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News Guy


Where Are They Now?

Arthur Brisbane 1959-1961 ?
Ray Quinn 1960 ?
Bill Leonard 1960 ?
David B. Simmons 1961 - 1962 ?
MacNamara 1962 - 1966 ?
'Mr. Dime' 1964 ?
Bill Banner (PM news) 1965 ?
Marv Brooks 1965 - 1968 Rock & Roll Radio Heaven
Al Wallack 1970 - 1971 WNED-AM 970 / Buffalo
Bob Raleigh (Bill Miller) 1968 - 1977 Rock & Roll Radio Heaven
Don O'Day 1977 - 1978 Arizona
Scott Woodside 1978 - 1982 Atlanta
Wally Weaver (PM news) 1979 - 1980 AP Radio, Washington
Loo Katz 1982 Hound Dog Radio
J. Robert Howe 1982 - 1983 ?
Carole Thayer 1983 - 1984 ?


A Brief History of WPGC News Guys:

Pete Simpson

Pete Simpson did news in 1959.



Arthur Brisbane

Arthur Brisbane was from Australia (as him name implies) and was with the station in the late '50's - early '60's.



David B. Simmons

David B. Simmons got his start in Jackson, Tennessee and became morning news anchor in 1961 and stayed in that position until 1963 when he was suceeded by the first of the two 'MacNamaras'. He would also occasionally do an airshift as 'Jolly David B.'. He later went on to become a successful DJ in Canada.




There were two 'MacNamaras' at WPGC. The first was Ted Radomski who did morning news beginning in 1963, succeeding David B. Simmons. He worked on the air with both Jerry G, then Harv Moore. The second was Jim Gray who was succeeded by Marv Brooks around 1966.

Harv Moore writes:

In 1963, we had a newsman we called MacNamara ("MaNamara here!")....helluva voice..He lived right down the street from the radio station...real name, Ted Radomski....he used to tell me about his brother who was struggling in an off Broadway show...several years later he was a superstar...the "off Broadway show was "Hair"...Ted's brother was one of the writers - Bill Rado (Radomski).



'Mr. Dime'

'Mr. Dime' ('with more than a dime's worth of the news' - an obvious reference to the price of newspapers) was a newsguy in 1964.



Bill Banner

Bill Banner was a newscaster from the mid '60's who did afternoon news.



Marv Brooks

Marv Brooks joined WPGC in late 1964 from WPAC in New York, initially as a jock, then later became a newsguy and Production Director for the station. He continued to do a weekend airshift as well until 1968. Years later, he was the long time public address announcer for the Washington Bullets and Washington Capitals after his WPGC and WMOD days.

Dave Ayers writes:

Marv was I believe the first PD when 98.7 became the first oldies station in DC, WMOD in the late 60's. I remember Charlie Shoe, who replaced Cousin Duffy from 2-6, told me he thought Marv made a mistake moving because "nobody listens to FM." Famous last words. Marv was still at WMOD when I returned from a tour in the Navy in 73. He left there, I believe, to become the Bullets PA announcer at the Capital Centre.

Skip McCloskey of the WRC tribute site adds:

Marv died around 1998.  He was dismissed from the Washington Bullets as their PA announcer in 1992 and was dismissed as the Washington Capitols PA announcer in 1995.  He came out against smoking in 1994...something he had done most of his life.

Lynn Brooks, Marv's widow writes:

Marv started at WPGC in August of 1964. The first record he ever played on that station was Roy Orbison's "Pretty Woman."

Marv had actually been doing voice work from the time he was 6 years old, in Detroit, MI. He worked on local radio stations in the Detroit area until college. He attended college at Ann Arbor (I can NEVER remember if that is Michigan State or University of Michigan!! -- It's the one with the Spartans!)

When Marv finished his Freshman year at college he wanted to try his hand at professional radio. He made his Mother a deal: Give me a year to make it...if I don't, I'll come back and finish school.

He got a job at WPAC - AM, Patchogue, Long Island, NY. That was in 1962 and 1963. One of the WPGC guys was driving through the area and heard him on WPAC. They needed a guy in the DC area and he was down here within 3 days!!

Marv was 20 years old when he started at WPGC. I had just turned 14 years old and listened to him everyday on the radio!! Marv was the biggest thing to happen to the DC area in a LONG, LONG time!!

He did many different shifts at WPGC, along with the requisite Hops and Promos.

He stayed at WPGC until 1968. As I recall, there were some political problems with the ownership / management and union. Marv was unceremoniously fired.

That's when he went to WMOD. Marv actually built that radio station from the ground up. It was the first Oldies station in the country AND the first totally automated radio station in the country. He was always very proud of that.

To be honest...I don't really remember why he left WMOD...I think they may have changed formats and he was unhappy.

He then started making his living as a free-lance voice talent. That is how he made his living for the rest of his life. Marv had his studio in the house and recorded anything and everything that needed a voice. Character voices were a specialty.

Marv also was the voice for many well know politians all over the country. His voice was heard in practically every state at election time!

When word came out that Abe Pollin was building the Cap Centre in 1973...Marv made an audition tape...complete with echo, crowd noises and cheers. He sent it to Abe Pollin and got the job as House PA Announcer for the Capitals. He had that job for over 23 years.

Marv also did the announcing for the Bullets in Baltimore and then when Abe brought them to the Cap Centre. He also did ring announcing for Boxing and Wrestling (I'm not a big fan of either!)



