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Morning Show Tenure News Guy
Bob Bangston (AM only) 1954 - 1955 ?
Ed Walker (AM only) 1955 - 1956 Rock & Roll Radio Heaven
Gene Winters 1956 - 1958 ?
Gentleman Jim Granger 1958 - 1959 Rock & Roll Radio Heaven
Stan Major 1959 - 1960 Retired in Boston
Pat McCoy 1960 - 1961 ?
Jerry G (Ghan) 1961 - 1962 David B. Simmons
Jerry G (Ghan) 1962 - 11/63 MacNamara
Harv Moore 11/63 - 1965 MacNamara
Harv Moore 1965 - 1967 Marv Brooks
Harv Moore 1967 - 1975 Bob Raleigh (Bill Miller)
Columbus 1975 - 1976 Bob Raleigh (Bill Miller)
Tim Kelly 1976 - 1977 Bob Raleigh (Bill Miller)
Jim Elliott 1977 - 1978 Don O'Day
Jim Elliott 1978 - 1982 Scott Woodside
Foxx & Theismann 1982 Loo Katz
Dude & Dave 1982 Loo Katz
Dude Walker 1982 - 1983 J. Robert Howe
Dave Foxx 1983 - 1984 J. Robert Howe
Jeff Baker & David Burd 1984 - 1985 Loo Katz



A Brief History of WPGC Morning Shows:



Bob Bangston

Bob Bangston was one of the original announcers and did the morning show when WPGC-AM signed on April 24, 1954. If anyone knows of Bob's whereabouts today, please email the webmaster.



Ed Walker

Ed had been doing afternoons since WPGC-AM signed on April 24, 1954. In 1955 when Bob Bangston left the station he inherited the morning show and continued in that position until June 4, 1956. He would later go on to fame with Willard Scott as one half of 'The Joy Boys' on WRC. Today, he is retired in suburban DC.



Gene Winters

Gene Winters began as the Chief Engineer for WPGC-AM in 1954. In 1955 he was named General Manager of WPGC-AM. By 1956 he was also named GM of WRNC-FM. From 1956 - 1958 he also did the morning show. He left the station in 1960 to manage WPGC's sister station, KBMI in Las Vegas. If anyone knows of his whereabouts today, please email the webmaster.



Stan Major writes:

I was the Morning jock and Program Director in 1958-59. Mac Richmond and I became fact I think I'm the only dude to work for all of his stations...Las Vegas, D.C. and Boston (WMEX) where I was the morning newsguy.

Mac waddled in to the studio one day bemoaning the cost of the power bill to keep running WPGC-FM (remember this was in the late 50's so nobody even knew what FM radio was.) He said he'd sell the FM to me for $10,000! I told him I didn't have the money...he said I should call my folks. He said I could put $1,000 down and get it. What's it worth today?



'Gentleman' Jim Granger

Jim was morning man in 1959-60 and may have gone to Richmond radio directly from WPGC from 1961 onward. He was a very popular personality at WEET, WLEE and WGOE before moving on to television in the early 70's. He also hosted a very large golf tournament that he referred to as Virginia's largest. Sadly, Jim passed away in April 1991, but is not forgotten.



Pat McCoy

Pat was morning man in 1960. He later managed a small radio station in Upstate New York for a year. Then went to The New Yorker Magazine in Advertising Sales for 20+ years, followed by another 10 years doing the same thing at Playbill Magazine, from which he retired in 2003. He & his wife now live in Connecticut.

Pat writes:

On Bob Howard & Max Richmond

Before I update my own data, a couple of words about Bob Howard. I read his son's comments. Bob was a difficult guy, but a hard worker. I am glad to see he profited mightily before he died. Before 'PGC I worked for Bob in Baltimore (WAQE which later changed its call letters to WTOW). After Bob left, the owner, Sam Booth, hired two successive genuine lightweight managers. Neither of these guys could sell and all of the other salesmen left shortly after Bob did. Business fell off dramatically.

I recall Bob as more relaxed there than at 'PGC. Good Lord, he could not have been more tense. Max Richmond was an even more difficult man to work for than Bob. Max would come down from Boston and harass everyone, Bob the most, of course. He had an office hidden away in the back of a bunch of file cabinets and partitions. He loved to pick up his phone and listen to everyone's phone calls, sometimes butting in, but most often just listening. I never heard him make a positive comment to anyone.

Bob once invited me to the first night of Passover seder, a new experience for me. The two boys were small. Both had water pistols and were squirting indiscriminately before their parents took them away. We sat down to the table, all of us wearing yarmulkes, Bob read from scripture, then we sampled the food, gefiltefish and matzo ball soup, a few other less than appealing dishes. I thought how could these two people, both fat, be so heavy eating like this? How uninformed I was. After the tasting Mrs. Howard cleared the table and brought in platters of roast beef, noodles, vegetables, etc.

On Working at WPGC & Fame

I remember my surprise the first time a listener asked for my autograph. I thought he was kidding. The two incidents in which my celebrity counted for anything both had to do with my wife. She was going downtown on a bus, standing, chatting with another woman from our apartment complex. The woman asked what her husband did. My wife replied that he was Pat McCoy on WPGC. With that, a young black man sitting within earshot offered her his seat, saying he listened to me every morning.

Later, when my son was born, the daily WPGC Salute was to my wife for giving birth at Georgetown Hospital. Many of the nurses were listeners. They came into her room to say hello. She enjoyed the attention.

The history of the station was interesting reading. I did not know they went to 50 kW. When I was there the only 50k in DC was WTOP. At 10,000 watts we were the second most powerful station in the market. FM was just beginning to have meaning. We simulcast Daytime and played Big Band music until 10:00 PM. Bob tried to sell it in half-hour blocks. That was just as I was leaving.

Incidentally, my schedule was 6:00 (Or Sunrise) until 10:00 Mon-Sat. News at 10:25. Lunch 10:30 till 11:00, news at 11:25, news headlines at 12:05, news at 12:25 and 1:25. Then home. Saturday I left at noon. Friday and Saturday nights I did a remote (warmer months only) from a Drive-In Movie theatre.

On Others At The Station

I remember some of the 'PGC people; Jerry Kearns, whose grandmother ran Blair House; Tom Shaeffer, a sales guy who got me talent fees on several of the pieces of business he sold, thank you. Ray Quinn, former NBC announcer, and Bill Leonard, Legislative Assistant to a US Senator the rest of the day. Both of these did the news on my morning show for a time. Both were great professionally and personally.

On The Photos Below

The pictures with Chubby Checker and Guy Mitchell were both taken at remotes we did at Foley Ford. I did four for Ken Foley, a great guy. The one with Gene Barry (Bat Masterson) was a remote at a shopping center. He was preceded that day by Dion, who had recently split from the Belmonts. I picked up Dion at his hotel in my VW Beetle, not knowing that his manager was with him. The two were great sports about riding in cramped quarters. We did lots of remotes in those days, often with recording artists as guests.



Jerry G (Ghan)

Jerry initially did nights with the 'Late Date Show' on WPGC in 1961. Later that year he succeeded Pat McCoy in mornings, a role he continued in until leaving the station for KYW in Cleveland in 1963.

In 1964 and 1965 he toured with the Beatles as a roving reporter for NBC & Group W stations to cover their concerts coast to coast.

Today he and his wife own and operate operate two restaurants: The Greek Islands Cafe and Asaggio Pizza Pasta in San Diego's Seaport Village with a third restaurant in the works. Recently he also began voicing tracks for Chicago's 'Real Oldies 1690' and has been inducted into the Ohio Radio Broadcasters Hall of Fame.



