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'Bryan' (Bob) Laurence today.

Bryan started at WPGC part time while still a student at the University of Maryland in August 1971. By the following year he was doing the overnight shift, albeit 'part time' (never exceeding 25 hours a week so the station wouldn't have to pay benefits).

During 1972 he began the live broadcasts at the Black Ulysses restaurant in DC (see below). In 1973 he graduated college and left WPGC for nights and later middays at KBEQ in Kansas City.

Ken Mezger writes:

I remember the 19 minute Blackie's commercial he did when I was board-oping and went to use the bathroom and locked myself out of the studio (Parkway Bldg), ran to the phone booth to let him know (he thought I was joking) and I had to nab a Bladensburg cop who was driving by at 3:30 in the morning -- and talk him into jumping down the window well and break the window out with his nightstick! They had just installed a spring in the station door that closed by itself ... and I forgot my keys.




Overnights in 1973

From playlist in 1973


Live, overnights at the Black Ulysses in DC



Bryan writes:

A couple of things I remember most about the Black Ulysses overnight remote: Harv Moore didn't want to do it. It was good money in an unrated slot and guess who won? Bill Prettyman. I got a nice talent fee on top of my $4.72/hour.

The restaurant provided an all-night cafeteria-style breakfast that was first class after all the clubs closed at 2AM...including the Ulysses which had show bands like "Octagon" and "And The Professionals". We had a regular cast of characters especially on Friday and Saturday. One I recall the most was a man who managed one of the buildings in the area. He was a short man of color and each time wore a suit, boots, and ten gallon hat that matched. He had a different ensemble in every color of the rainbow. I called him Deputy Dog because he looked like the cartoon character.

Occasionally there were celebrities. Two I recall were Richard Boon and comedian Robert Klein. We had a group of FBI clerical who were regulars and we became friends outside of the show. For my birthday the Ulysses manager, Blackie's oldest son Greg and some of these FBI folks took me to another Blackies club to party. They made me a desert with ice cream on a twinkie, whipped cream, cherry juice and a sparkler. It was supposed to resemble a used tampon (not that I'd know what one looks like).



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WPGC Music Survey Weekly Playlist - 03/26/72





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'Air Force Bombards DC'

© The Washington Post

'Public Apology'

© The Washington Star October 1, 1973



Sound Files


10/11/71 - 11:24
12/31/71 - 18:52 - Rock & Roll Generation 1958
December 1972 - :55



10/11/71 - 3:13
10/72 - Striking Teachers - :53



10/11/71 Esquire Shops 1 (live) - 1:29
10/11/71 Esquire Shops 2 (live) - 1:45
12/31/71 Washington Music - :13

Miscellaneous Audio

12/31/71 Soundoff Weekly Winner - :10
Dec. 1972

Harv Moore on:
Alexander Goodfellow & Bryan Lawrence - :13


Harv Moore on:
Bryan Lawrence - :11



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