Mason

Dan and his hair in 1977

Still on the phone in 1977



Pat McCoy


Headshot from about 1960


Decorating a contest winner's tree in 1960 (with Jerry Kearns (top right), Eliot Paul (bottom left) and
Dean Griffith (Dean Anthony) bottom right).

With Bat Masterson


Interviewing Chubby Checker and unknown

With Guy Mitchell and unknown



Ed McNeil (aka, Todd Reynolds & Ed Kowolski)

With Alexander Goodfellow in 1971

Number One in 1971



Steve Michaels


Late Nights in 1978.



Anita Miller (aka 'April May')

With Harv Moore in July 1971.

With big Wilson in Dec. 1971.

With Sue Gardiner, Bev Burch & Bobbie Sweitzer in '72.

With 'Phono Phunnies' Contest winners in 1973.



Brandt Miller

Afternoons in 1977.



Harv Moore

A very young Harv in 1963!


Business Card

The Morning Mayor in 1965

Good guy DJ
in the '60's

The boy next
door in 1970

In Teen Life Magazine

With Dean Griffith #2 (Hank Burdick)

Studio Shots,1971

An ear for the
hits in 1971

With new control board in March '72

Mister Music in library, 1973

With Prog. Asst. Anita in 1973

With a record guy

With Big Wilson
in 1973

With Joe Namath in 1973

With David Gates in 1973

With Big Wilson, 

Bob Raleigh (Bill Miller) & Winners

Passin' Out the Cash with 'Big Money' in 1973

Keepin' the Cash Comin'
in 1973

With a 'Big Money' contest winner in 1973

Still another 'Big Money' contest winner in 1973

With Jim Collins, 
? & Columbus

With Billy Kilmer in 1973

With 'The Redhead' in 1973

w/Levi's Gremlin
winner in 1973

Ridin' high at the circus in 1973

w/Jim Collins & Bob Raleigh (Bill Miller) in 1974

With Kash for Kids Guy in 1974

Before station sale, in 1974



Joe Nunemaker (Newt)

Early in 1979.



Big Ron O'Brien

Illustrator unknown in 1976.



Big Don O'Bryan

From December 1973.



Don O'Day

From the fall of 1977.




Bill O'Hara (Psychic)

Early in 1979.




Eliot Paul


Publicity shot from about 1960.


Decorating a contest winner's tree in 1960 (with Pat McCoy (top left), Jerry Kearns (top right) and Dean Griffith (Dean Anthony) bottom right).



Bob Peyton (Bob Allen)

From about 1966.



Bill Prettyman

Taking an order in 1968

With Bob Howard (c) and Nils Seibold in 1968

Publicity shot
from 1974



Susan Raider

Continuity Director, 1983-84

With Lee Chambers (L) & Gene Baxter at 1983 Christmas Party



Bob Raleigh (Rolle Ferrar)

With Dean Grifith
& The Shirelles in 1963

At WWDC in mid '60's



Bob Raleigh (Paul Carmen)


From early in 1966



Bob Raleigh (Bill Miller)

'60's Boss Jock


Late '60s

Phone Phanatic
in 1971

Morning News Guy, circa 1971

Sometime in '71

Senators Leave DC in 1971

In the Newsroom in 1971

With Big Wilson
in 1971

With Bob Wooten & unknown in 2/72

With Harv Moore & Big Wilson

With ? in 1972

With contest winner in 1973

With another winner in 1973

With yet another winner in 1973

Publicity Shot
in 1973

w / Harv Moore& Jim Collins in '74

In Fall of 1974



Bob Raleigh 'Jr.' (Dewitt Robert Raleigh)

About 1970

With feline
friends in 1971

The Master
in 1971



The Red Head

With Phono Phunnies
Contest Winner in 1973

Her Red self in March 1973

With Harv Moore in 1973

With Judi (center) & Carla (right) in 1973

In all her Red glory in 1974



Don Reese

Headshot from about 1961.



Todd Reynolds (aka, Ed Kowolski & Ed McNeil)

With Alexander Goodfellow in 1971

Number One in 1971



Waylon Richards

From Fall 1977

Old Weird Waylon

With his beard in April 1978

w / Jim Elliott
& Sugar Ray Leonard
in April 1978

with / Ellery Queen winner in Fall 1978

with / Indy 500 Star Car winner in May 1979

In station lobby from June 1979



Collette Roeder


With Pam Brown




Scott Shannon

In Engineering from May 1979

Not Rod Stewart in March 1980

Shannon on the radio in Oct. '80



Gordon Shaw

From February 1948



Charlie Schue

With 'Phono Phunnies' contest winner in 1973.



Nils Siebold

Staff photo
in 1968

w/Bill Prettyman &
Bob Howard in 68

On the phone
in 1968



David B. Simmons

Hadn't heard of 'The Beatles'.



Milford K. Smith (Smitty)

Chief Engineer in 1974.



Dan Steele

Your man, Dan in 1973

Playlist cover from 1973



Dana Stephens

Summertime 1979.



Bobbie Sweitzer


(L-R) Sue Gardiner, Anita Miller,
Bev Burch & Bobbie Sweitzer in '72.



Joe Theismann

Morning Show, circa 1983.


Glenn Beck, J. Robert HoweDave Foxx
  in 1983.

Superbowl Champ in '83!

A singer
he's not!

Hail to the Redskin!



Dude Walker

Publicity Shot in 1983.



Ed Walker


Ed Walker in 1954.



big Wilson

Tall Texan in late '60's

Circa May 1971

Publicity shot
in July 1971

With Bob Raleigh (Bill Miller) in August 1971

With Paul Revere in Sept. 1971

With Harv Moore in November '71

With 'April May' in Dec. 1971

At Shenanndoah, VA in March '72

With Harv Moore & Bob Raleigh (Bill Miller) in '72

With 'Phono Phunnies' Contest Winner in 1973

to the stars




Scott Woodside

With Jim Elliott in 1978

With Jim Elliott  in 1979

With his hair in 1979

With Scott Carpenter in '79

With contest winner in 1979

With Lenny & Squiggy in 1979

With Kenny Rogers in 1980



Sound Files

Misc. Audio

Cousin Duffy on: Hide The Picnic - :58


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