Harv Moore

Harv Moore 'The Boy Next Door' is a native of Pelham, New York but came to WPGC from Frankfort, Kentucky in March of 1963. Initially, he did nights till sign-off but within a few months was moved to mornings when Jerry G left for KYW in Cleveland, starting just days before the tragic JFK assassination.

Harv was also Program Director when Dean Griffith (Dean Anthony) left in 1964 for WMCA in NY until the arrival of Cousin Warren Duffy in 1966. He also served as Music Director from 1971 when Davy Jones left for WMAL-FM but was promoted to Program Director again in 1972 when big Wilson vacated the position.

Harv continued in mornings until early in 1975 when he accepted an offer from former WPGC General Manager, Bob Howard to do mornings in Buffalo at WYSL. Today, Harv is now retired in Buffalo.

Harv writes:

On Coming To WPGC:

Wayne Hetrick was the Chief Engineer. He and his wife put me up at their house until I found an apartment and could move my family to D.C. Our studios were in SE Washington in the WMA bus the spring they would paint the buses (orange and black), and the paint fumes would drift in the windows of our studios.

On Milt Grant:

When I first started at 'PGC I recorded the Milt Grant show every Thursday night. His producer was a guy named Danny (can't come up with a last name). He was a character. We had a lotta laughs. Milt was a funny guy...serious...but funny. It ran Sunday afternoons. I still have one of the tape boxes labeled "The Milt Grant Show 2:00-2:25". (Not the show...just the box). Bob Howard gave me an extra $20 a week to record the show...lotta cash in 1963...bought a lot of cigs! I was still smoking at that time (like everyone else)...$2.50 a carton!

On 'MacNamara':

In 1963, we had a newsman we called MacNamara ("MacNamara here!")....helluva voice..He lived right down the street from the radio station...real name, Ted Radomski....he used to tell me about his brother who was struggling in an off Broadway show...several years later he was a superstar...the "off Broadway show was "Hair"...Ted's brother was one of the writers - Bill Rado (Radomski).

On the multiple 'Bob Raleighs':

The "original" Bob Raleigh #1 (Rolle Ferrar) and I started at WPGC the same day in March of '63. BobHe was working in West Palm Beach - I was in Frankfort, KY. He and I became best friends, and we still are to this day - he is my son Bill's godfather. Bob left WPGC (was forced out), went to WWDC, then WEEL in Fairfax, VA and then to WBZ in Boston. He just retired after 20 years there. I have really lost track of the other Raleighs - there were several - several "Dean Griffiths", too. Last I heard, Bill Miller was in Frederick, MD at a country station.

On Dean Griffith (Dean Anthony):

Dean Griffith was very highly regarded by record company representatives. He was first to play new releases, and he broke a lot of records out of D.C. He had an amazing ear. Consequently he received a lot of "special attention" from the record companies, and was able to procure a lot of "unavailable" material. I'm sure the Program Directors and Music Directors from the other D.C. stations were scratching their heads when they saw the Evening Star Top Ten, wondering "how in the heck did he get those (Beatles songs ahead of everyone else)?"

On The JFK Assassination:

I remember vividly what happened that afternoon. Each jock had a news shift. After I got off the air at 10am I did the news for Bob Raleigh. We did the news from a little desk in the control room. I was sitting at the desk talking to Bob while he was on the air.

Eleanor, the building cleaning lady, called the radio station, and said she was watching TV, and a bulletin came across that President Kennedy had been shot. I immediately went to our teletype, and it was just coming across from UP. I tore it off and ran to the control room. I'll never forget; I sat down at the little news desk, and Bob said, "Harv, read it very slowly".

As I recall, (WPGC Program Director,) Dean Griffith (Dean Anthony) was at lunch at the time, but heard the news and returned to the station immediately. At that point he called in MacNamara to cover the story.

When it was learned that the President had succumbed, we immediately dropped format, and went to generic instrumental music, and that continued until right after the funeral. The day after shooting, the mood was obviously somber, and MacNamara and I continued to keep the listeners informed, as did the other jocks.

On The Beatles:

Re: the Beatles, I have read in several books the account of their first U.S. concert at the Washington Coliseum as to who was on the bill with them. They listed The Chiffons and Tommy Roe. A fellow DJ friend (and Beatlemaniac) had given me an "original" poster from the show, with The Chiffons and Tommy Roe listed as the opening acts. I knew this was wrong because the opening acts were Jay & The Americans and The Righteous Brothers and The Caravelles. I know, because I talked to them in the stands on the afternoon of the show.

What happened was: as we all know, there was a blizzard on the east coast, and the Beatles had to take the train from NYC to DC, instead of flying. The Chiffons and Tommy Roe couldn't make it in, so they had to get some last-minute opening acts.
Several years ago on the anniversary of the Beatles show, I had Kenny Vance of Jay & The Americans on the air with me by phone, and he verified this.

On his novelty 45, 'Interview of the Fab Four':

'Interview of The Fab Four' was Bobby Poe's idea. He recalled the Buchanan & Goodman hits of the late 50's where they took excerpts of hit songs to tell a story. I met Bobby in the Spring of '64. He had a hit with The Chartbusters', 'She's The One'.

I had written a song called, 'Breaking Hearts To Him Is Just A Game',
co-written with Don "Pee Wee" Reese (Riis). Don was working with me at 'PGC at the time. I had found a couple of girls who called themselves, The Delights. They were from Hyattsville, MD. We recorded a demo at the station, and I took it to Bobby. He loved it. He placed it with Arlen Records out of Philadelphia.

Bobby and I wrote the script to 'Interview', and we recorded it at Edgewood Studios in DC. Ed Greene was the engineer. He went on to become the chief recording engineer for The Cowsills. The Chartbusters were in the studio at the same time, working on a followup to 'She's The One'. Bobby knew that I had written several songs, and he asked if I could write something really quick so that The Chartbusters could back me up.

I wrote 'I Feel So Fine' in about 20 minutes, and it sounds like it!
Bobby placed the record with World Artists Records out of NYC. They were hot with Chad & Jeremy, and Reparata & The Delrons. They released it on American Arts Records. 'Interview' was out about 2 weeks, and we got a "Cease & Desist" order from Brian Epstein.

On his Xmas 45, 'I Told Santa Claus I Want You':

In 1965 I was producing records for a band called 'Nobody's Children'. I got the name from nationally renowned independent record promoter Joe Cash. The band was originally called 'Adam's Apples'. They were students at Suitland High School. I had them under contract with United Artists Records for two years. Then I produced a re-make of 'I Can't Let Go' (the Hollies hit), and placed it with Neil Bogart at Buddah Records. So, 'Nobody's Children' was then under contract for two years with Buddah.

The group did a lot of traveling. They went on a dance show in Cleveland with Greg Allman. Before they were the Allman Brothers, they were called Allman Joy. Neil Diamond released "Cherry Cherry", and the promoter for the record company offered to have him come to D.C. to do a hop for me. We chose the Manassas Armory. Neil flew in on a Saturday morning, and we rehearsed with 'Nobody's Children' at Popey's Tavern that afternoon. The group backed him up that night at the show. Neil stayed overnight at our apartment in Maryland. I saw him backstage two years later in Baltimore when he was a superstar, and then again here in Buffalo in the 80's. He rememberd me both times.

I had written a Christmas song called, 'I Told Santa Claus I Want You' with a Beach Boys sound in mind, but I had no one to record it. I rehearsed it with the guys from 'Nobody's Children' who were still under contract with United Artists Records, and we recorded it at Edgewood Studios in D.C. with engineer Ed Greene. It was 'Phil Spector meets The Beach Boys'. I was a huge fan of both. The kids did a helluva job on it. Lee Travers borrowed a glocksenspiel from Suitland High School for the production. It came out great.

