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'Bob Raleigh' Scorecard!

1) Raleigh Ferreira (March 1963-64) (& later at WWDC)
2) Dale Tucker (July - November 1964)
3) Todd T. Taylor (1964-65)
4) Paul Carmel (1965-66)
5) Bill Miller (1966- May 1977)
6) Dewitt Robert Raleigh (1969-71)

See the 'House DJ Names'  page for more information.

WPGC 'Morning Mayor', Harv Moore, 'the boy next door' writes:

The "original" Bob Raleigh (Rolle Ferreira) and I started at WPGC the same day in March of '63. He was working in West Palm Beach - I was in Frankfort, KY. He and I became best friends, and we still are to this day - he is my son Bill's godfather.

Bob left WPGC (was forced out), went to WWDC, then WEEL in Fairfax, VA and then to WBZ in Boston. He retired after 20 years there. I have really lost track of the other Bob Raleighs - there were several "Dean Griffiths", too.

General Manager, Bob Howard was big on nicknames...Big Ol' Fat Ol' Dino...Loveable Jerry G....Tiger Bob Raleigh....Pee Wee Reese...I always said he hired me because of my nickname - in Frankfort, KY I was using Harv Moore "The Boy Next Door.   Another Bob Raleigh was Paul Carmen".


"Bob Raleigh" #1 (Raleigh Ferreira)


WPGC - Bob Raleigh #1 at WWDC

At WWDC in mid '60's.

When 'Bob Raleigh' went to Boston, he spent the first few years doing middays (10- 2) at WHDH under Program Director and later General Manager, Al Brady Law. Bob worked the same shift when he joined WBZ in July of 1975. He later worked overnights, middays again, and back to overnights in 1986 until he retired from WBZ on his 65th birthday a few years ago. Sadly, he passed away after several strokes in March, 2022. Visit his memorial page:

Johnny Dark writes:

The original 'Bob Raleigh's' real name is Raleigh Ferreira. I can attest to that since we were friends and classmates at Cambridge High & Latin School in Cambridge, Massachusetts in 1952. To be sure, I checked the spelling in our yearbook. As a matter of fact, we had quite a conversation at our 50th high school reunion in 2002.

All the best and thanks for the memories. I enjoyed battling 'PGC in my two tours at WEAM and my 30 years at WCAO in Baltimore.



#2 Dale Tucker

WPGC - Bob Raleigh #2 - Dale Tucker

Dale Tucker, 1964

WPGC - Dale Tucker in 2008

Dale Tucker, 2008

Dale Tucker assumed the 'Bob Raleigh' name at WPGC in 1964, despite the fact that Raleigh Ferreira continued to use the name at WWDC at the same time!

Dale writes:

I was the first 'phony' Tiger Bob. Raleigh Ferreira had gone over to WWDC doing 7-midnight. General Manager, Bob Howard was a wreck -- he'd abused medication for weight loss and about ten days after he hired me he was committed to St. Elizabeth's for 6 months. Six weeks later he got out and returned to 'PGC.

Bob Howard was managing by phone, sort of, and had Dean Griffith (Big Ol', Fat Ol' Dino) instruct me to reference the Tiger Bob show during a one week remote from a strip mall. I was told a few days later to go ahead and just BE Tiger Bob. In the meantime, the real Tiger Bob was on the air nights at WWDC telling the folk 'don't believe an imposter, I'M the REAL Tiger Bob Raleigh, etc'. Of course he was right! Insanity.

I was at WPGC about eight months and let go. Reflecting back, I rather think that word got out that Marvelous Marv Brooks and I were stumbling in the dark about contacting AFTRA to unionize the place. I've never been a strong pro-union guy but if a station ever needed AFTRA it was 'PGC.

I started in July, '64 and left in late Nov., early Dec. Thank God I was hired by Steve Brown at KOIL, Omaha. That and (years later) WRKO, Boston, were the two best stations and people I ever worked for and with.

BTW, I was ‘Dale Kirby' for a few years prior to ‘PGC. When I was hired at KOIL, Randy Sparks and the Back Porch Majority had a turntable hit, Old Dan Tucker. Not the same as the classic old folk song BUT it was enough of a hit to be played and noticed. The guy who hired me suggested that for an airname. I quickly agreed and used it for years.

