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Jim Elliott

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Jim came to WPGC from WEAM (where he was PD), for middays & Music Director duties in 1975. He had previously worked in Washington doing late nights at WRC. In 1977, following The Great Strike That Struck Out, he returned to the station to do mornings, initially teamed with Don O'Day. In the Summer of 1978, Scott Woodside joined him for morning news.

Elliott & Woodside left the station in early 1982, accepting a then staggering offer from Q107. He later did mornings at B106, middays at WAVA & eventually became VP of Pop Promotion at Arista Records in NY. Today he runs his own airplay consulting firm.



Jim writes:

I am alive and well in Cresskill, NJ and own my own company called "The Spin Doctor, Inc". It's an airplay consultancy for the record labels and is doing quite well. While at Arista, I did weekends and fill in at Z100/NY for about 6-7 years and then did some work at Jammin Oldies before it turned Urban. I still get the bug once in a while....and always seem to run into people that grew up listening to me.

I occasionally take some time and go to this site and sooooo many memories come flooding back. Many people don't appreciate what they've got in living day to day...whether it be a great soul mate or a great radio station.

On What Made WPGC Great:

WPGC was a GREAT station and so far ahead of its time in that we were one of the first successful FM stations (due to the heavy penetration of FM in the DC market).

WPGC was part of people's lives...they came to us to be with friends , to hear new music, to be entertained and to win great prizes (and a lot of cash)....and the loyalty of the listener was reciprocated by on air personalities that really cared about the station, the community and each other.

On the 'WPGC Rocks' Album:

As far as the 'WPGC Rocks' LP, the songs were definitely my era at WPGC...but I'll be damned if I can remember ever seeing it. WPGC was such a powerhouse back then we would never have given anything away that had such a glaring error. We probably just put them in a dumpster and someone got hold of a copy.....a true mid 70's rarity.

On Never Having A Contract At WPGC:

WPGC was owned by the Marriotts....They never believed in personal contracts for talent. After I was offered afternoons at WLS, GM, Charles Giddens came to me with a piece of paper with a few things scribbled on it by hand....not exactly what we were looking for. I think Charles may have realized he needed to do better, but knew 'the powers that be' wouldn't approve.

On Turning Down ABC's Offer To Go To WLS:

Very, very difficult decision and many sleepless nights. Number of factors involved.....1) always felt the opportunity at WLS was as much a ploy by ABC to get me out of DC as it was to go to Chicago. 2) While I always felt I was a really good jock on my own, the chemistry between Scott and myself was readily apparent on a daily basis. We had caught 'lightning in a bottle' and the sum was better than the parts. 3) loved the DC area and WPGC was in my blood. 4) AM radio was dying and I knew that a move to Chicago would have been for short term profit and I had so much invested in DC, the station, future wife, etc.

On Going To A Union Shop Like Q107:

The Union was the major stumbling block to the deal. Of course, having crossed the line during the Great Strike That Struck Out in 1977 resulted in my being tossed from the Union. They brought me up on charges and I had the head of the National Right to Work Foundation as my attorney. Let's remember that the union used the jocks in 1977 as sacrificial lambs to protect their own interests....AFTRA never gave a shit about the folks at the 'little station in Bladensburg' as Evelyn Freeman spent much of her time (and gained her power) by dealing with the three network O+O's. I was shop steward at WPGC and the Marriotts actually offered us more money that we asked Evelyn to get us...and she said we could never get what we asked for!! She scared the rest of the crew and they supported her. Could go on for hours on that one...but let's move on.

When Q107 wanted us, I brought up the Union situation and made ABC attorneys write up the deal so that if I couldn't work due to the Union, ABC would have to pay off the 5 year contract. Lawyers were 1000% certain the Union could not keep me from working. I just had to follow procedure, re-apply to AFTRA and, if they said "no"...they could not stop me from working. Only stipulation was that, if there was a strike at Q107, I would have had to work. Luckily, that never came about. Wasn't any fun going back asking Evelyn if I could rejoin....but after a number of choice words, she knew she couldn't stop me.

On Harden & Weaver At WMAL:

Jackson Weaver was just a great guy and always was positive towards us. Frank Harden was a different issue as he was a big union guy and actually sat in judgment of me at my Union trial...never will forget my lawyer standing up and saying "Mr. Harden, I've listened to you for years, but you are wrong here". More than $$$, I think what pissed Frank off more than anything was that those guys were kingpins of DC for 30 years and still were working 6 days a week. Scott and I go there on a 5 day week....wasn't long before Harden & Weaver also were 5 days.

On WPGC's Reaction When They Gave Notice:

We gave notice to PD, Steve about a tough situation. Here was a guy that always was in our corner and had done an incredible job taking WPGC back up to #1 after we were beaten by Q107. Steve also got me back into doing the music and trusted me, especially when deals had to be cut to insure top line talent appeared at Toys for Tots concert. It was a well oiled machine and here we were, walking in at the Xmas Holidays to say bye-bye.

And look how well Steve's career went when he proud of his accomplishments...truly an honor having worked for him and to still call him a friend to this day. Quick story 1986, Steve was PD at B104 in cocaine addiction by that time had reached the point where I had ruined the "E&W" brand and sound. When I was at my second rehab, he called and offered me part time all nights to at least give me a stage and show the industry the comeback had begun. After we had walked out on him, the man stood by me years later.....let's say 'forever grateful' doesn't go far enough.