I sent it to Florence Greenberg at Scepter Records, and she loved
it. They released it just before Christmas in '67. Unfortunately, that was the year that stations around the country had backed off of Christmas songs. It did get played on WMCA in New York though! And, of course, Cousin Duffy played the hell out of it at 'PGC.

I produced under the name 'Phil Music'- a play on words. Back in the day we used to pad up to news time at the top of the hour with instrumental 'fill music'. The labels on UA, Buddah / Bullet and Scepter all read "Produced by Phil Music".

On the 'Crusin' 69' album:

The Cruisin' 69 tape was an actual aircheck music and all. It's a pretty amazing story of how that all came about. The only part that I had to "recreate" was the very beginning and the very end.  A friend of mine in D.C. had a music tip sheet, and he told me a guy named Howard Silvers was trying to locate me to do a Cruisin' LP. He was very persistent, so I finally called him. He said he wanted to do a Cruisin' '68 for Baltimore, and wondered if I had any tapes of myself.

I told him I never worked in Baltimore...I worked in D.C. He said, "Well, Baltimore / Washington are considered one market". I told him I would look. I really never wanted to go into my basement archives, and start searching for airchecks. I didn't really save airchecks. Again, he was persistent, so I acquiesced. The only tape I found from circa '68 was a complete aircheck from 1969. I sent it to Howard, and he loved it. The only thing I did was cut an intro and an outro here in Buffalo. The rest of it was "pristine".

On 'The Redhead(s)':

The original 'Redhead' was my wife Vicki. She used to read the school lunch menus on my show in '67 and '68. On Sunday night I would tape her reading the NFL scores. She had trouble matching up teams with their nicknames...really screwed 'em up. Fans would call me, and holler at me: "Will you please tell The Redhead that it's not the 'Kansas City Jets!".

I remember Connie Lawn. Nice lady. As she points out, she was at 'PGC for a hot minute. They kinda threw us together to see if something might work.

Joanie Fierstein came to work for us in 1972 as a receptionist. I started using her on my show doing drop-ins, and then I asked her if she could come in a little early, drive the Money Car on my show, and then come in and be on the show with me. As I got busier in my Program Director's job, I needed a secretary, so Joanie came in at 6, was on the show with me 'til 10, and then was my secretary for the rest of the day.

Fierstein was her married name. When she came to work for us in '72 she was divorced. After I moved to Buffalo, she stayed on at 'PGC for a while, but then they let her go. At one point she considered moving to Buffalo to continue her radio career, but then went to work for NASA where she still works to this day. At some point, she remarried - her last name is now Hoffman and she has a daughter.

On Bob Howard & the Sale of WPGC:

Bob Howard had a "right of first refusal" should the station ever be put up for sale. It was a signed document from Max (Mac) Richmond. When the station went on the market, and it was announced that it was being sold to the Marriotts, Bob exercised his right of first refusal. He told me that he was trying to get some backers to put a deal together.

Glenn Potter called me at about 11:00 one night...woke me and my wife out of a sound sleep...doing mornings, I was getting up at 4AM. He told me that he and the Marriotts were buying WPGC, and he wanted me to assist them in doing some "community ascertainments" that were required by the FCC.

I told him that Bob Howard was also trying to buy the station, and that I worked for him, and assisting the Marriotts would border on "treason". He said Howard did not have the financial backing to buy the station. He said, "So, you're not going to help us?" I said, "I can't".

When the Marriotts took over, I knew my days there were numbered. I was the enemy. Potter called me into his office one morning after my show, and said "things were not working out". And they weren't.

In the meantime, I had been talking to Bob Howard's attorney, Jason Shrinsky. He was putting a deal together for someone that was going to buy what became DC101 - I think the guy was "Benderson". The negotiations dragged on and on.

Bob Howard could not put the money together to buy 'PGC. The Marriotts bought him out. It was over $500,000. Bob used the money to buy two stations in Buffalo, WYSL and WPHD in Oct '74., and he asked me to move here to program the two stations. I had worked for him since 1963, so we had a good working relationship. Bob sold the stations in '89 - walked away with 4.3mil...he passed away in 1993.

On His Days Since Then:

New owners came in and cleaned house - I mean EVERYBODY - 'cept me. I stayed on for a while, but decided to move on. I was doing the morning show with my friend Bob Taylor - The Taylor & Moore Show...highly successful. We had created the mythical Land of Fa - ruled by the Fa King. We told every Fa King joke you can think of. It was hilarious if I do say so myself. (We put a CD out a coupla years ago, and it was the #1 best seller here in Buffalo for months).

Anyway, the new owners thought they were building a better mousetrap, and brought in a new morning show. I think they had 4 different hosts in 4 weeks. Taylor and I went to another station in town, but we were on in the afternoon, and the format was different.

In 1995, independent record promoter Jerry Meyers and I started a small record company, producing and recording local singers. In 1998, the program director of Oldies 104, WHTT / Buffalo coaxed me into doing a Saturday show. Then, they asked me to do 12n-3p Monday thru Friday. Then, they asked me to be Assistant Program Director, and do 10a-3p Monday thru Friday. I later did afternoons, 2-7p.

My contract was up Dec 31, 2006. They let me know in October that they were dropping Oldies, going to a "Mix" format. I wasn't comfortable with that. They asked me stay on thru March 31, 2007 during the transistion. They want me to do some weekend work and special products, but I'm just kicking back for the present time.


Columbus writes:

Most things seem so much more magical in the distance than when you get there...I heard Harv Moore on WPGC when I was in high school...the time when your favorite songs have this once in a lifetime significance...its hard to live up to that...but he did....Harv was a genuinely funny guy...didn't have to prepare stuff...just talking with him the humor was so natural...and he knew how to live in a big picture kind of way... on the edge but in control... always with a feeling for the people around him...we all have regrets ...and I mean this in the best way...I don't think Harv has too many... he's really a huge talent and a humble great guy...

On Inheriting the Morning Show:

Although I'm not sure of a timeline, I do remember Harv asking me to consider going to Buffalo and that seemed to be months before he left. Then suddenly boom, Jim Collins was the new Program Director and Jim's giving me a pep talk about how I'd be great doing mornings in the style of a Charlie Tuna or Robert W. Morgan.


Mike Cohen writes:

I can tell you that Harv Moore in my opinion was more than just a WPGC Good Guy. He was a Great Guy. Harv was the consummate morning man who was entertaining and funny. Consider... Harv aired one of Washington's highest rated morning shows without a producer and without being raunchy. (Harv occasionally got "spicey" but never crossed the line. Besides, its a lot harder to be funny and clean.) Harv was and I'm sure still is a "class" act. You can count me as a big Harv Moore fan both professionally and personally.


Anita Miller ('April May') writes:

Harv let eveyone get their 15 minutes of fame every chance he got and for a man of his fame that was amazing -- no ego just the boy next door for real. He told jokes about my blueberry muffins on air: I believe they were used for door stops and paper weights. Said my parents were going to enroll me in cooking school but I burnt the application! We got a lot of mileage out of my lack of culinary skills. I had to put the fire department on danger money every time I turned on the stove!


Rick Young writes:

Glenn Potter was looking to make changes in the station from the get-go. Harv was fired in January '75. Harv was not about to take direction from him, and THAT was no secret. Plus he had a fallback deal with Bob Howard which surprisingly took some time to put together. Harv was one hell of a nice guy, that I can absolutely attest to. I remember the day well. It was snowing like hell, and Potter entered Harv's office to give him his two weeks notice. Harv said he knew it was coming, but was surprised at the timing. Anyhow, and I wasn't there, he basically said "I'm outta here now".

I remember seeing Harv's office after he had left, and wondered what else was coming down. Barry Richards had this gig on Channel 20, and Harv and the Redhead were guests periodically during the transition to Buffalo. Then he was gone, and Joanie dropped off the map. There was a kind of real sadness as to what had transpired during my almost one year there. Morale had plummeted after the sale, and the Mormons were a disaster. They knew nothing about how to treat people, or about the radio business.