I went from KOIL to WABB, Mobile, from there to WRKO, Boston. I was hired by GE Broadcasting to program KOA-AM/FM, Denver, and was there just under four years. I was ‘downsized in ’71, wound up with an ad agency who’s late owner Sam Arnold was a mentor and a great friend. During that period I divorced my first wife.

Based on my desire to get back into radio I wound up in Aspen and was the ‘Sales Dept.,’ then Manager for 3-1/2 years. One day I’m walking down Main Street in Aspen and a very attractive woman stops me and says, “I know you.” I blanked – no idea who she was. This was probably ’74 or ’75.

Are you ready? After all those years she recognized me though I’d only met her once and very briefly – she was Marvelous Marv Brooks' ex-wife! ‘Charlie Brooks.’ She worked for the Aspen Ski Corp. ‘Tis a small world indeed.

Ours is a huge industry but at the same time a very small and incestuous one! People move, things change, life goes on. The players largely remain the same. That's my story, etc!

Dale Tucker passed away of cancer at age 73 on 09/14/14.



#3 (Todd T. Taylor)

WPGC - Bob Raleigh #3 - Todd T. Taylor

Todd T. Taylor today.

'Triple T' writes:

I was the umpteenth Tiger Bob Raleigh and was so disgusted when I had to assume the name that I always signed autographs as 'Tiger Bob Rolli'. I did the 10-2pm show by request as I had a gig to do in both MD and VA. I had connections with each fire dept. and we held dances at their firehouses which were larger than high school gyms. This is really where I would make all my weekly income.

Because I had the privilege to M.C. most all the soul shows, Motown Revues, at the Howard theatre, I would request each group coming in to make a small cameo appearance at one of my weekly dances. I had a limo pal who would pick up Smokey and his crew and race them to the firehouse in Bladensburg and they would do 2-3 songs.....(lip sync) and then then we would speed them back to the Howard theatre.

I figure I had every Motown group plus James Brown at least twice in a 9 month period. Also the Real McCoys, the Vogues etc.....I used to really break a ton of records for Bill Gavin for more than 8 years.....Neil Bogart was a super friend as were many other respected honest promoters. The honest ones were hard to come by.....

Today, I am President of the Radio/Television Broadcasters Hall of Fame of Ohio. We have a state of the art brochure and induction ceremony. It's first class and I am proud to say we operate on zero funding. It's called begging......

More recently, I have been singing a "Tribute to ALL the Oldies" and doing more than 127 Oldies concerts yearly while also singing in 47 parades yearly. Check out my website at You can see photos by clicking, 'Gallery' or hear me sing by clicking, 'Hear Todd'.

I have 37 CD's and more than 200 songs on the site. Please keep in mind that when I record, I only do each song with ONE TAKE. I use the CD's for gigs but believe it or not, I end up selling a good number of CD's at all my concerts.

Todd T. Taylor.......aka Tiger Bob Ralli or Raliegh from WPGC.......same name but spelled 50 different ways and that was the way Bob Howard wanted it!




"Bob Raleigh" #4 (Paul Carmen)

WPGC - Bob Raleigh #4 - Paul Carmel
From early in 1966



Skip McCloskey, (The Great 98 WRC site) contributes this story:

The original "Bob Raleigh" (Raleigh Ferreira) who was also known as Tiger, came to WPGC about the same time Harv Moore did in 1963.  The jingle "Tiger on your radio" was actually Jerry G singing in the studio.  Bob was only there maybe a year to year and a half before moving onto WWDC.  He always hated matter what station he was at and he always admitted this.  He was a believer that they were always out to screw the DJs.  

Bob Howard who was General Manager at WPGC (Mr Soundoff) was at the top of Raleigh's list as hated GMs....and probably with good reason.  That aside, Bob left WPGC after asking for a raise and went to WWDC.  There he made more money, played music he was more in tune with and, most important, became a member of a union (AFTRA).  At least there he was protected somewhat in pay structure and security.  

