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Elliott & Woodside - 11/22/78

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Listen To This WPGC Aircheck


Second Annual WPGC Simulated Thanksgiving Day Parade

Jim Elliott came to WPGC from WEAM (where he was Program Director), for middays & Music Director duties in 1975. He had previously worked in Washington doing late nights at WRC. In 1977, he moved to mornings. In the Summer of 1978, Scott Woodside joined him for morning news.

Elliott & Woodside left the station in late 1981, accepting a then staggering offer from Q107. Jim later did mornings at B106, middays at WAVA & eventually became VP of Pop Promotion at Arista Records in NY. Today he runs his own airplay consulting firm while Scott resides in Atlanta.

What makes this aircheck so remarkable is the short amount of time Jim Elliott & Scott Woodside (they would not officially be billed as 'Elliott & Woodside until 1980) had worked together. The pair had been assembled by Program Director, Dan Mason when morning news guy, Don O'Dea left WPGC to return to sister station KAYK as its Program Director in the Summer of 1978, roughly one year after the 'Great Strike That Struck Out' and his arrival at the station.

Dan brought in morning news guy, Scott Woodside from WQXI in Atlanta. Elliott & Woodside had an immediate & natural chemistry which struck a chord with many listeners. Scott's background in improvisational acting lent itself well to spontaneous goofiness on the morning show at any given moment and as any situation warranted.

That talent is clearly heard in this theatre of the mind production in many of the alleged, man on the street descriptions of the floats in this fictitious parade. Topical references to key figures in the news at the time created a comical premise that found infinite variations including the improbable appearance of Ricky Ricardo & Lucy on a float, All The President's Men on another, Billy Carter (who also sings a song for Jim Elliott) on one, Liz Ray belly dancing on another and Tong Sung Park handing out money on his float like it was going out of style.

Complimenting this cornucopia of hilarity are cameo appearances by overnight DJ, Liz Kiley interviewing Turkey Mogul, 'Frank Purdull' on the White House South Lawn, Scott Carpenter's description of the Mummers participation in the parade in front of the YMCA (they in fact hum if not mum to 'Stayin' Alive'), Waylon Richards' one man band float, and Dave Foxx (who produced the pre-recorded elements) who has a run-in with the law.

One of those prerecorded elements contained inside humor only station staffers or acquaintances would appreciate. Various station personnel's names were attributed to several committees who had planned the parade. Of note was the Clean Up Committee behind the horses consisting of 'Dan', (Dan Mason, Program Director), 'Bill', (Bill Prettyman, General Manager) and 'Glenn', (Glenn Potter, President of WPGC owner, First Media).

Long time listeners of the station knew immediately however the name mentioned in the funniest bit on the tape in which Dave interviews a confused old man on the parade sidelines who thinks that Harv Moore & The Redhead were still doing mornings on WPGC (they had in fact left the station over three years earlier!).

Keeping everything together and running smoothly, ringmaster, Jim Elliott also contributes several recurring Holiday themed features including a Thanksgiving Day Quiz and Things to be Thankful For comedy bits.

Embellishment was the word of the day in this presentation. Wild claims such as President Carter giving his okay for the parade to circle the White House and Channel 7 Eyewitness News giving WPGC all 15 of it's mini-cams to use in the parade (really necessary for radio!) were the norm. The joke was perpetuated with numerous disclaimers such as 'No need to go out to the parade; we're bringing it to you on the radio'. (The station did in fact receive calls as to the parade's route and viewing areas!).

Localization made the picture all the more believable. Whenever generic marching band music was heard between floats, mentions were made of various high schools in the area supposedly appearing in the parade including Bowie, Crofton, Suitland, Annandale, Walter Johnson, West Springfield, Montgomery Blair & Gaithersburg High Schools. Even the Army & Navy bands get in on the act plus a purported appearance by the Redskinettes & the Redskins Marching Band (the 'Skins faced Dallas that afternoon).

Commercials on this tape were not included but a few seconds entering & exiting stopsets are heard. Jingles in use were from JAM's 'Positron' package which had been ordered earlier in the year.

As to the '2nd Annual' reference, if anyone remembers a parade from the previous (or successive years), please contact the webmaster.

Special thanks to contributor, Steve Willet for this piece of radio history!


Listen to the parade in its entirety or click on any of the
links below to hear the various bits used throughout it.