Al Wallack

Al did news in 1970 - 1971. Today he is the Program Director of WNED-AM 970 in Buffalo.

Al Writes:

I enjoyed cruising around the WPGC website a great deal. Spent some time there in '70-'71. Hired by big Wilson and worked with Harv Moore, several Bob Raleighs and my best buddy there at the time was Davy Jones. I was, mostly, a News Guy. Keep up the good work.



Bob Raleigh (Bill Miller)

Bill Miller inherited the 'Bob Raleigh' air name when he joined the station from KOIL / Omaha for nights at WPGC in 1966 as 'Tiger Bob'. He then briefly did middays before moving to morning news and was the station's Production Director. He held both positions longer than anyone else through the Great Strike That Struck Out in May of 1977, working with Harv Moore, Columbus, and Tim Kelly.

Skip McCloskey of the WRC tribute site writes:

Bob Howard liked to keep the same names on air even though the person changed.  The guy who eventually inherited the 'Bob Raleigh' air name was Bill Miller in 1966.  He did some fill in DJ work and weekends but mostly did news during the week as I recall.  I know he went to WPOC (Country) in Baltimore after being fired from WPGC (after the strike in '77).

Ken Mezger adds:

Bob Raleigh (Bill Miller) was filling in for Harv Moore one morning and locked himself out. As his record was ending, he jumped up into the ceiling (drop ceiling) and pushed himself over and fell down into the lobby and broke many fingers! Then he called Dino DelGallo at home (lived close) and begged him to "bring a vacuum cleaner quickly" to the station. Then they robbed some drop ceiling tiles from other parts of the building and replaced the broken ones. When Dino told me about this I couldn't stop laughing ... every time I saw Bill Miller with splints on most of his fingers!



Don O'Day

Don O'Day came to the station from sister station KAYK in Provo in May of 1977 when The Great Strike That Struck Out occured. In addition to doing morning news, he also pulled a Saturday evening show until he left the station in the Summer of 1978.

The late, Don Bishop wrote:

Don O'Day is an old friend of mine originally from North Carolina who ended up in Provo, Utah and attended college at BYU. He went to WPGC to be the newsman with Jim Elliott. Don always had that deep voice and a love for morning humor. When he left WPGC in 1978, it was to replace me as PD at KAYK AM/FM. The GM and I were on the outs and I soon left to go to Q107.

The last I heard is that after returning from 'PGC, he worked in Provo and Salt Lake City. He did a lot of voice-over stuff including scriptures on tape and so forth. I believe he moved to Phoenix and I don't think he's in radio, though I'm not sure. His wife is from Arizona, so I believe he went there to make her happy.



Scott Woodside

Scott Woodside joined Jim Elliott for morning news in the Summer of 1978 from WQXI in Atlanta.

Scott writes:

I listened to all of the Elliott and Woodside air checks and at 54 years old I became very emotional. WPGC was the highlight of my entire 30 years of broadcasting experience. I remember when Elliott and I went from worst to first in 6 months. How did we do it? By being ourselves. No bits, no sound effects, no smoke and mirrors, just relating to our listeners. Who allowed that? Dan Mason. He was a great friend and genius radio manager.

On 'Congressman Cottonpicker':

'You'll get richer quicker with Cottonpicker'!  I came up with the concept.  One morning Elliott turned on his mic and asked me a question and I used a Southern voice and he asked who I was and I told him Congressman Buford T. Cottonpicker.  And the rest is history. At the time Dick Marriott owned the station and asked that we do the bit twice a morning because he loved it.  We burned the poor congressman out after three months.  I even went to personal appearances dressed up like Cottonpicker and nobody knew it was me because we were such a new morning show!

On the Armadillo Country Amusement Park:

This is just another example of how creative Dan Mason was. The three of us were talking, and he said something to the effect: “Guys, your Armadillo Country Amusement Park bit is fantastic and I can’t believe the thousands of people that think it’s a real amusement park here in the area.” We never gave out a location. Our tag line on those fake spots was always: 'Take the Beltway and follow the signs'. Turn left at the first arrow and go another 5 miles to the entrance.

We had Dave Foxx do one of those real fast tag lines. It was great because listeners were always calling up asking where the amusement park was. They wanted us to elaborate on the directions which made for great phone bits. Some people would call and play along like they had been there. We would play along with them as well.

On the Simulated Thanksgiving Day Parade:

Dan Mason suggested we do a fake parade in DC for Thanksgiving day. “Why don’t you guys record your show for Thursday so you can have Thanksgiving with your families?” Since there wasn’t one in DC at the time, we decided to put together an entire theater of the mind parade. We promoted it for about two weeks before the event so that we could stir up the “monkeys” a little bit.

By the time Thanksgiving day came around callers blew out the request lines trying to find out where the parade was located. We embellished everything, used crowd effects, marching band sound effects, made up the name of the floats to relate with what was going on at that time. I believe the other jocks were a part of the parade as well and were supposedly on the scene filing reports.

On UFO's:

Do you remember when we did the UFO stories at WPGC in the fall of 1978? Well, I did a bunch of research and did a lot of sound bites with a lot of people in the “know”. I must have hit a nerve because the FBI had me followed and even tried to find out where I kept all of my research. It scared me so bad, that I had to go into hiding at Elliott’s house for 3 months after we finished the UFO special. That’s one of the reasons I loved DC because you just never knew who was listening.