He later worked at WEEL as my Program Director in the early 70s (late 72-73).  I'm not sure if he actually worked anywhere in radio between WEEL and WBZ / Boston since Bob did numerous voice overs and TV commercials as a freelancer.  But WBZ was his next radio stop.

Now as far as the name goes: Bob Howard liked to keep the same names on air even though the person changed.  The guy who eventually inherited the "Bob Raleigh" air name was Bill Miller in 1966.  He did some fill in DJ work and weekends but mostly did news during the week as I recall.  I know he went to WPOC (country) in Baltimore after being fired from WPGC (after the strike in '77).

But wait! The plot thickens!  While Bill was using the "Bob Raleigh" name, WPGC hired a mid-day guy to replace Bob Peyton #2 (Bob Burian).  His REAL name was guessed it....Bob Raleigh.  He would not let Bob Howard change it.   Howard must have really wanted this guy because he allowed him to use the moniker Bob Raleigh, Jr  while the other name changed to Bob Raleigh, Sr.  It all got very messy.




"Bob Raleigh Sr." #5 (Bill Miller)

WPGC - Bob Raleigh #5 - Bill Miller
Good Guy DJ in '60's
WPGC - Bob Raleigh #5 - Bill Miller
Newsguy in the '70's


Bill Miller first came to WPGC in 1966 from KOIL in Omaha for nights. By 1968, Program Director, 'Cousin' Warren Duffy promoted him to Morning News duties with Harv Moore as well as Production Director when Marv Brooks left the station to launch the automated Oldies format on WMOD.

Bill was the very definition of the consummate Pro, handling air shifts, the news and producing spots with aplomb. He was noted for his character voices, often bringing to life station promotions such as the 'Missing W' in which he personified the mysterious, 'Dr. Strangeletter' who had stolen the 'W' from PGC.

Bill had inherited the WPGC house name, 'Bob Raleigh' upon his arrival at the insistence of General Manager, Bob Howard. This, despite the fact that the original 'Bob Raleigh' at WPGC (Raleigh Ferreira) was still using the name at WWDC concurrently and the fact there had been three other jocks at WPGC who used it before Bill!

Things were taken to the absurd when in late 1969, a new midday jock arrived at the station whose real name was (wait for it.....), Dewitt Robert Raleigh, aka, 'Bob Raleigh'. Bob Howard, ever the showman, concocted the notion that the two were related as father and son (nevermind they were very close in age) and ordered they be known on the air thereafter as 'Bob Raleigh, Sr.' and 'Bob Raleigh, Jr.' When Dewitt left the station in 1971, Bill quickly lost the suffix to his air name.

Mr. Miller's long tenure at WPGC was second only to Harv Moore's by a year, spending a remarkable 11 years there through the 'Great Strike That Struck Out' in May of 1977. After the strike, he landed on his feet, doing mornings in Baltimore at WPOC (as the jock, not the news guy). Years later upon his retirement he moved to Frederick and pursued his other passion, model railroading. He became a noted authority on the hobby, appearing in enthusiasts' magazines and videos in which he'd take patrons on a tour of his layout patterned after an actual railroad in the 1800's.

Few on air performers had the long reaching impact that Bill Miller had. His was a voice indelibly associated with WPGC during its greatest years of glory, not the least of which was being the voice of 'Sound Offs' when 'Mr. Sound Off' himself, Bob Howard left the station in 1974.

Bill Miller passed away due to complications of pneumonia at age 78 on 01/29/18. Read his obit in the Frederick News Post.


Ken Mezger writes:

Bob Raleigh (Bill Miller) was filling in for Harv Moore one morning and locked himself out. As his record was ending, he jumped up into the ceiling (drop ceiling) and pushed himself over and fell down into the lobby and broke many fingers! Then he called Dino Del Gallo at home (lived close) and begged him to "bring a vacuum cleaner quickly" to the station. Then they robbed some drop ceiling tiles from other parts of the building and replaced the broken ones. When Dino told me about this I couldn't stop laughing ... every time I saw Bill Miller with splints on most of his fingers!


BD Howard writes:

I remember hearing about that episode when Bob Raleigh (Bill Miller) crawled through the roof after locking himself out of the studio. After that, my dad (General Manager, Bob Howard) always liked to call him 'Tiger Dumb Raleigh'.


