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Dedicated in memory of Jim Collins


Special Contributors

A site of this scope would not be possible without the assistance of some fine radio folks: (To make a contribution of your own to this site, please email the webmaster).




Dean Anthony (Dean Griffith #1)

'Big ol', Fat ol' Dean-o' was kind enough to not only grant an interview with the webmaster about his recollections as the first PD of WPGC as a rock & roll station in 1960 (see miscellaneous audio), but also contributed some very early station materials from his personal collection including station promotional photos, air personality profiles, coverage maps and sales related one sheets.  Dean was the Program Director at WHLI on Long Island for 20 years until his death in the fall of 2003.



Walt Bailey

Walt has been one of the most frequent contributors to this site.  Many of the year end countdowns were provided by him that he recorded on a reel to reel deck as a teenager growing up in Woodbridge, VA.  Walt has a very excellent site of his own, Old Radio which contains vintage airchecks from other stations around Washington.  If you're a fan of 'American Top 40' (or countdown shows in general), don't miss his extensive collections of shows from the '70's & '80's.



Norman Barrington

Norm is a veteran of Radio Caroline in the U.K. and has an extensive website dedicated in memory of one of the earliest 'Pirate Radio' stations.  He's been collecting jingles worldwide for as long as he's been in radio (which explains why his collection is so huge)!  Norm's expertise was of great help in determining which jingles were used on WPGC and when.



Gene Baxter

The Bene has been doing mornings on world famous KROQ in Los Angeles for the past ten years as one half of the 'Kevin & Bean' radio program show and was brave enough to have contributed tape of himself as a baby DJ at WPGC.



Bob Bell

If you grew up in DC, chances are you've seen many of the vintage Children's television shows featured on Bob's site. In his research for the site, Bob found numerous articles from Washington area papers that mentioned WBUZ-FM as well as WPGC.



Ed Brouder

Ed's 'Man From Mars Productions' has one of the largest collections of airchecks around.  If you're looking for tape of a vintage performer, chances are he's got it, as he did numerous WPGC jocks whose airchecks appear on this site.



Jerry Del Colliano

Thanks to Jerry for permission to reproduce articles about the WPGC strike in May of 1977 from 'Inside Radio'.



Tommy Edwards

A huge thanks to Tommy Edwards (whom you may remember as 'Little Tommy' from WLS) for permission to include the amazing time sweep of songs from 1960 - 1982 that he produced for WABC's last day as a music station.  Hear the entire 30 minute 'Musicradio Montage', complete with era - appropriate WPGC jingles here.



Joe Evelius

Joe has provided countless hours of tapes to this site from hard to find weekenders to long time fulltimers, all in pristine condition!



Erica Farber

Many thanks as well to 'Radio & Records' CEO, Erica Farber for permission to reproduce various articles from 'R&R' written about WPGC over the years.



Roddy Freeman

Roddy is a long time listener to the station and like so many other teenagers at the time, recorded audio off the air which covered the period from 1971 - 1982.



Ed Gursky (aka 'Todd Reynolds' / 'Ed Kowalski' / 'Ed McNeill')

Mr. Ed is believed to hold the record for working at the station the most number of times (3), using 3 different air names, no less!  Today he's an administrator with the Voice of America in Washington and has often provided chronologic background information about the station and has been of great help in tracking down station alumni.



Richard Irwin ('Uncle Ricky')

Words are simply inadequate to express the sincere thanks of this site to 'Uncle Ricky', the founder of the Reel Radio Repository, an astonishing collection of vintage airchecks and commentary of some of the industry's most legendary performers.  Do yourself a favor and visit his site (but be prepared to spend hours there, with page after page of awesome audio!).

Richard's generosity in allowing this site to use his server space made all the difference in launching this one.  Due to the tremendous amount of space required to support this site, it would have been cost prohibitive to launch it without his kind benevolence.

REELRADIO, Inc. is a tax-exempt, non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation & presentation of music radio history. Your tax-deductible contribution to REELRADIO, Inc. will also help keep this site online.



George Junak

George's 'California Aircheck' is another excellent resources for vintage tape from a bygone radio era (and not just from stations in CA) .  He was kind enough to donate several WPGC weekly playlists and various airchecks to the site.



Kevin James

Kevin James' 'Slo Jams' syndicated program originates in LA on 'The Beat', KKBT. Thanks for his remembrance of his days working with the late Jim Collins, for whom this site is dedicated.



Davy Jones

'Good Guy' Davy Jones is a real friend to this site, having provided tape of himself at various times on the station during his days at WPGC from 1968-1971.Today he is one of the principles of Image Generators in suburban DC.



Bryan Lawrence

Bryan (whose real name is Bob but couldn't use that on the air at WPGC because of too many other 'Bobs' there at the same time) is the Prgram director of Mix 100 in Des Moines, Iowa.  Those smiling photos of you know who (including his live overnight broadcasts from 'Blackie's in DC) came from you know where!



Jeff Loughridge

WPGC's present day Chief Engineer grew up listening to the station during its Glory Days as a Top 40 monster and kindly donated pictures of the legendary dual FM transmitters in use from 1969-2004. See them here.



Skip McCloskey

Skip was one of the first contributors to this site as well as one of the most frequent.  His information about the many station promotions in the '60's (quite a few of which he won as a kid!) was invaluable. If you haven't seen the Great 98 WRC tribute site he put together, be sure to check it out!



Harv Moore ('The Boy Next Door')

'Washington's Morning Mayor' has contributed numerous stories about his days at the station including the creation of the 'Cruisin' '69 album.  Harv's still on the air today at Oldies 104, WHTT / Buffalo from 10a-3p, EST.



Collette Roeder

Collette is busy raising her daughters and graces us with the infamous 'bumpersticker your butt' photo.



Ed Walker

Ed Walker was one of the very first employess of WPGC starting just two weeks after AM signed on in 1954, and was kind enough to grant the webmaster an interview. hear excerpts from it here.



Lee Whitney

Lee is a radio veteran who has made numerous contributions to the site including many of the earliest recordings he made of the station off the air from 1959-1962.



Steve Willit

Steve is another guy who's been in radio way too long and has the airchecks to prove it. He's also a great supporter of this site and has contributed numerous airchecks & vintage station playlists.



Jonathon Wolfert

While every other kid was recording songs off the radio, Jonathon Wolfert was recording station jingles off the air!  That may explain why JAM Creative Productions in Dallas consistently turns out some of the finest jingle packages in the industry.  Jon also has the rights to all the old PAMS jingle masters and has been kind enough to grant permission to use the WPGC jingles from 1963 - 1982 heard on this site.  Hear a 14 minute medley of them in chronologic order here.



Scott Woodside

Scott is the President & CEO of the Platinum Pen Co. in Atlanta today.  His contributions about working at the station, particularly about the creation & evolution of 'Congressman Cottonpicker' are appreciated.




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