On Dan Rather:

Once when Dan Rather became the CBS anchor and began wearing sleeveless sweaters I once said on the air that he looked gay and that you could take any person off the street and put them in front of a teleprompter and they would do better than Dan. Well, his daughter called crying and later tried to sue me and the station for slander.

On Tip O'Neal:

Another time I was kidding on the air with Elliott and told him that when I was at a picnic over the weekend one of the guests was Tip O’Neal and all he did was keep taking food off of my paper plate. I was kidding of course and trying to relate because that’s when there were a bunch of fat jokes about Tip. Well, his grandaughter called in tears. I put the little 5 year old on the air and before the end of the interview we were all crying. That was the magic of Elliott and Woodside. We were allowed to be ourselves.

On Chip Carter:

There are hundreds of stories like that. My favorite was when I paraphrased an article in the Washington Post about Chip Carter having an affair with a DC socialite in the private quarters of the White House. I got sued for 4 million dollars and Marriott freaked out. It took 5 years back and forth before it was settled out of court for a mere $30,000.

Seems like I was always in trouble. That’s when Mason and Marriott and Potter labeled me as a “loose cannon”. Had they not been so paranoid they could have hired me back somewhere after the Q107 debacle and I would have excelled like never before. It would have been good for both of us. But they never really recovered from when we left WPGC and I think they were always bitter about that.

On Leaving WPGC:

Actually, we were the ones that contacted Alan Burns 18 months earlier. We met but couldn't come to any agreement. Alan told us to leave the door open and call if anything ever changed. Their first offer was to find out how much we were making at 'PGC just so they'd know how to play their cards the next time if it ever came up again.

WLS offered Elliott a job without me in September or October of 1981 just a few months before we went over to Q107. WLS offered Jim $80,000 to move. He came back to 'PGC and told them what had happened So 'PGC raised his salary to $80,000.

He made a mistake by telling me what had happened so I went in and asked for a raise too. After all, Kingston, Giddens, and Potter said that we were a team and putting our strengths together is what made us"bulletproof" at the time.

I remember going into Steve Kingston the PD at the time, and asking him for a raise. He told me to give him back 60,000 dollars and whatever was left is what I was worth. The next day I called Alan Burns at Q107 and told him I was interested in leaving 'PGC. He asked if Elliott would consider coming to Q too. I told him yes, and he arranged a meeting the next day at the old Hamburger Hamlet in Potomac. That’s where we agreed to sign a five year no cut contract with Q107.

Kingston says he was kidding. He wasn't kidding and he knew it. Since he was my direct supervisor he was reflecting management's feelings towards me. How else should I have taken that? I felt that I had been a major contributor to the morning show. Everyone told me that but Kingston, so when he hit me with that statement in his office, I was devastated.

My feelings were really hurt and then I got pissed. That's when I picked up the phone and called Alan and told him I was ready for a change. I told Elliott what Kingston had said and that I had called Burns. Elliott said he'd go to the meeting because he had no loyalty with Potter or the Marriotts. Hell, he said if he could get more money and I could get more money from ABC then we should test the waters.

The next evening I met Ernie Fears at midnight at a gas station in Chevy Chase to pick up my contract. Never let a lawyer look at it. Elliott and I met with Alan and Ernie at Alan’s house on a Saturday morning before Christmas and signed the deal.

Kingston freaked out. We told him right before Christmas that we were giving him 2 weeks notice. He started screaming and said: “Why don’t you get the hell out of here now if that’s the way you feel.” We left the building by 10:30. Charles Giddens was on vacation at the time. I had loaned him my luggage rack for his road trip. He had to come off of vacation four days early when the shit hit the fan. He drove over to my house and the last time I saw him was when he slung the luggage rack into my front yard and sped off in his car. Wow, he was pissed and hurt.

Funny, I always thought that you were supposed to go through the chain of command. Isn’t that why there are PD’s. Aren’t you supposed to communicate through them? Hey, Kingston didn’t want to give me a raise, and I wasn’t under contract, so why would I want to be where I wasn’t liked or appreciated? Scott Shannon was my PD before Kingston and obviously the better of the two.

I believe Scott Shannon is the best and most creative person that I ever worked with. A consultant once suggested that Shannon hire me when he was at Pirate Radio. Well, he must have known it was ready to crash and burn and told me that I’d be very unhappy. He also said that if he hired me my wife Cyndy would kill him. He saved my ass at the time.

I remember getting a call the next day from Glenn Potter who was on a ski vacation with Dick Marriott. I missed the call. They wanted me to change my mind and stay at 'PGC. He called later and we talked and I told him that I shook hands with Ernie Fears and Alan Burns and gave them my word that I would accept their 5 year contract offer. The only thing you have in life is your word and your handshake. I couldn’t go back on that no matter what Marriott was offering.

Dan Mason, who by then was GM of a KFMK in Houston called on behalf of Marriott and Potter and told me that if I stayed they would double what Q107 was offering and even gold plate the damn radio tower for me. It was the hardest decision I ever made in my broadcasting career. Had I not given my word to the Q107 guys I would have backed out and gone back to WPGC. They only asked me. Not Elliott.

When we left WPGC, I took all of our drops. I mean everything. Three reel to reels full of stuff. I received a cease and desist letter via registered mail saying that I couldn’t use any of those drops on Q107. This was after I explained to the guys at WPGC that I couldn’t come back after giving my word.