Columbus joined WPGC in the September of 1971 for nights from a small station in Coatesville, PA. He moved to middays in 1972 when Tom Allen left to program WMEX in Boston. In early 1975, Harv Moore left for WYSL in Buffalo and he inherited the morning show where he remained until late in the year when he left for the Production Director gig at WLS in Chicago. Today he is a top voice actor in the Windy City and is the staff announcer for the Judge Mathis show.


Columbus writes:

The Coatesville job was a short stay...I was raised in PG County...went to Suitland High...then the Univ. of Maryland...graduated in ' 70......Today I'm still a voice actor in main gig now is as staff announcer for the Judge Mathis show...

What a great website...the "blowtorch" line alone makes you feel proud to have been a part of know for years I never thought much about WPGC then I saw the Cameron Crowe film, Almost Famous... I'm sure the other guys from the' 72 to' '75 years had similar many ways we were like the band on the bus rolling through the heartland, just headed somewhere with our music ... and dreams of things not as they were but as we longed for them to was a pretty special time...

On Harv Moore:

Most things seem so much more magical in the distance than when you get there...I heard Harv Moore on WPGC when I was in high school...the time when your favorite songs have this once in a lifetime significance ...its hard to live up to that...but he did....Harv was a genuinely funny guy...didn't have to prepare stuff...just talking with him the humor was so natural...and he knew how to live in a big picture kind of way... on the edge but in control... always with a feeling for the people around him...we all have regrets ...and I mean this in the best way...I don't think Harv has too many... he's really a huge talent and a humble great guy...

On Inheriting the Morning Show:

Although I'm not sure of a timeline, I do remember Harv asking me to consider going to Buffalo and that seemed to be months before he left. Then suddenly boom, Jim Collins was the new Program Director and Jim's giving me a pep talk about how I'd be great doing mornings in the style of a Charlie Tuna or Robert W. Morgan.



Tim Kelly

Tim joined WPGC from WCFL / Chicago in early 1976 for mornings after Columbus left for WLS. He stayed until The Great Strike That Struck Out in May of 1977. He later worked at KFI with his wife Evelyn (of Money Girl fame) and did mornings at the Beat, KKBT.

Tim writes:

I came to WPGC from WCFL in Chicago. I went up to WRKO after it became clear that we were never coming back from the strike, and first did afternoons, and then mornings. Ev was my sidekick / traffic girl, with her using the name Beverly Hudson.

We then went on to KFI / LA for 3 years, to do Tim and Ev til' late 81, and then I went back to doing a solo act on KIIS-FM, til '87 when Lehman and I merged our 2 small syndication companies to form Premiere. I'm currently the chairman and CEO of KB Global, a fast food franchising company I started with my brother Terrance. KB franchises a concept called Great Wraps! to the LA and Orange County ares. We have 12 restaurants opening in the first half of 2004.

My remaining media projects are, All Comedy Radio, to whom I am senior advisor, and a partner in the venture (couldn' t stay away from comedy, my first love) and Exec VP / Member of the board for Vital Options International, producers of the Group Room, America's only Cancer talk and advocacy program, heard on 100 stations nationwide, and across Europe.




Jim Elliott & Scott Woodside


Jim came to WPGC from WEAM where he was PD for middays & Music Director duties in 1975. He had previously worked in Washington doing late nights at WRC. In 1977, following The Great Strike That Struck Out, he returned to the station to do mornings, initially teamed with Don O'Day. In the summer of 1978, Scott Woodside joined him for morning news.

Elliott & Woodside left the station in early 1982, accepting a then staggering offer from Q107. He later did mornings at B106, middays at WAVA & eventually became VP of Pop Promotion at Arista Records in NY. Today he runs his own airplay consulting firm.


Jim writes:

I am alive and well in Cresskill, NJ and own my own company called "The Spin Doctor, Inc" . It's an airplay consultancy for the record labels and is doing quite well. While at Arista, I did weekends and fill in at Z100/NY for about 6-7 years and then did some work at Jammin' Oldies before it turned Urban. I still get the bug once in a while....and always seem to run into people that grew up listening to me.

I occasionally take some time and go to this site and sooooo many memories come flooding back. Many people don't appreciate what they've got in living day to day...whether it be a great soul mate or a great radio station.

On What Made WPGC Great:

WPGC was a GREAT station and so far ahead of its time in that we were one of the first successful FM stations (due to the heavy penetration of FM in the DC market).

WPGC was part of people's lives...they came to us to be with friends , to hear new music, to be entertained and to win great prizes (and a lot of cash)....and the loyalty of the listener was reciprocated by on air personalities that really cared about the station, the community and each other.

On the 'WPGC Rocks' Album:

As far as the 'WPGC Rocks' LP, the songs were definitely my era at WPGC...but I'll be damned if I can remember ever seeing it. WPGC was such a powerhouse back then we would never have given anything away that had such a glaring error. We probably just put them in a dumpster and someone got hold of a copy.....a true mid 70's rarity.



Foxx & Theismann

Dave Foxx came to WPGC during The Great Strike That Struck Out in May of 1977 from sister First Media station, KYAK in Provo. Initially he did middays but moved to mornings when Elliott & Woodside departed for Q107 in early 1982. He then inherited mornings, teamed up first with Joe Theismann and later Dude Walker.



Dude & Dave

Dude Walker came to WPGC shortly after Elliott & Woodside left for Q107 in early 1982. For a short period of time he did afternoons before moving to mornings where he joined Dave Foxx.



Walker & Howe

Sadly, 'Dude & Dave' only lasted a few months before J. Robert Howe was brought in from sister station KYAK in Provo. Joining the pair was Redskins Quarterback Joe Theismann.

Dude went on to do mornings at WASH then went to morning fill-in at B104 in Baltimore for 'Brian & O'Brien'. Today, he operates his own voice over company and is heard as the imaging voice on numerous stations around the country.



Dave Foxx, Joe Theismann & J. Robert Howe

Brought back for mornings yet again, Dave was teamed with J. Robert Howe when Dude left for mornings at WASH. Today, Dave is the imaging guru at Z-100 in NY. Joe Theismann is an on-air analyst for ESPN's Sunday Night football. If anyone knows of the whereabouts of J. Robert Howe, please email the webmaster.



Baker & Burd

Jeff Baker & David Burd were assembled by PD, Al Casey in 1983 to try and combat the declining ratings in AM drive. Today, Jeff is a professional actor and is the Production Director at WAVA. David Burd does weekends at WMAL.




Special thanks to the late Dean Griffith (Dean Anthony)
for the photo below from his personal collection).

Stan Major

Headshot from about 1960.


Pat McCoy

Special thanks to the late Dean Griffith (Dean Anthony)
for the photos below from his personal collection).


Headshot from about 1960


Decorating a contest winner's tree in 1960 (with Jerry Kearns (top right), Eliot Paul (bottom left) and
Dean Griffith (Dean Anthony) bottom right).

With Bat Masterson


Interviewing Chubby Checker and unknown

With Guy Mitchell and unknown


Jerry G (Ghan)

Special thanks to the late Dean Griffith (Dean Anthony)
for the photos below from his personal collection).

Publicity shot in 1963

With kids on ponies

At the races

At an amusement park


Harv Moore

Harv Moore today.


A very young Harv in 1963!


