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Dedicated in memory of Jim Collins


Elvis Presley Membership Card

Bob Rick was a DJ at WPGC in 1956.



Good Guy DJ Membership Card

WPGC - Jack Alix Allies card

Thanks to Skip McCloskey of the WRC tribute site for the above.



Good Guys DJ Pen

Thanks to Skip McCloskey of the WRC tribute site for the above.



Music Is Our Message Pen

WPGC - Pen

Thanks to Skip McCloskey of the WRC tribute site for the above.



Good Guys DJ Key Chain

WPGC - Good Guys Key Chain

A key chain from the '60's was part of the pen & lighter set.


WPGC - Good Guys Key Chain

The actual size of the key is about 2.5 inches.


WPGC - Good Guys Key Chain

Close up on the call letters.


WPGC - Good Guys Key Chain

Not made of plastic!



Good Guys DJ Wristwatch

WPGC Good Guys woman's wristwatch

From sometime in the mid '60's.


WPGC Good Guys woman's wristwatch

After all these years, it still works!


WPGC Good Guys woman's wristwatch

It takes a licking and keeps on ticking!



Good Guys DJ Lighters

WPGC - Gold Lighter

The companion lighter to the pen, key ring and wristwatch above.


WPGC - Gold Lighter

Still in the original box!


WPGC - Gold Lighter

Guaranteed to light your fire!


Images below, © 2004, Michael Cassidy

WPGC - Chrome Scripto Lighter

The Surgeon General didn't have one.


WPGC - Chrome Scripto Lighter

Beauty to behold!


WPGC - Chrome Scripto Lighter

More chrome than a '58 Buick!


WPGC - Chrome Scripto Lighter

'Flick Your Bic' wasn't around yet.


WPGC - Chrome Scripto Lighter

Not made in Japan!



Ban The Midi Button


WPGC - Ban The Midi button

Refers to the Midi dress.



Music Radio Patch

From the Summer of 1974.




'Together Gold'  LP - 1970

Front Cover:

WPGC - Together Gold LP


Inside Cover:

WPGC - Together Gold LPWPGC - Together Gold LP

(Pictured,: Harv Moore, Bob Raleigh, Jr., big Wilson, Davy Jones, Bob Raleigh, Sr.)


Back Cover:

WPGC Together Gold LP


'WPGC Rocks'  LP - 1977


A custom branded LP with hits
of the day from Epic Records.




Station Apparel


Distributed in 1980.


Close up of printer's imprint as seen at the top of previous image.


Music Troll T-Shirt

Front. From the Music Troll's debut in late 1972.


Back. (Special thanks to Steve Kingston for the above).


Music Troll Baseball Jersey

From late in 1972.


Close up of the Music Troll icon.


Sleeves were in blue or green.


Close up of the block letter logo.


1981 Ramblin' Raft Race T-Shirt

WPGC - 1981 Ramblin' Raft Race T-shirt

Thanks to WPGC listener, Peggy Keifert for the above.

WPGC - 1981 Ramblin' Raft Race T-shirt

Thanks to WPGC listener, Peggy Keifert for the above.


Geronimo T-Shirt

From Don Geronimo's arrival in the Fall of 1979.


Rolling Stones T-Shirt

From the Rolling Stones concert tour in December 1981.


July 4th, 1982 T-Shirt


10,000 of these were given out at the Beach Boys concert.


Blue on White T-Shirt

From 1984, after the return to the old block letter logo.


Staff Shirt

In use in 1981 - 1982.
(Special thanks to Steve Kingston for the above).


Softball Jersey

From about the Summer of 1982.


Satin Jacket

This was the second one. The first one had the block letter logo.
(Special thanks to Steve Kingston for the above).



Toys For Tots Concert Ticket Stub

From the second Toys For Tots Concert.



Coffee Cup

Walker & Howe with Joe Theismann coffee cup from the Fall 1982.



Coming soon:


Elliott & Woodside 7-11 Commuter Coffee Cup
Walker & Howe 7-11 Commuter Coffee Cup


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