On the Mega Bucks Offer From Q107:

Burns told us later that our contract was the highest amount ever paid to radio talent at the time and as a result they had to raise Larry Lujack's salary and Harden and Weavers. Why? Q leaked our contract details to the Washington Post and when word got out everyone had to be bumped up in salary. We were also the first radio talent to ever be given a no cut contract. 5 years too!

The amount of the contract was so high that when Elliott and I agreed to sign, Ernie Fears had to call ABC president Leonard Goldenson to get his permission to do his deal. Leonard was playing golf in Bejing, China at the time and had a satellite phone on the course waiting for Ernie's call.

Double to stay at WPGC would have been a whole hell of a lot of money. My contract was damn good. I can’t remember the exact figures but I do remember that they gave us each a $25,000 dollar cash signing bonus. My contract totaled right around $900,000 dollars for the entire 5 years. I can only wonder if Dick Marriott and Glenn Potter would have doubled that. Elliott made more on his contract. His was a little over a million. After all, a DJ is so much more talented than a news guy. Right? That was typical radio management mentality back then.

And I'll tell you this. If I've learned anything over the years, money is not the answer. That's the most money I ever made in 30 years of broadcasting but those five years at Q107 were horrible. I hated every minute working there. Everyone knew how much we were making and everyone at WMAL and Q107 were totally resentful of us being there.

On Union Issues with AFTRA:

AFTRA had to let Elliott cross over to Q. They fought it, but ABC worked something out with Evelyn Freyman. He was allowed to work at Q but he was not a part of AFTRA. ABC paid his dues. When I came to 'PGC from Georgia I was non union. During the AFTRA strike I freelanced in NY and made a tiny fortune. When the strike was over an agency called me and congratulated me on becoming the new on camera spokesman for Ford. When I told them I was non union they told me to join.

I tried, and the guys on Wisconsin Ave kicked my ass right out of the door. It took me two years going before boards and union members to be allowed membership. I still carry the AFTRA and SAG cards. Don’t use them, but I’m proud to be a part of the union, especially SAG. Some day I’ll get back into acting.

On Making the Move to Q107:

It was the worst mistake of my life. When they brought us over they tried to change us overnight. Little did we know that the only reason they did what they did was to cripple WPGC so that Q would be the only top forty station in the market. They cut back on our talk, they added a bunch of that early MTV music that really sucked, they told us what to do and when to do it.

Ernie and Alan knew what it would take to ruin 'PGC. They never hired us because they liked our act. They hired us to "blow up WPGC." They never intended to let us do at Q what had made us successful at WPGC. We weren't allowed to do anything but play the hits and do the news. The music sucked, and we just sat there every morning doing a few breaks every hour. It came down to this: We did whatever they wanted as long as they paid us the money.

We became whores for the money. Just went through the motions every morning. They took away our “fire”. They ruined WPGC and they ruined Elliott and Woodside. Elliott and I broke up with about 18 months remaining on our contracts. Q paid us off entirely. They didn’t want to but the AFTRA forced them to.

On the Demise of Elliott & Woodside at Q107:

Why did the team break up? I broke up the team. Elliott was doing boatloads of cocaine and wouldn't stop, so I organized a confrontation. The show sucked because Elliott was fried every morning. Back then everyone in broadcasting knew that drugs were being consumed but it was an unspoken thing. Management didn't want to hear about it nor did they want to deal with it.

Long story short, the team broke up and I was pretty much black balled in broadcasting for turning Elliott in. PD's were afraid to hire me thinking that I was a snitch and would be causing trouble. Hey, I did cocaine too. I'm no angel when it comes to that. But I stopped doing it when I found out what it was doing to me. Elliott continued. Elliott has admitted to me that I was responsible for saving his life.

As far as the cocaine is concerned. I quit about a year after joining Q107. Elliott promised me that if we did cross over to Q that he’d quit doing coke. He lied. It was really horrible. I kept doing it, then quit cold turkey. Quit smoking and cocaine the same day.

Boy was it hard to find work after that. PD’s and GM’s wanted to hire us individually but wouldn’t because they wanted to pay less money. I guess they didn’t want to embarrass us.

On Returning to WPGC:

I was hired to go back to WPGC when it was changed to WCLY and work with Jeff Baker. Boy was that “fun”. That lasted a year. Then Jerry Clifton came in and cleaned house and let me stay and do mornings by myself for 6 months. One day Mason came in and said: “Son, I hate to be the bearer of bad news but you’re the last white guy left at the station and we need to replace you with a black guy.” I left with 6 months severance and then a year later was asked to move to Atlanta to do mornings at WZGC.

I no longer talk to Mason and he doesn’t talk to me. He fired me from WZGC in the late 80’s for reasons I still don’t know and that just about did it for our friendship. I was told if I moved to Atlanta and reunited with my old partner from the 70’s that I could stay there forever. Well, 2.5 years later I found myself on the street. Had to sell my house and wow did it suck.

My last job in broadcasting was a freakin’ traffic reporter. Talk about the bottom of the food chain for a seasoned broadcaster. That lasted three years. Thank goodness the pen company took off in the meantime.

On the Glory Days:

I will say this: You could put Elliott and Woodside in a studio today and we'd have the same success that we had before. Why? Chemistry. That's the answer. PD's constantly put morning show teams together without much luck. The missing factor for success is chemistry. It's either there or it isn't. Elliott and I would still be doing mornings in DC had it not been for the drug issue.

It took me years to get over what happened, and to this day when I go to DC for meetings, I cherish the memories that I have and secretly wish that we could have had another chance. My on air days are over now though.