Business Card

The Morning Mayor in 1965

Good guy DJ
in the '60's

The boy next
door in 1970

In Teen Life Magazine

With Dean Griffith #2 (Hank Burdick)

Studio Shots,1971

An ear for the
hits in 1971

With new control board in March '72

Mister Music in library, 1973

With Prog. Asst. Anita in 1973

With a record guy

With Big Wilson
in 1973

With Joe Namath in 1973

With David Gates in 1973

With Big Wilson, 

Bob Raleigh (Bill Miller) & Winners

Passin' Out the Cash with 'Big Money' in 1973

Keepin' the Cash Comin'
in 1973

With a 'Big Money' contest winner in 1973

Still another 'Big Money' contest winner in 1973

With Jim Collins, 
? & Columbus

With Billy Kilmer in 1973

With 'The Redhead' in 1973

w/Levi's Gremlin
winner in 1973

Ridin' high at the circus in 1973

w/Jim Collins & Bob Raleigh (Bill Miller) in 1974

With Kash for Kids Guy in 1974

Before station sale, in 1974



Columbus discovers DC in 1971

Dropping anchor in DC in 1971

In the newsroom in November 1971

Columbus & his 'fans' in Oct. 1971

'Columbus-mobile' winner in Nov. 1971

Passing out $1 bills as George Washington in February 1972

Growing beard

Where People Get Cash in January 1973
with 'Phono Phunnies'

Makin' a Cash Connection with 'Phono Phunnies' in 1973 


He gave away lots of $$ with 'Phono Phunnies' in 1973

Publicity shot in May 1973

Another contest winner in
July 1973

With Jim Collins, & Harv Moore in July 1973

Again with a
check in 1973

Still another winner in September 1973

Professional portrait from 1974

Bellbottoms not
in the chain!

With Kevin James in
June 1975


Tim Kelly

Tim Kelly today at All Comedy Radio


3 G's & a 'Z' contest, May '76

With Carla
& Visible Vault in 1976

Cornball in 1977


Jim Elliott

In production studio

Stretching out in '76

With 1977 winner

Another 1977 winner

1977 Publicity shot

From Summer 1977

1977 Headshot

Hangin' in Fall '77

w/S. Woodside in 78

w/Waylon Richards
& Sugar Ray Leonard

Blizzard of Feb. 1979

On the air the night after the blizzard

w/Unknown Star
winner in 1979

w/Ray Parker in '79

w/S. Woodside in 1979


Dude Walker


Dude Walker today.



Publicity Shot in 1983.


Dave Foxx

With contest winner in 1977

With Elvin Hayes in 1978

Foxx on the
box in 1979

Short sleeves in February 1979

Morning Show, circa 1983.

with Glenn Beck, Joe Theismann &
  J. Robert Howe

In Greenbelt Studio, 1983.

A-OK with
Double XX.

in the AM.



Print Materials


Click on images below to see enlargements.

Harv Moore




































WPGC Music Survey Weekly Playlist - 10/25/74




Tim Kelly






Jim Elliott













Dave Foxx







Print Ads


Click on the images below to see enlargements.

Harv Moore

Harv Moore Wakes Up Washington

© The Sunday Star TV Magazine
Sunday, 06/06/65


Harv Moore / Columbus

'Air Force Bombards DC'

© The Washington Post

'Public Apology'

© The Washington Star
October 1, 1973



Click on the images below to see enlargements.

Harv Moore

"Deciding What Goes In Your Ears"
© The Washington Post - 06/18/72  


Jim Elliott

"DC's GettingTo Be Big-Time"

©The Washington Star - July 1977

WPGC Newsmagazine

March - 1979


Dave Foxx

WPGC Newsmagazine

February 1979


Dude Walker

'Divorce For Dude Walker & WPGC

Wednesday, 03/02/83

© Washington Times Magazine



Stan Major / Pat McCoy

Composite - Airstaff 1960


Jerry G (Ghan)

Composite Airstaff, 1962

Good Guy DJ Bio, 1962

Listener Letter from 1976


Harv Moore

Interview of the Fab Four

'I Feel So Fine'


'Cruisin' 1969 LP - Front

'Cruisin' 1969 LP - Back


Together Gold LP - Front

Together Gold LP - Back


Business Card

Personality Profile


Big Cash Winner

Air Personalities, 1974


'WPGC AM/FM IS No.1 Again'

© Broadcasting Magazine, 5/27/74


Jim Elliott

Listener Letter - 11/09/77

Listener Letter - 02/01/78

Listener Letter - 1979


Dude Walker

Coffee cup from 1982



Sound Files

There's a lot of links below! Use these Quick-links:

Airchecks Newscasts Contests
Jingles Sweepers Promos
Sound Off! Spots Misc. Audio



Jerry G

1961 - :06
04/01/63 - As Dean Griffith (Dean Anthony) on April Fools Day - 1:36

08/06/62 - 1:16

08/07/62 - 1:51
10/01/62 - 4:42


Harv Moore

08/24/63 - 12:26
01/06/65 - 22:28
01/07/65 - 14:50
04/01/66 - 4:28
04/01/67 - :52
05/27/69 - 27:13
09/11/69 - 31:49
12/31/71 - 27:59 - Rock & Roll Generation 1961
12/31/71 - 27:53 - Rock & Roll Generation 1962
12/31/71 - 20:45 - Rock & Roll Generation 1963
04/12/72 - 14:53
10/10/72 - 1:46

August 1972 - 2:05 - Missing W

December 1972 - 2:40

1973 - 3:09 - with The Redhead

10/01/73 - 3:11



12/31/71 - 17:55 - Rock & Roll Generation, 1963-64
01/01/72 - 41:21 - Top 100 of 1971
August 1972 - 1:33 - Missing W
December 1972 - :56
01/01/73 - 22:20 - Top 100 of 1972
March 1973 - :17
November 1973 - 10:20
12/23/74 - :57
1975 - :59
06/06/75 - 10:22
November 1975 - 3:32
1975 - Last Day, Last Break (with Jim Elliott) - 2:15


Tim Kelly

Spring 1976 - 5:35
05/23/76 - 9:40
November 1976 - 3:00
01/01/77 - 7:19 - Top 100 of 1976


Jim Elliott

November 1975 - 2:44
November 1976 - 2:41
11/11/76 - 5:59
Spring 1978 - 2:51
05/16/78 - 32:44

11/22/78 - 1:11:10 - 2nd Annual WPGC Thanksgiving Day Parade

February 1979 - 6:35
01/22/80 - 25:43

10/20/80 - 1:19:56 - WPGC 26th Anniversary Show

12/31/80 - 38:05 - Top 50 of 1980
1981 - 1:24
Summer 1981 - :12
11/19/81 - 14:32


Dude Walker

05/28/82 - (with Dave Foxx) - First Dude & Dave Show - 38:52
07/21/82 - (with Loo Katz) - 52:24


Dave Foxx

Spring 1978 - :46
05/15/78 - 3:55
05/16/78 - 3:12
February 1979 - 16:54
1981 - 1:09
Summer 1981 - 1:18
05/28/82 - (with Dude Walker) - First Dude & Dave Show - 38:52
12/26/83 - Top 95 of 1983 - 9:07




Jerry G

Cuban Missle Crisis - 10/24/62 - :39


Harv Moore

09/11/69 - :59
03/11/70 - 3:39
01/01/71 - 2:21



01/01/72 1st of 2 - 1:21
01/01/72 2nd of 2 - 1:27
03/28/72 Irish Work Stopage - :52
05/01/72 Angela Davis Trial - :17
05/01/72 Nun's Trial - :17
09/19/72 Mail Bomb - :33
01/06/74 Gas Prices - :31
06/06/75 Headlines - 1:24


Jim Elliott

Feb. 1979 Chooz Yer Nooz (with Scott Woodside) - 2:01 
10/20/80 Chooz Yer Nooz (with Scott Woodside) - 2:37
11/19/81 Chooz Yer Nooz (with Scott Woodside) - 2:16


