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Dedicated in memory of Jim Collins


Click on thumbnail images below to see full size versions.

When these stickers debuted in 1973,
they originally contained serial numbers:


WPGC Bumpersticker - Block Letter Logo with serial number



The original block letters with the
'Music Is Our Message' positioner, circa 1974:


WPGC Bumpersticker - Block Letter Logo with Music Is Our Mesage positioner



Variation on a theme: Same sticker with the
'Musicradio' positioner, circa 1975:


WPGC Bumpersticker - Block Letter Logo with Musicradio positioner



Another variation: The block letters only
version to fit inside envelopes.


WPGC Bumpersticker - Block Letter Logo only



First adaptation: The block letters
surrounded by an oval frame, circa 1980:


WPGC Bumpersticker - Block Letter Logo with oval frame



The first real departure from the above, circa 1981;
Adapted from WQXI / Atlanta.


WPGC Bumpersticker - Original Balloon Letter Logo



A refinement of the above, minus the
outline around the lettering, circa 1982.


WPGC Bumpersticker - Updated Balloon Letter Logo



Not stickers per se, these were the reel to reel box covers:


The original block lettering logo:


WPGC Reel To Reel Box Label - Block Letter Logo



The balloon lettering, minus the frame:


WPGC Reel To Reel Box Label - Balloon Letter Logo only



Balloon lettering with frame:


WPGC Reel To Reel Box Label - Block Letter Logo with oval



A throwback to the past, circa 1984:


WPGC Reel To Reel Box Label - Block Letter Logo revisited




And a sticker that was placed on anything won by listeners, circa 1973:


WPGC Contest Winner Label - Block Letter Logo



See the WPGC Station Logos page.



Sound Files


7/05/82 WPGC Bumperstickers at 7-Eleven (live)- :09 JJ McKay
7/21/82 WPGC Bumperstickers at 7-Eleven (live)- :15 Max Wolf



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