Wally Weaver

Wally Weaver did afternoon news with Scott Carpenter in 1979 / 1980 while he was working at WZYQ in Frederick, MD (where he did morning news).

Wally writes:

Came across your website almost by accident while reading about the sad passing of Dean Griffith. Great site that brings back lots of fond memories.

Went to the "News Guys" page to check on some old friends, and lo-and-behold - -found my name from my brief stint at 'PGC. While there, I was "Wally Weaver", a name concocted by then 'PGC PD Scott Shannon. I continued to perform news duties at Z-104 in Frederick under my real name, Wally Hindes.

Shortly after, I followed Scott Carpenter to B104 in Baltimore, and spent four years there. Also spent time in Chicago, returned to Washington as News Director of WASH in the mid-80s,...and, eventually, moved to AP Broadcast in Washington, where I continue to oversee AP's audio products.

This is a great web site -- not only because I spent some time at PGC, but, since I went to high school in Fairfax, it brought back some great memories!



Loo Katz

'El Double O' joined the station in 1980 as the utility fill in guy, often substituting for Scott Woodside in morning news. When Elliott & Woodside departed early in 1982 for Q107 he did morning news for an extended period of time.

He later became the Promotions Director for WPGC before departing in 1983 for a PD gig in New Haven. Returning a year later he became the Asst. PD but left again in 1984 for WAVA where he did middays for several years. Eventually he spent 10 years in PM drive at MIX107. He later did mornings for 14 years at WASH-FM.



J. Robert Howe

J. Robert Howe joined WPGC in the Fall of 1982 from sister station, KYAK in Provo for morning news duties. Initially he was paired up with Dude Walker as 'Walker & Howe'. Redskins quarterback Joe Theismann was also a member of the show.

By the Spring of 1983, Dude had left for mornings at WASH and Dave Foxx returned to mornings where he had earlier been paired with Dude as 'Dude & Dave'. Overnighter Glenn Beck stayed around to do the traffic on the morning show too until he left for mornings in Corpus Christie, Texas late in the year.





David B. Simmons

Special thanks to the late Dean Griffith (Dean Anthony)
for the photo below from his personal collection).

WPGC - David B. Simmons in 1961.

Publicity shot from around 1961.


Marv Brooks

WPGC - Marv Brooks in the Coral Hills studios.

From the Coral Hills studios.

WPGC - Marv Brooks headshot

Good Guy Marv

WPGC - Marv Brooks in bladensburg studios.

December 1965 in Bladensburg


Bob Raleigh (Bill Miller)

WPGC - Bob Raleigh #5 - Bill Miller
'60's Boss Jock


WPGC - Bob Raleigh #5 - Bill Miller - headshot
Late '60s
WPGC - Bob Raleigh #5 - Bill Miller - Phone Phanatic in 1971
Phone Phanatic
in 1971

Morning News Guy, circa 1971

Sometime in '71

Senators Leave DC in 1971

In the Newsroom in 1971

With Big Wilson
in 1971

With Bob Wooten & unknown in 2/72

With Harv Moore & Big Wilson

With ? in 1972

With contest winner in 1973

With another winner in 1973

With yet another winner in 1973

Publicity Shot
in 1973

w / Harv Moore& Jim Collins in '74

In Fall of 1974


Don O'Day

From the Fall of 1977.


Scott Woodside

With Jim Elliott in 1978

With Jim Elliott  in 1979

With his hair in 1979

With Scott Carpenter in '79

With contest winner in 1979

With Lenny & Squiggy in 1979

With Kenny Rogers in 1980


J. Robert Howe

Morning Show, circa 1983.


Glenn Beck, Joe TheismannDave Foxx
  in 1983.

In News Room in Greenbelt.

Know - Howe in the Morning.

Post Walker & Howe in 1983.




Print Materials


Click on thumbnails below to see enlargements.

Bob Raleigh (Bill Miller)










WPGC Music Survey Weekly Playlist - 10/18/74


Scott Woodside








Click on images below to see enlargements.

Marv Brooks


Echo Visits with WPGC


Special thanks to Skip Nelson for the above.


Scott Woodside

WPGC Newsmagazine

February 1979

WPGC Newsmagazine

March 1979


Print Ads

Click on images below to see enlargements.

Marv Brooks


Bob Raleigh (Bill Miller)

'Air Force Bombards DC'

©The Washington Post

'Public Apology'

© The Washington Star News, October 1973


Sales Kits One Sheets

David B. Simmons

Composite Airstaff, 1962

Good Guy DJ Bio, 1962



Bob Raleigh (Bill Miller)

1970 Good Guy DJ Personality Profile

'Big Money Contest' - 1972

1974 Composite On-Air Line-Up

'Together Gold' LP - 1970


J. Robert Howe

Coffee cup from the Fall of 1982



Sound Files


David B. Simmons

08/06/62 - :23


Marv Brooks

01/01/67 - 8:05 - Top 100 of 1966
March 1967 - 25:13
03/25/67 - 21:35
03/26/67 - 12:27


Bob Raleigh (Bill Miller)

06/19/66 - 7:07
07/09/66 - 5:06
07/10/66 - 11:52
08/30/66 - 11:54
07/20/69 - 44:42
August 1967 - 26:48
December 1972 - :22
01/01/73 - 21:27 - Top 100 of 1972
01/01/74 - 27:21 - Top 100 of 1973
1974 - :05