Dude Walker

07/21/82 6:28am - 5:35
07/21/82 6:54am - 1:58
07/21/82 7:28am - 7:47
07/21/82 7:53am - 3:07
07/21/82 8:55am - 1:46




Harv Moore

05/67 Balloon Buster 1 - 2:01
1973 Fantasy Baseball - 1:25
10/01/73 Cash Kick Off - :57



01/01/73 Voices of Rock 1 - 1:04
01/01/73 Voices of Rock 2 - 1:00
01/01/73 Voices of Rock 3 - 1:13
01/01/73 Voices of Rock 4 - :58
Nov.'73 Bonus Basketball 1 - 1:04
Nov.'73 Bonus Basketball 2- 1:33


Tim Kelly

05/23/76 3 G's & a Z - 2:14


Dude Walker & Dave Foxx

05/28/82 Bay Bridge Bonanza 1 - 1:14
05/28/82 Bay Bridge Bonanza 2 - 1:12
05/28/82 Bay Bridge Bonanza 3 - 1:17



(Thanks to Jonathon Wolfert for the jingles below)

Harv Moore


Morning Mayor - PAMS 'The Jet Set' - :13
© PAMS of Dallas


Spot Productions 'Thatman' - :07
© Spot Productions, Dallas


Jock Cut - PAMS 42a - :02
© PAMS of Dallas




Jock Cut - PAMS 42a - :01
© PAMS of Dallas


Tim Kelly


Jock Jingle - Logoset / Priority One - :05
© JAM Creative Productions, Dallas


Accapella - Logoset / Priority One - :02
© JAM Creative Productions, Dallas

Jim Elliott


Jock Jingle - Logoset/Priority One - :05
© JAM Creative Productions, Dallas


Accapella - Logoset/Priority One - :02
© JAM Creative Productions, Dallas


Jock Jingle - Positron - :05
© JAM Creative Productions, Dallas


Jock Shout - Positron - :02
© JAM Creative Productions, Dallas


Shout Edit 1 - Positron -:04
© JAM Creative Productions, Dallas


Shout Edit 2 - Positron - :03
© JAM Creative Productions, Dallas


J.E. Starts DC's AM - Positron - :06
© JAM Creative Productions, Dallas


E&W Starts DC's AM - Positron - :06
© JAMCreative Productions, Dallas


Hallelulah Choir - :11
© JAM Creative Productions, Dallas


Halleluah Choir - Outakes - :41
© JAM Creative Productions, Dallas

Dave Foxx


Jock Jingle - Positron - :05
© JAM Creative Productions, Dallas


Jock Shout - Positron - :01
© JAM Creative Productions, Dallas


Foxx & Theismann Shout - :01
© JAM Creative Productions, Dallas


Dude Walker

1982 Walker & Howe Shout - :01
© JAM Creative Productions, Dallas




Pat McCoy


1960 Jock Roll Call (w/ Dean Griffith (Dean Anthony) & Jerry G) - :35


Jerry G (Ghan)

1960 Jock Roll Call (with Pat McCoy
Dean Griffith (Dean Anthony) - :37

1961 - 62

This Has Been Thee Nooz! - :17
1962 Hour Stager - :29
08/06/62 Legal ID - 10 O'Clock - :20
10/01/63 Show Open For FM Only - :16
1964 Jock Roll Call (with Dean Griffith (Dean Anthony), Bob Raleigh (Rolle Ferrar), Harv Moore & Don Pee Wee Reese) - :33
04/01/64 Back In Time Flashback Stager - :07
04/01/64 Best Bet of the Week - :09


Harv Moore

1964 Jock Roll Call (with Dean Griffith (Dean Anthony), Bob Raleigh (Rolle Ferrar),
Jerry G & Don Pee Wee Reese) - :32
02/04/67 Request-O-Matic Solicit - :14
03/26/67 Best Bet of the Week - :13
1969 Request-O-Matic Solicit - :13
01/01/70 Top 100 of 1969 Stager 1 - :04
01/01/70 Top 100 of 1969 Stager 2 - :05



01/31/80 FM Legal ID - :02
11/29/81 AM & FM Legal ID - :03


Dave Foxx

05/28/79 #1 Weekend - 1965 (w/Scott Shannon) - :08
05/28/79 #1 Weekend - 1970 (w/Scott Shannon) - :13
05/28/79 #1 Weekend - 1973 - :02
03/19/80 More Continuous Music - :03
04/15/80 30 Minutes of Music Stager - :05




Harv Moore

07/10/66 Patriotic Reminder - :16
08/30/66 Got An FM Radio? - :18
01/01/67 Happy New Year - :15

Chinese New Year 1 (with Cousin Duffy) - :40


Chinese New Year 2 (with Cousin Duffy) - :40


Club News (w/ Marv Brooks
& Bob Raleigh [Bill Miller]) - :38


Dial-A-Good-Guy Line (with Cousin Duffy) - :21


GO Magazine (Slobovia) (w/Cousin Duffy) - :47


Irish Eyes Contest (with Marv Brooks) - :37


April Fools Day Contest (w/Cousin Duffy) - :37


Playboy Club (with Cousin Duffy) - :41


Club News (w/ Marv Brooks
& Bob Raleigh [Bill Miller]) - :32

03/26/67 GO Magazine - :16

Good Guys Sweatshirt (with Cousin Duffy) - :33

04/01/67 Fathead Contest - :10
04/01/67 Bogus Prize - :21
01/01/68 Lucky Birthday Game (with Cousin Duffy) - :27
12/31/68 School Salute - :35
07/20/69 Name It & Claim It - :34
01/31/73 Phono Phunnies (with Johnny Jones) - :28

Musical Mystery Tour Winner
(with Jim Collins) - :36



1971 Columbus Discovers DC - :10
09/72 San Juan Trip - :44
09/19/72 Who Is Mr. Whisper? (w/Jim Collins) - :27
01/74 Musical Mystery Tour Encore - :11
01/07/74 Write It Down!
(with The Redhead & Jim Collins) - :32
01/27/74 Name That Tune (w/Jim Collins) - :31
1975 Adventure Ring Tease - :40
1975 Adventure Ring - Hawaii - 1:04
1975 Chicago Concert Tix & Albums - :36


Tim Kelly

1976 The British Time Machine - :51
1976 Gold Rush Contest - :48
1976 Win A Mexican Vacation - :59
01/76 Superbowl of Rock & Roll - :45
05/76 Three G's & a 'Z' Tease - :48
05/76 Three G's & a 'Z' - :55
Fall 1976 Visible Vault Tease - :25
Fall 1976 Visible Vault Winner -1:04
12/76 Year End Recap - :38
1977 Cash Recall Tease - :23


Jim Elliott

1975 Top 100 Hits of 1975 - :35
1977 Elvis At The Capital Centre - :17
1977 Day Off With Pay - :38
1977 Uncle Richard 2 - :37
1978 Bullets Fever Playoff Trip - 1:14
1980 Elliott & Woodside Appearance - :44
10/20/80 7-Eleven Coffee Cup (w/ Scott Woodside) - :34