WPGC Play Audio Button

2nd Annual Simulated Thanksgiving Day Parade

11/22/78 1:11:10
WPGC Play Audio Button Thanksgiving Day Quiz - Part 1- Jim Elliott 11/22/78 1:35
WPGC Play Audio Button

Thanksgiving Day Quiz - Part 2 - Jim Elliott

11/22/78 1:33
WPGC Play Audio Button

Thanksgiving Day Quiz - Part 3 - Jim Elliott

11/22/78 2:07
WPGC Play Audio Button

Thankful For bit - Part 1 - Jim Elliott

11/22/78 :56
WPGC Play Audio Button

Thankful For bit - Part 2 - Jim Elliott

11/22/78 1:14
WPGC Play Audio Button

Thanksgiving Trivia bit - Scott Woodside

11/22/78 1:30
WPGC Play Audio Button

Billy Carter bit - Scott Woodside

11/22/78 1:52
WPGC Play Audio Button

Liz Ray bit - Scott Woodside

11/22/78 1:17
WPGC Play Audio Button

Ricky Ricardo bit - Scott Woodside

11/22/78 1:30
WPGC Play Audio Button

Tong Sihn Park bit - Scott Woodside

11/22/78 1:04
WPGC Play Audio Button

WPGC Float bit - Dave Foxx

11/22/78 2:12
WPGC Play Audio Button

Irish Cop bit - Dave Foxx

11/22/78 1:35
WPGC Play Audio Button

Clean Up Committee bit - Dave Foxx

11/22/78 1:22
WPGC Play Audio Button

Harv Moore & The Redhead bit - Dave Foxx

11/22/78 1:56
WPGC Play Audio Button

Mummers bit - Scott Carpenter

11/22/78 1:07
WPGC Play Audio Button

Interview with 'Richard' - Scott Carpenter

11/22/78 3:52
WPGC Play Audio Button

One Man Band bit - Waylon Richards

11/22/78 1:41
WPGC Play Audio Button

Frank Purdull bit 1 - Liz Kiley

11/22/78 :55
WPGC Play Audio Button

Frank Purdull bit 2 - Liz Kiley (with Dave Foxx)

11/22/78 1:56


WPGC Thanksgiving Day Quiz - 1978
1) The Pilgrims had corn at the first Thanksgiving because?
a) Henny Youngman crashed the party.
b) They just learned, ‘A-Maize-ing Grace’.
c) They needed a yellow vegetable.
d) The Indians forgot to bring Brussels sprouts.
2) The Indians were invited to the feast because?
a) It was a National Holiday.
b) The Pilgrims had already been over to their place.
c) A recent Federal ruling outlawed discrimination.
3) Plymouth Rock was?
a) An English singing group.
b) The 1978 top of the line Chrysler product.
c) Rock, Plymouth’s listing in the telephone directory.
4) The Pilgrims came to America?
a) To escape the summer reruns.
b) To open a Rolls Royce dealership.
c) Because there was no room at the Inn.
5) The Mayflower was?
a) A big furniture truck.
b) Something that caused hay fever in Canadian rats.
c) What April showers bring.
6) Thanksgiving is celebrated on the
4th Thursday of November because?
a) It was the only day the Indians had off.
b) That’s when all the football games are.
c) Macy’s had already reserved 5th Ave. and
couldn’t get a parade permit for any other day.
7) A Pilgrim is?
a) A bitter pill to swallow.
b) Anyone carrying a candle.
c) Grim, Pill’s listing in the phone book.
8) It was easy to tell a Pilgrim from an Indian because?
a) Indians couldn’t afford buckles for their moccasins.
b) Pilgrims always paid with travelers’ checks.
c) Pilgrims’ names were shorter on the mailboxes.
9) The first words uttered by the Pilgrims at Plymouth Rock were?
a) This is one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.
b) Sure doesn’t look like the pictures.
c) Okay, where are the girls?
10) The Pilgrims crossed the ocean in a boat because?
a) The Concorde was sold out.
b) It was too far to walk.
c) They didn’t have to be in America until
Thanksgiving and they figured it would be relaxing.
11) According to legend, Indian maiden Pocahontas
had her father spare John Smith’s life because?
a) Hiawatha couldn’t get through the frozen Gitche Gumee.
b) John owed her a thousand bucks
from the previous night’s strip poker game.
c) Pocahontas was super ugly and she
didn’t want to blow her last chance to get married.
12) Turkey in the straw is?
a) A hard act to follow.
b) A tight fit.
c) The Weight Watchers new low-calorie drink.
13) A typical Pilgrim spent his or her Thanksgiving?
a) Watching the football games.
b) Watching the parades.
c) Watching the Indians.
d) Watching the Indians play football after the parades finished.


WPGC Things To Be Thankful For - 1978
1) I’m thankful that I’m not Jimmy Carter’s
1980 Presidential campaign manager!
2) I’m thankful that I’m not
Farrah Fawcett’s acting coach!
3) I’m thankful that when I applied for my car loan,
I did not list Bert Lance as a personal reference!
4) I’m thankful that the U.S. Army Corp. of Engineers
hasn’t decided to put up a dam in my bathtub, yet!
5) I’m thankful that I never ever wrote a book about
Evel Kneivel, after all, his problems seem to run in cycles!
6) I’m thankful that none of my relatives has
entered politics or otherwise disgraced the family!
7) I’m sure that Jimmy Carter is thankful
that Billy wasn’t born twins!
8) The citizens of Philadelphia are thankful that
this show only reaches as far as Baltimore!


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