Scott Woodside

11/22/78 - 1:11:10 - 2nd Annual Thanksgiving Day Simulated Parade
February 1979 - 6:35
01/22/80 - 25:43
10/20/80 - 1:19:56 - WPGC 26th Anniversary Show
12/31/80 - 38:05 - Top 50 of 1980
1981 - 1:24
11/19/81 - 14:32
11/29/81 - 2:35


Loo Katz

12/27/80 - 9:19
07/25/81 - 14:39
07/21/82 - (with Dude Walker) - 52:24




Pete Simpson

1959 - :11


Marv Brooks

March 1967 - 1:18
03/25/67 - 1:06
03/26/67 - 1:09
03/22/68 - :08


Bob Raleigh (Bill Miller)

05/27/69 - 1:55p - :36
07/20/69 - 1st of 3 - :51
07/20/69 - 2nd of 3 - :44
07/20/69 - 3rd of 3 - 1:00
09/11/69 - 8:00a - 3:07
09/11/69 - 8:30a - :40
1969 - :37
Fall 1970 - 2:20
12/31/71 - 8:00a - 4:15
12/31/71 - 9:00a - 4:15
12/31/71 - 10:00a - 3:20
01/01/72 - 1971 Recap 1 - :28
04/10/72 - Hijacking - :23
09/19/72 - Vietnam War - :45
10/72 - Spending Ceilings - 1:02
01/01/73 - :55
01/01/73 - Roberto Clemente Death - :31
11/21/73 - Fauntroy Criticizes Mayor - :46
11/21/73 - Virginia Speed Limit Reduction - :44
05/23/76 - 5:02


Don O'Day

WPGC Play Audio Button 03/10/78 8:25 AM 5:55
WPGC Play Audio Button 03/10/78 8:55 AM 4:49
WPGC Play Audio Button 03/10/78 9:25 AM :50
WPGC Play Audio Button 05/16/78 1st of 3 7:06
WPGC Play Audio Button 05/16/78 2nd of 3 6:11
WPGC Play Audio Button 05/16/78 3rd of 3 1:43


Scott Woodside

WPGC Play Audio Button 11/22/78 Unknown Time 2:51
WPGC Play Audio Button Feb. 1979

Chooz Yer Nooz (with Jim Elliott)

WPGC Play Audio Button 01/22/80 6:30AM 1:45
WPGC Play Audio Button 01/22/80 7:00AM 1:54
WPGC Play Audio Button 10/20/80 7:30AM 5:26
WPGC Play Audio Button 10/20/80 7:58AM 5:25
WPGC Play Audio Button 10/20/80 8:27AM 6:00
WPGC Play Audio Button 10/20/80 8:56AM 5:41
WPGC Play Audio Button 10/20/80 9:28AM 4:59
WPGC Play Audio Button 10/20/80 9:56AM 5:43
WPGC Play Audio Button 10/20/80

Chooz Yer Nooz (with Jim Elliott)

WPGC Play Audio Button 11/19/81 Chooz Yer Nooz (with Jim Elliott) 2:16



Sports Reports

Bob Raleigh (Bill Miller)

07/10/66 - 1:09 
07/08/69 - :36



Sound Off!

Bob Raleigh (Bill Miller)

02/04/67 Open & Close - :15
1975 Metro Bus Drivers - :44
1975 New Vice President - :32
01/01/76 Cooking Classes - :59
02/08/76 No Government Heat - :34
11/11/76 Personal Property Tax - :49
01/01/77 Holiday Gripes - :56
01/01/77 Opening Car Doors - :43
01/01/77 Redskins Season - :50
01/01/77 Samples Not For Sale - :49


Don O'Day

03/10/78 Winner of Weekly Prize - :18




Marv Brooks

01/01/67 Happy New Year - :15
Mar. 1967 Club News (with Harv Moore
& Bob Raleigh [Bill Miller]) - :38
03/25/67 GO Magazine (live) - :34
Mar. 1967 Irish Eyes Contest (with Harv Moore) - :37
Mar. 1967 Miss WPGC Contest (live) - :42
03/26/67 Club News (with Harv Moore
& Bob Raleigh [Bill Miller]) - :32
03/26/67 School Salute - 1:30


Bob Raleigh (Bill Miller)

01/01/67 Happy New Year - :15
01/01/67 March Of Dimes - :18

Club News (w/Marv Brooks & Harv Moore) - :32

Mar. 1967

Club News (w/Marv Brooks & Harv Moore) - :38

Aug. 1967 Dial-A-Good-Guy Line - :17
Aug. 1967 8 Pack In a Row (live) - :20
Aug. 1967 GO Magazine 1 (live) - :54
Aug. 1967 GO Magazine 2 (live) - :39
Aug. 1967 GO Magazine 3 (live) - :45
Aug. 1967

Missing 'W' (with Jack Alix) - :50

Aug. 1967

Missing 'W' Clues 'The Riddler' (Bob Howard) - 1:05

Aug. 1967 Party Crashers 1 (live) - :34
Aug. 1967 Party Crashers 2 (live) - :30
07/20/69 Davy Jones Tease (live) - :09
07/20/69 Lifeguard Salute (with Davy Jones) - :44
1969 WPGC News - :14
12/31/69 Decade In Review 1 - :58
12/31/69 Decade In Review 2 - 1:13
Mar. 1970 Jolly Green Good Guy - :36
1975 Adventure Ring - Motocross - 1:14
1977 Cash Recall - :31