Dave Foxx

1977 Win A Country Home 1 - :49
1977 Win A Country Home 2 - :44
1977 Great Album Rush 1 - :29
1977 Great Album Rush 2 -:30
1977 Bay Bridge Giveaway 1 - :40
1977 Bay Bridge Giveaway 2 - :37
1977 Money Music 1 - :26
1977 Money Music 2 - :26
1977 Money Music 3 - :35
1977 Money Music 4 - :45
1977 10 Cents Gas 1 - 1:06
1977 10 Cents Gas 2 - :34
1977 Uncle Richard 1 - :46
1977 Uncle Richard 4 - :33
08/21/77 Unknown Star Contest Winner - 1:01
08/21/77 Why Do You Listen? - :25
1978 Image Artists Stopset Entry 1 - :06
1978 Image Artists Stopset Entry 2 - :08
1978 Image Artists Stopset Entry 3 - :08
1978 Image Artists Stopset Entry 4 - :07
02/15/79 Beatles 15th Anniversary - 1:09
1979 Ramblin' Raft Race - :12
03/19/80 Fly The Flag Decal - :37
04/15/80 World's Easiest Contest - :46
07/05/81 Feedback Phone - 1:04
07/05/81 Weekend Line Up - :52
07/25/81 Ramblin' Raft Race - :44
11/19/81 Thanksgiving Turkey - 1:00
1982 Police Gazette (w/Dude Walker) - :29
1982 The Usual BS (w/Dude Walker) - :29
1982 Just The Foxx (w/Dude Walker) - :40
1982 Make An Elephant Fly (w/Dude Walker) - :29
1982 Boldly Going Where... (w/Dude Walker) - :40
1982 Steaming Crabs (w/Dude Walker) - :30
1982 Coming Apart (w/Dude Walker) - :30
1982 It's Your Show (w/Dude Walker) - :30
1982 Marie Osmond's Honeymoon (w/Dude Walker) - :30
1982 Summertime Hints (w/Dude Walker) - :30
1982 E.T. Breaks In (w/Dude Walker) - :46
1982 E. T. Visits The Sites (w/Dude Walker) - :52
1982 Dave Needs A Vacation (w/Dude Walker) - :39
1982 I've Got Your Roadwatch! (w/Dude Walker) - :55
1982 That's My Coppertone! (w/Dude Walker) - :55
1982 Summer Vacation Tips (w/Dude Walker) - :48
1982 Morning Department Store (w/Dude Walker) - :37
1982 E.T. Phone Home - :49
1982 Joe Theismann 1 - :38
1982 Joe Theismann 2 - :30
1982 Joe Theismann 3 - :31
1982 Fun & Games Department - :30
1982 Movie Game - Blueprints - :36
1982 Movie Game - All For A Game - :56
1982 Movie Game - Coming Up - :29
1982 Movie Game - Jack Hammer - 1:00
1982 Movie Game - Golfing - 1:01
1982 Movie Game - Parking Lot - 1:04
1982 Movie Game - The Warehouse - :59
1982 Movie Game - How It Works - 1:00
1982 Movie Game -Tomorrow - 1:00
1982 Movie Game - Contest Clues - :58
1982 Movie Game - It's Hot - 1:00
1982 Movie Game - Movie Clips - 1:00
1982 Movie Game - Grand Prize - :57
1982 Weekend - Oldies Party, AT 40 - :45
1982 Weekend - Bringing Back The Hits - :59
1982 Weekend - Sat. Nite Oldies - :29
1982 Weekend - Free Movie Weekend - :36
1982 Weekend - July 4th, Beach Boys - 1:01
1982 Weekend - Sat. Oldies, AT 40 - :50
1982 Weekend - Elton John, AT 40 - 1:02
1982 Weekend - We Remember - :54
1982 Weekend - Kings Dominion Tix - :35
1982 Weekend - Kings Dominion, AT 40, Oldies - :47
1983 Quizman 1 - :16
1983 Quizman 2 - :58
1983 Quizman 3 - :59
1983 Quizman 4 - 1:08
1983 Quizman 5 - :30
1983 Quizman 6 - 1:44
1983 Quizman 7 - 1:20
1983 Quizman 8 - 1:00

Quizman 9 - :48

1983 Tell A Friend 1 - :56
1983 Tell A Friend 8 - :55
05/21/84 Memorial Day 300 - (with Entire Airstaff) - 1:06


Dude & Dave

1982 Police Gazette - :29
1982 The Usual BS - :29
1982 Just The Foxx - :40
1982 Make An Elephant Fly - :29
1982 Boldly Going Where... - :40
1982 Steaming Crabs - :30
1982 Coming Apart - :30
1982 It's Your Show - :30
1982 Marie Osmond's Honeymoon - :29
1982 Summertime Hints - :30
1982  E.T. Breaks In - :46
1982 E. T. Visits The Sites - :52
1982 Dave Needs A Vacation - :39
1982 I've Got Your Roadwatch! - :55
1982 That's My Coppertone! - :55
1982 Summer Vacation Tips - :48
1982 Morning Department Store - :37


Dude Walker


How To Be Cool! (With Loo Katz) - :47

1983 Tell A Friend 2 - :58


Walker & Howe

1982 Coming Apart Revisited - :34
1982 Joe Theismann's Here - :33
1982 The Movie Game - :23
1982 Come Together - :33
1982 Miss Lilly's On The Show - :42
1982 Theatre Of The Mind - :33
1982 Burger & Fries - :35
1982 Dancing With Joe Theismann - :59
1982 Yah Hee Indians - :37
1982 Stark Naked - :37
1982 The Singing Quarterback - :33
1982 200 Pound Pumpkin - :31
1982 Pumpkin Grand Champion - :36
1982 They're Early - :27


Baker & Burd


Memorial Day 300 - (with Entire Airstaff) - 1:06



Sound Off!

Jim Elliott

05/78 Georgetown Parking - :58


Dave Foxx

Feb. 1979 Marriage Tax Penalty - :55
05/24/79 Oil Prices - :55
1980 Redskins Plays - :52


Dude Walker

07/21/82 Weekly Winner - :22




Jerry G


Howard's Restaurant - :34
08/24/63 Spring Lake Restaurant - :38
08/24/63 Ken Dixon Cars - :39
08/24/63 Eddie Leonard Sandwich Shops - :39


Harv Moore

Coke - :28
Safeway - :30
Coke - :26
Coke (Supremes) - :33
Dodge - :54
Pepsi - :30
Tab Soda - :35
McDonalds - :47
Tanya - 1:01
07/20/69 Charlie Cooper Citgo 1 - :16
07/20/69 Charlie Cooper Citgo 2 - :09

Lustine Chevrolet (with Marv Brooks) - 1:05

Cope Ford - :29
Safeway - :35
04/10/72 1320 Club - :56



04/10/72 Hillcrest American Motors - :33
04/10/72 Washington Post - :25
04/12/72 Fresca - :28
04/12/72 Rogers Chevrolet - 1:00
05/01/72 Hillcrest American Motors - :27
Oct. 1972 Hanger Club - :18
Oct. 1972 Stardust Club - :57
Nov. '73 Coke - :32
Nov. '73 Jerry's Speed Shop - :26
06/06/75 Wash. Area Pontiac Dealers - :56


Jim Elliott

05/76 A&P Supermarkets - :28
05/78 Classics Three - :28
Feb. 1979 Coventry At Crofton - :59
Feb. 1979 Woodward & Lothrop - :58
02/15/79 Movie - Richard Pryor - :32

Dash's Designer (live) (with Scott Woodside) - 1:22


Palmer Ford (live) - :57

12/27/80 Sprite - 1:02


Dave Foxx

08/21/77 Juicy Fruit Gum - :59
May '78 Koons Ford Appearance - :09
May '78 Waxie Maxie's - Carly Simon - :34
May '78 Sears - Barry Manilow Live! - :59
Feb. 1979 Lowes (Live) - :59
03/19/80 Cellar Door Productions / Linda Ronstadt - 1:00
07/05/81 Turkey Hill Farms - :58



Miscellaneous Audio

Ed Walker

The following are excerpts from an interview recorded in
studio 'S' at 95.5 KLOS, Los Angeles on Friday, February 29th, 2004.

