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Dedicated in memory of Jim Collins


Columbus joined WPGC on August 16, 1971 for nights from WCOJ in Coatesville, PA. His name was given to him upon his arrival by General Manager, Bob Howard (who was from Columbus, Ohio). He moved to middays in 1972 when Tom Allen left to program WMEX in Boston. In early 1975, Harv Moore left for WYSL in Buffalo and he inherited the morning show where he remained until late in the year when he left for the Production Director gig at WLS in Chicago.



Columbus writes:

The Coatesville job was a short stay...I was raised in PG County...went to Suitland High...then the Univ. of Maryland...graduated in ' 70......Today I'm still a voice actor in main gig now is as staff announcer for the Judge Mathis show...

What a great website...the "blowtorch" line alone makes you feel proud to have been a part of know for years I never thought much about WPGC then I saw the Cameron Crowe film, Almost Famous... I'm sure the other guys from the' 72 to' '75 years had similar many ways we were like the band on the bus rolling through the heartland, just headed somewhere with our music ... and dreams of things not as they were but as we longed for them to was a pretty special time...

On Harv Moore:

Most things seem so much more magical in the distance than when you get there...I heard Harv Moore on WPGC when I was in high school...the time when your favorite songs have this once in a lifetime significance...its hard to live up to that...but he did....Harv was a genuinely funny guy...didn't have to prepare stuff...just talking with him the humor was so natural...and he knew how to live in a big picture kind of way... on the edge but in control... always with a feeling for the people around him...we all have regrets ...and I mean this in the best way...I don't think Harv has too many... he's really a huge talent and a humble great guy...

On Inheriting the Morning Show:

Although I'm not sure of a timeline, I do remember Harv asking me to consider going to Buffalo and that seemed to be months before he left. Then suddenly boom, Jim Collins was the new Program Director and Jim's giving me a pep talk about how I'd be great doing mornings in the style of a Charlie Tuna or Robert W. Morgan.



Keith MacDonald writes:

I'm sure someone knows more about this than I do, but in the production room, right next to the door in magic marker it said, "Don't hit here, steel stud". It seems Columbus took karate lessons, and when he was really mad one day (bad show I guess) he put his fist thru the wall.

In case you wondered, at the request of John Gehron (then WLS PD, my college PD, and now GM of Clear Channel Chicago) I taped him without his knowledge. John used the tape to get him to Chicago as his production director. A year later, he resigned, saying that the production work was getting in the way of his free lance business, which was (and from what I hear is) quite successful.



Columbus discovers DC in 1971

Dropping anchor in DC in 1971

In the newsroom in November 1971

Columbus & his 'fans' in Oct. 1971

'Columbus-mobile' winner in Nov. 1971

Passing out $1 bills as George Washington in February 1972

Growing beard

Where People Get Cash in January 1973
with 'Phono Phunnies'

Makin' a Cash Connection with 'Phono Phunnies' in 1973 


He gave away lots of $$ with 'Phono Phunnies' in 1973

Publicity shot in May 1973

Another contest winner in
July 1973

With Jim Collins, & Harv Moore in July 1973

Again with a
check in 1973

Still another winner in September 1973

Professional portrait from 1974

Bellbottoms not
in the chain!

With Kevin James in
June 1975



Print Materials


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WPGC Music Survey Weekly Playlist - 10/25/74





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'Air Force Bombards DC'

© The Washington Post

'Public Apology'

© The Washington Star
October 1, 1973



Composite Airstaff, circa 1974



Sound Files


12/31/71 - 17:55 - Rock & Roll Generation, 1963-64
1/01/72 - 41:21 - Top 100 of 1971
August 1972 - 1:33 - Missing W
December 1972 - :56
1/01/73 - 22:20 - Top 100 of 1972
March 1973 - :17
November 1973 - 10:20
12/23/74 - :57
1975 - :59
6/06/75 - 10:22
November 1975 - 3:32
1975 - Last Day, Last Break (with Jim Elliott) - 2:15


1972 Jock Cut - PAMS 42a - :01
© 1972 - PAMS of Dallas
(Thanks to Jonathon Wolfert for the above)



1/01/72 1st of 2 - 1:21
1/01/72 2nd of 2 - 1:27
3/28/72 Irish Work Stopage - :52
5/01/72 Angela Davis Trial - :17
5/01/72 Nun's Trial - :17
9/19/72 Mail Bomb - :33
1/06/74 Gas Prices - :31
6/06/75 Headlines - 1:24



1/01/73 Voices of Rock 1 - 1:04
1/01/73 Voices of Rock 2 - 1:00
1/01/73 Voices of Rock 3 - 1:13
1/01/73 Voices of Rock 4 - :58
Nov.'73 Bonus Basketball 1 - 1:04
Nov.'73 Bonus Basketball 2- 1:33



4/10/72 Hillcrest American Motors - :33
4/10/72 Washington Post - :25
4/12/72 Fresca - :28
4/12/72 Rogers Chevrolet - 1:00
5/01/72 Hillcrest American Motors - :27
Oct. 1972 Hanger Club - :18
Oct. 1972 Stardust Club - :57
Nov. '73 Coke - :32
Nov. '73 Jerry's Speed Shop - :26
6/06/75 Wash. Area Pontiac Dealers - :56



1971 Columbus Discovers DC - :10
9/72 San Juan Trip - :44
9/19/72 Who Is Mr. Whisper? (w/Jim Collins) - :27
1/74 Musical Mystery Tour Encore - :11
1/07/74 Write It Down!
(with The Redhead & Jim Collins) - :32
1/27/74 Name That Tune (w/Jim Collins) - :31
1975 Adventure Ring Tease - :40
1975 Adventure Ring - Hawaii - 1:04
1975 Chicago Concert Tix & Albums - :36



1/31/80 FM Legal ID - :02
11/29/81 AM & FM Legal ID - :03


Sound Offs

1/01/73 Weekly Winner - :10


Miscellaneous Audio

1/01/72 AM Sign Off - :41
1/01/72 Discovering Morningside - :13
8/72 Missing W Clue 23 - :14
8/72 Missing W Clue - :07
12/72 Harv Moore on: Columbus - :12
1/01/73 Columbus on: Jim Collins' Waterbed - :12


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