Scott Woodside

1980 Elliott & Woodside Appearance - :44


Loo Katz

1982 How To Be Cool! (With Dude Walker) - :47


J. Robert Howe

1982 Coming Apart Revisited (w/Dude Walker) - :34
1982 Joe Theismann's Here (w/Dude Walker) - :33
1982 The Movie Game (w/Dude Walker) - :23
1982 Come Together (w/Dude Walker) - :33
1982 Miss Lilly's On The Show (w/Dude Walker) - :42
1982 Theatre Of The Mind (w/Dude Walker) - :33
1982 Burger & Fries (w/Dude Walker) - :35
1982 Dancing Joe Theismann (w/Dude Walker) - :59
1982 Yah Hee Indians (w/Dude Walker) - :37
1982 Stark Naked (w/Dude Walker) - :37
1982 Singing Quarterback (w/Dude Walker) - :33
1982 200 Pound Pumpkin (w/Dude Walker) - :31
1982 Pumpkin Grand Champ (w/Dude Walker) - :36
1982 They're Early (w/Dude Walker) - :27
1983 Tell A Friend 3 - :58
1983 Tell A Friend 5 - :52
1983 Tell A Friend 6 - :55
1983 Tell A Friend 7 - :53




Bob Raleigh (Bill Miller)

02/04/67 Triple Play - :07
03/25/67 18 Songs In The Last Hour - :22

Triple Play Exposion (w/ Cousin Warren Duffy) - :06


Hourly Triple Play (w/ Cousin Warren Duffy) - :16

Aug. '67 Super Summer Sound - :08
1969 Triple the Power Legal ID - :07
1969 2 Souvenir Years Ago Today - :04
1969 3 Souvenir Years Ago Today - :04
1969 Million Dollar Weekend - :07
1970 Power To The People - :08
Mar. 1970 Super Music Power Legal ID - :16
Mar. 1970 Oldies Trivia Time Stager - 1:03
03/11/70 Best Bet of the Week - :02
01/01/72 Where The Rock Rolls On Legal ID - :06
04/02/72 Number One Rocks On - :




Marv Brooks

06/19/66 Cheverly Theater - :16
06/19/66 Eddie Leonard Sandwich Shops - :35
12/24/66 Burger Chef - :30
02/04/67 Burger Chef - :36
02/04/67 Colonial Dodge - :30
02/04/67 Gateway Square Apartments - :17
02/04/67 Laurel Dodge (with Cousin Warren Duffy) - :54
09/11/69 Lustine Chevrolet (with Harv Moore) - 1:05


Bob Raleigh (Bill Miller)

07/10/66 ABC Drive In Theater - :19
07/10/66 Anacostia Chrysler Plymouth - :46
07/10/66 Caplan & Crawford Dodge - 1:00
08/30/66 Glen Echo Amusement Park - 1:06
02/04/67 Ben Dall Pontiac - :37
02/04/67 Cope Ford - :33
02/04/67 Cosmopolitan Photo Service - :40
02/04/67 Marlboro Chrysler Plymouth - :31
02/04/67 Mill End Shop - :16
02/04/67 Miller High Life Beer - :14
Aug. 1967 Temple School (live) - :41
07/08/69 Coke - :33
07/20/69 Burger Chef - :51
07/20/69 Eastern Concrete Foundations - 1:04
07/20/69 Lennox Furniture Warehouse - 1:07
07/20/69 Tanya Tanning Lotion 1 - 1:07
07/20/69 Tanya Tanning Lotion 2 - 1:06
07/20/69 Washington Star - Special Apollo 11 - :31
09/11/69 1st National Bank of Southern MD - :46
1969 Spider's Web Boutique - :38
1969 Ken Dixon Cars - :32
03/11/70 Foley Ford - :42
03/11/70 Grandma's Molasses - :55
1970 First National Bank - :46
April 1971 The Hanger Club - 1:03
12/31/71 Harmony Hut - 1:06
12/31/71 Kenway Esso - :53
04/10/72 Calvees Stores - :57
04/10/72 K-Tel - :55
09/19/72 Arby's - :55
09/19/72 Beta's Petites - :59
09/19/72 Lowes Chevrolet - 1:02
09/19/72 Speed Unlimited - :34
Oct. 1972 Classics Three Nightclub - :34
Oct. 1972 Cope Ford - :29
Oct. 1972 L. Frank Stores - :55
Oct. 1972 Landsburgs - :31
Oct. 1972 Supersaver Supermarkets - :24
Nov. 1973 Carpet Carnival - :30
Nov. 1973 Hecht Company - :54
Nov. 1973 Kennedy Center - BB King - :28
11/21/73 Eastover Mall - :25
11/21/73 Marlow Heights Shopping Center - :51
11/21/73 Penn Mar Shopping Center - :24
01/01/77 EZ Method Driving School - :26


Don O'Day

08/21/77 Metrorail - :59


Scott Woodside

Feb. 1979 All American Ford - 1:00


Loo Katz

07/25/81 Town & Country Honda - 1:00




Marv Brooks

03/25/67 Good Neighbor Memorandum - :24




Marv Brooks

Mar. 1967 Bat-Jingle ('Thatman') © Spot Productions, Dallas - :18


Bob Raleigh (Bill Miller)


Tiger Bob Raleigh 'Jet Set' - :11
© PAMS of Dallas


Tiger Bob Raleigh - 'Grid' - :04
© PAMS of Dallas

07/20/69 Tiger Bob Raleigh (Shout) - :03
© PAMS of Dallas
07/20/69 Tiger Bob Raleigh (Music Power) - :05
© PAMS of Dallas
07/20/69 Go Get 'Em Tiger Bob (Shout) - :01
© PAMS of Dallas