Ralph Tabiken & Harry Hayman - 1:12

Original Morningside studio and Duval B. Evans - :50

Max Richmond - 1:00

Max Richmond critiquing him while on the air - :59
Bob Bangston, Don Nork, Ted Werk and Guy Travers - :56

Doing mornings - :41

Moving to the Coral Hills Facility & WBUZ-FM - 1:07

WBUZ-FM broadcasting to WM&A busses - :34
Gene Winters - :14

Working at WRC & WPGC at the same time! - :21

WMEX & Howard Levy - :52

Hillbilly music and 'Curly's Corral' - :47

Remote broadcasts - 1:05

Repeating the news, word for word! - 1:03


Stan Major

1960 Production Montage - 3:37


Jerry G

1961 - 62

Don Pee Wee Reese Jock Jingle - :05


Harv Moore

03/63 Harv's arrival in DC soon at WPGC! - :16
08/24/63 Angels Artist ID - :07
1964 'Interview of the Fab Four' record - 1:59
1964 'I Feel So Fine' song - 2:12
01/06/65 You're A Doll Drop - :04
1969 The 'Cruisin' 1969' On-Air Re-creation - 14:51
12/71 Top 100 of 1971 Playlist Tease - :22

Where's Charlie Forbes Bit
(with The Redhead) - :26


Obscene Phone Call Bit

(with The Redhead) - 1:13

08/72 Missing W Clue 21 - :06
09/72 Missing W Winner - 6:59

Harv Moore on:
Alexander Goodfellow & Bryan Lawrence - :13


Harv Moore on: Bob Raleigh (Bill Miller) - :20


Harv Moore on: Columbus - :12


Harv Moore on: Jim Collins - :27


Harv Moore on: Johnny Jones - :09


Harv Moore on: The Redhead - :24

12/72 Harv Moore on: His show's characters - 1:11
12/72 Harv Moore on: FM Penetration in DC - :34

Harv Moore on: Anita Miller - :33


Harv Moore on: Bill Prettyman - :39


Harv Moore on: Bryan Lawrence - :11


Harv Moore on: Columbus - :11


Harv Moore on: Dave Kellogg - :17


Harv Moore on: Jim Collins' Circus Family - :26


Harv Moore on: Jim Collins' Fat Girlfriend - :18

1973 Harv sings 'Little Red Book' - 2:21
1973 Tailor Made Suit bit - :34

Boycott Meat bit (with The Redhead) - :23


French Bread bit 1 (with The Redhead) - 1:24


French Bread bit 2 (with The Redhead) - 1:30


French Bread bit 3 (with The Redhead) - :57


French Bread bit 4 (with The Redhead) - 1:07


French Bread bit 5 (with The Redhead) - 2:06

1973 Mr. Fix It French Bread bit - 2:18
1973 Mr. Fix It Weiner Skins bit - 2:01

2nd Annual WPGC Thanksgiving Day Parade:
Harv Moore & Redhead bit
(Dave Foxx) - 1:56


With Marv Brooks from WXTR on:
Harv coming to town in 1963 - 1:06


With Barry Richards from WXTR on:
Harv's history WPGC - 1:16


With a listener from WXTR on:
The first studio location - :39


With Jack Fisher of WEAM from WXTR on:
The Beatles - :54


From WXTR on:
His records - :49


With Marv Brooks from WXTR on:
Obscure local records (including Harv's!) - :18


With Jack Fisher of WEAM from WXTR on:
The advent of FM - :44


With Jack Fisher of WEAM from WXTR on:
The missing 'W' contest - :28


With Marv Brooks from WXTR on:
Missing 'W' contest & Bob Howard - :57


With Marv Brooks from WXTR on:
Production, Bob Howard & sweatshirts - :56


With Marv Brooks from WXTR on:
Bob Howard & Lustine Chevrolet spots - 1:55


With Marv Brooks & Barry Richards from WXTR on: Lustine spot & Max Richmond - 1:29


With Marv Brooks from WXTR on:
Marv coming to town, & 'house' DJ names - 1:23


With Marv Brooks from WXTR on:
'House' DJ names & Larry Justice - 1:50


With Marv Brooks from WXTR on:
Marv's embarrasing moment - :57


With Marv Brooks from WXTR on:
Bathroom records & Cousin Duffy - 1:48


With Barry Richards & Davy Jones from WXTR on: The 'Together Gold' album - 1:46


With Marv Brooks from WXTR on:
Would they do it all over again - :46


Dean Griffith (Dean Anthony) on:
Morning Mayors- Jerry G & Harv Moore
- :37


Dean Griffith (Dean Anthony) on:
Harv Moore
- :32



Tim Kelly

1976 Tim Kelly on Jim Collins - :23


Jim Elliott


Jim Elliott on: Columbus leaving for WLS - 2:15


Big Ron O'Brien on: Jim Elliott - :23


2nd Annual WPGC Thanksgiving Day Parade:
Thanksgving Day Quiz - Part 1 - 1:35


2nd Annual Thanksgiving Day Parade:
Thanksgving Day Quiz - Part 2 - 1:33


2nd annual Thanksgiving Day Parade:
Thanksgving Day Quiz - Part 3 - 2:07


2nd annual Thanksgiving Day Parade:
Thankful For bit - Part 1 - :56


2nd Annual Thanksgiving Day Parade:
Thankful For bit - Part 2 - 1:14


2nd Annual Thanksgiving Day Parade:
Thanksgiving interview with 'Richard' - 3:52

Feb. 1979 Chooz Yer Nooz (with Scott Woodside) - 2:01
Feb. 1979 Day Off With Pay - 2:33
1979 Morning Show Drops - :35
1979 The rappin' "Dee-Jay's Delight" song! - 3:53
1979 The rappin' "Santa's Delight" song!! - 1:42
01/22/80 Day Off With Pay - 2:48

Chooz Yer Nooz - (with Scott Woodside) - 2:37


New Studios bit - (with Scott Woodside) - :47


Dude Walker

05/28/82 Miss Lilly Bit - Loo's Love Life (with Dave Foxx & Loo Katz)- 1:39
05/28/82 Miss Lilly Bit - Kids At The Movies (with Dave Foxx) - 1:18
05/28/82 Miss Lilly Bit - Thought Of The Day (with Dave Foxx) - :41
07/21/82 Miss Lilly Bit - More Wrinkles Than E.T. (with Loo Katz) - :26
07/21/82 Miss Lilly Bit - Real Men (with Loo Katz) - :57
07/21/82 Miss Lilly Bit - Mafia Man (with Loo Katz) - 1:44
07/21/82 Chooz Yer Nooz (with Loo Katz) - 2:13


Dave Foxx

Late '70's EBS Open & Close - :33
Late '70's FM & AM Legal ID - :04
Late '70's AM Sign-Off Announcement - :32
Late '70's FM Legal ID - :04
1978 Sales Demo - 6:01

2nd Annual Thanksgiving Day Parade:
WPGC Float bit - 2:12


2nd Annual Thanksgiving Day Parade:
Arrested by Irish Cop bit - 1:35


2nd Annual Thanksgiving Day Parade:
Clean Up Committee bit - 1:22


2nd Annual Thanksgiving Day Parade:
Harv Moore & The Redhead bit - 1:56


2nd Annual Thanksgiving Day Parade:
Frank Purdull bit (with Liz Kiley) - 1:56

12/23/78 Christmas Wishes - :16
Fall 1979 The rappin' "Dee-Jay's Delight" song! - 3:53
Xmas '79 The rappin' "Santa's Delight" song!! - 1:42
1981 Sales Demo - 6:29
07/05/81 EBS Test - :56
1981 Money Van mention - :14
05/28/82 Miss Lilly Bit - Loo's Love Life (with Dude Walker & Loo Katz)- 1:39
05/28/82 Miss Lilly Bit - Kids At The Movies (with Dude Walker) - 1:18
05/28/82 Miss Lilly Bit - Thought Of The Day (with Dude Walker) - :41




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