On Management At Q107 Interfering With The Show:

They let us know rather quickly that we were the hired hands. Just a totally different corporate mentality. Remember that at WPGC, we really had (almost free) reign and that since I was also the Music Director I had control of the music on our show and could also play anything that might fit a bit that we were doing, etc. Off we go to Q107 where they told me what to play and we had to have a Union tech turning the tape on and off as well as doing the editing. Took plenty of time to have to step away from the control room and sit with the tech editing tape. Some of the flashes of great radio were still there, but frustration was setting in...both on our part and with management. The cocaine abuse certainly didn't help.

On Regrets About Going To Q107:

It was a mess. My marriage was falling apart, I was late to work more and more...Scott certainly was holding up his end but it had to be tough being part of the team and half was literally not there. Regrets...many......but more in the way my behavior hurt people I loved. Professionally, I think we all take a shot and live with our decisions....WPGC was changing at that time and who is to say our staying would have postponed "Classy 95"....Q107 was not the right situation for us and even if I was mentally "there" the whole time, the corporate shackles made it tough. Many of the people there were wonderful...Alan Burns, Ernie Fears (God rest his soul), Tony Renaud, etc...but the 'family' feeling we had at WPGC just was not there.

On Would He Do It All Again?:

I am blessed with a great wife, 2 wonderful kids, a career in the music industry that I never dreamed I would have (Thank you Jonas Cash, Rick Bisciglia, Richard Palmese, Clive Davis)....Would I do it all again?...Who knows? Everything happens for a reason.




In production studio

Stretching out in '76

With 1977 winner

Another 1977 winner

1977 Publicity shot

From Summer 1977

1977 Headshot

Hangin' in Fall '77

With S. Woodside in 78

w/Waylon Richards
& Sugar Ray Leonard

Blizzard of Feb. 1979

On the air the night after the blizzard

w/Unknown Star
winner in 1979

w/Ray Parker in '79

w/S. Woodside in 1979



Print Materials

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"DC's GettingTo Be Big-Time"

©The Washington Star

July 1977

WPGC Newsmagazine

March - 1979




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Song Request




Day Off With Pay




Sound Files

Click on any of the below to hear audio:


November 1975 - 2:44
November 1976 - 2:41
11/11/76 - 5:59
Spring 1978 - 2:51
5/16/78 - 32:44

11/22/78 - 1:11:10 - 2nd Annual WPGC Thanksgiving Day Parade

February 1979 - 6:35
1/22/80 - 25:43

10/20/80 - 1:19:56 - WPGC 26th Anniversary Show

12/31/80 - 38:05 - Top 50 of 1980
1981 - 1:24
Summer 1981 - :12
11/19/81 - 14:32




Jock Jingle - Logoset/Priority One - :04
© JAM Creative Productions, Dallas


Accapella - Logoset/Priority One - :01
© JAM Creative Productions, Dallas


Jock Jingle - Positron - :04
© JAM Creative Productions, Dallas


Jock Shout - Positron - :01
© JAM Creative Productions, Dallas


Shout Edit 1 - Positron - :03
© JAM Creative Productions, Dallas


Shout Edit 2 - Positron - :03
© JAM Creative Productions, Dallas


J.E. Starts DC's AM - Positron - :06
© JAM Creative Productions, Dallas


E&W Starts DC's AM - Positron - :06
© JAMCreative Productions, Dallas


Hallelulah Choir - :10
© JAM Creative Productions, Dallas


Halleluah Choir - Outakes - :41
© JAM Creative Productions, Dallas

(Special thanks to Jonathon Wolfert at JAM for the above)



1975 Top 100 Hits of 1976 - :35
1977 Elvis At The Capital Centre - :17
1977 Day Off With Pay - :38
1977 Uncle Richard 2 - :37
1978 Bullets Fever Playoff Trip - 1:14
1980 Elliott & Woodside Appearance - :44

7-Eleven Coffee Cup (w/ Scott Woodside) - :34


Sound Offs:

5/78 Georgetown Parking - :58


Chooz Yer Nooz:

Feb. 1979 Chooz Yer Nooz (with Scott Woodside) - 2:01 
10/20/80 Chooz Yer Nooz (with Scott Woodside) - 2:37
11/19/81 Chooz Yer Nooz (with Scott Woodside) - 2:16


Day Off With Pay:

February 1979 - 2:33
1/22/80 - 2:48



5/76 A&P Supermarkets - :28
5/78 Classics Three - :28
Feb. 1979 Coventry At Crofton - :59
Feb. 1979 Woodward & Lothrop - :58
2/15/79 Movie - Richard Pryor - :32

Dash's Designer (live) (with Scott Woodside) - 1:22


Palmer Ford (live) - :57

12/27/80 Sprite - 1:02


Miscellaneous Audio:


Jim Elliott on: Columbus leaving for WLS - 2:15


Big Ron O'Brien on: Jim Elliott - :23


2nd Annual WPGC Thanksgiving Day Parade:
Thanksgving Day Quiz - Part 1 - 1:35


2nd Annual Thanksgiving Day Parade:
Thanksgving Day Quiz - Part 2 - 1:33


2nd annual Thanksgiving Day Parade:
Thanksgving Day Quiz - Part 3 - 2:07


2nd annual Thanksgiving Day Parade:
Thankful For bit - Part 1 - :56


2nd Annual Thanksgiving Day Parade:
Thankful For bit - Part 2 - 1:14


2nd Annual Thanksgiving Day Parade:
Thanksgiving interview with 'Richard' - 3:52

1979 Morning Show Drops - :35
1979 The rappin' "Dee-Jay's Delight" song! - 3:53
1979 The rappin' "Santa's Delight" song!! - 1:42

New Studios bit (with Scott Woodside) - :47


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