Jock Cut - Series 42a - :02
© PAMS of Dallas


Scott Woodside


Elliott & Woodside Halleluah Choir 1
© JAM Creative Productions, Dallas - :11

1980 Elliott & Woodside Halleluah Choir 2
© JAM Creative Productions, Dallas - :43
1980 Starts Washington's Morning - Positron
© JAM Creative Productions, Dallas - :07
1980 Congressman Cottonpicker for President
© JAM Creative Productions, Dallas - :11
1980 Congressman Cottonpicker Halleluah Choir
© JAM Creative Productions, Dallas - :12


J. Robert Howe

"Walker & Howe Shout"
© 1982
- JAM Creative Productions, Dallas - :01

(Special thanks to Jonathon Wolfert for the above).




Marv Brooks

April 1966 Bat-Contest 1 - 2:14
03/25/67 Good Guys Sweatshirt Giveaway
Bob Raleigh [Bill Miller])
- :23


Bob Raleigh (Bill Miller)

April 1966 Bat-Contest 2 - 2:22
Summer 1966 Good Guy Swimming Derby 1 - :54
Summer 1966 Good Guy Swimming Derby 4 - :38
06/19/66 Good Guy Swimming Derby - :41
08/30/66 Good Guy DJ Derby - :51
1967 Good Guy DJ Derby - :45
01/01/73 Voices of Rock 5 - 1:31
01/01/73 Voices of Rock 6 - 1:28
01/01/74 Musical Mystery Tour 1 - 1:18
01/01/74 Musical Mystery Tour 2 - 1:32
01/01/74 Musical Mystery Tour 3 - 1:14



Miscellaneous Audio

Marv Brooks

03/26/67 Four Seasons Station ID - :11
1994 Harv Moore & Marv Brooks from WXTR on:
Harv coming to town in 1963 - 1:06
1994 Harv Moore & Marv Brooks from WXTR on:
Marv coming to town, & 'house' DJ names
- 1:23
1994 Harv Moore & Marv Brooks from WXTR on:
'House' DJ names & Larry Justice - 1:50
1994 Harv Moore & Marv Brooks from WXTR on:
Production, Bob Howard & sweatshirts - :56
1994 Harv Moore & Marv Brooks from WXTR on:
Bob Howard & Lustine Chevrolet spots - 1:55
1994 Harv Moore & Marv Brooks & Barry Richards from WXTR on: Lustine spot & Max Richmond - 1:29
1994 Harv Moore & Marv Brooks from WXTR on:
Missing 'W' contest & Bob Howard - :57
1994 Harv Moore & Marv Brooks from WXTR on:
Marv's embarrasing moment
- :57
1994 Harv Moore & Marv Brooks from WXTR on:
Bathroom records, radio wars & Cousin Duffy
- 1:48
1994 Harv Moore & Marv Brooks from WXTR on:
Obscure local records (including Harv's!)
- :18
1994 Harv Moore & Marv Brooks from WXTR on:
Would they do it all over again - :46
07/28/04 Davy Jones on: Marv Brooks - 1:04


Bob Raleigh (Bill Miller)

1966 Bogus Request-O-Matic Phone Call - 1:11
Aug. 1967

The Riddler Chewing Him Out for Saying the Missing 'W' (with Bob Howard) - :19

08/27/72 As 'Dr. Strangletter', Missing 'W' Legal ID - :10
Aug. 1972 As 'Dr. Strangletter', Missing 'W' Clue 18 - :14
Aug. 1972 As 'Dr. Strangletter', Missing 'W' Winner - :28
Aug. 1972 As 'Dr. Strangletter', Missing 'W' Restored - :43
Dec. 1972

Harv Moore on: Bill Miller - :20

07/28/04 Davy Jones on: Bill Miller - :49


Scott Woodside


Snow Emergency Announcements - 1:37

11/22/78 2nd Annual Thanksgiving Day Parade:
Thanksgiving Trivia bit - 1:30
11/22/78 2nd Annual Thanksgiving Day Parade:
Billy Carter bit - 1:52
11/22/78 2nd Annual Thanksgiving Day Parade:
Liz Ray bit - 1:17
11/22/78 2nd Annual Thanksgiving Day Parade:
Ricky Ricardo bit - 1:30
11/22/78 2nd Annual Thanksgiving Day Parade:
Tong Sihn Park bit - 1:04
11/22/78 2nd Annual Thanksgiving Day Parade:
Interview with 'Richard' (with Jim Elliott) - 3:52
05/28/79 Arbitron Announcement - :20
Fall 1979 The rappin' "Dee-Jay's Delight" song! - 3:53
Dec. 1979 The rappin' "Santa's Delight" song!! - 1:42


Loo Katz

05/28/82 Miss Lilly Bit - Loo's Love Life (Dude Walker & Dave Foxx) - 1:39
07/21/82 Miss Lilly Bit - More Wrinkles Than E.T. (w/Dude Walker) - :26
07/21/82 Miss Lilly Bit - Real Men (with Dude Walker) - :57
07/21/82 Miss Lilly Bit - Mafia Man (with Dude Walker) - 1:44
07/21/82 Chooz Yer Nooz (with Dude Walker) - 2:13
07/21/82 Psychic Report (with Bill O'Hara) - 1:41


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