Chuck Hunter writes:

Worked with Bill Miller, who always impressed me as a hard working guy. Constantly on the go. Hyperkinetic. During AFTRA negotiations he spent a lot of time on the phone with the union, mostly speaking to my wife, who worked as an administrator, when AFTRA was located at 4706 Wisconsin Avenue, in DC. Very sorry to hear of his passing. Condolences to his family.


Jack Rabbit writes:

While I did middays 10 to 3, Bill Miller and I had a lot of laughs. He commented that “hey, they’re paying us to have this much fun? He was a kind person and true, professional credit to the radio broadcasting industry.


Bill Prettyman writes:

Bill Miller told me he used to try out for the Senators. Must have been a decent athlete. Great production; could make galloping horses or helicopter sounds by pounding on his chest, etc. Pre-strike, did morning news for Tim Kelly who dubbed him “The Bobber”. I spent 15 years of some of the best radio time of my life at WPGC. Like Bill Miller, started there in 1966.


Marty Dempsey writes:

One night I was working 10p-2a on WPGC and they gave me a concert spot to record. (I believe it was Yes coming to the Capital Centre). Well in those days I had all tape recorders and cart machines loaded with audio, and Iworked all night to get the perfect mix. Bill Miller came in around 6am and the spot still wasn't done. I was frustrated. So he grabbed it from me (muttering under his breath) and did it himself.

I remember driving home telling myself that's it ...I'm going to work at Production until I'm good. So that night is one of the reasons why I read and produce thousands of commercials a year with state of the art studios in my house. I guess sometimes you need a good kick in the butt to move forward! I would have loved to tell him that story, and thank him for making me better.

Rest in peace Bill, you were a true Broadcasting Professional.


Keith MacDonald writes:

He lived quite a life. He was a bronk rider at the rodeo in Cowtown NJ, studied at the Ringling Brothers Clown College, and several times his model railroads were featured in Model Railroad Craftsman magazine. He was an expert with an airbrush, and used that talent to design the paint scheme used for the Spirit of 76 diesel that was made for the Bicentennial. I was in a Model Railroad hobby shop not long ago and Bill's name came up. That's where I found out that his widow makes brass locomotives by hand. So he wasn't the only talent in the family. He was a good friend.



Bob Raleigh #6, aka 'Jr.' (Dewitt Robert Raleigh)

WPGC - Bob Raleigh #6 - DeWitt Robert Raleigh
About 1970

WPGC Air Personality, 'Mergatroid' remembers:

Bob Raleigh #6's real name was Dewitt Robert Raleigh. I was there when he was hired. It was really funny to see what Ho-Ho (our pet name for Bob Howard) was going to call him. Obviously he used 'Bob Raleigh' on the air at his previous stations. Ho-Ho I think wanted to call him "Johnny Danger" or something equally as insipid, but came up with the brilliant idea of keeping Bill Miller as Bob Raleigh, Senior, and the new Dewitt as Bob Raleigh, Jr. Meanwhile over at WWDC, the original 'Bob Raleigh' (Raleigh Ferreira) was billing himself as the real Bob Raleigh. It was hilarious!


Roddy Freeman adds:

Bob Howard was indirectly responsible for Raleigh Ferreira's very successful run at WBZ, first as the midday jock and then as the overnight talk host. One day while he was PD at WEEL, Bob Howard walked in to check out the place. That was when he was shopping for a station after being outbid for WPGC, before he bought WYSL in Buffalo. When he spotted Howard, just the possibility of Howard's buying the station prompted him to put together a tape to send to WBZ that very day! And the rest is history.




#1 Raleigh Ferreira

WPGC - Bob Raleigh #1 (Raleigh Ferreira)  with the Ronettes
With Dean Griffith
& The Ronettes in 1963
WPGC - Bob Raleigh #1  (Raleigh Ferreira) at WWDC
At WWDC in mid '60's


#2 Dale Tucker

WPGC - Bob Raleigh #2 - Dale Tucker
Publicity shot from 1964.


#4 Paul Carmen

WPGC - Bob Raleigh #4 - Paul Carmel
From early in 1966


#5 - Bill Miller

WPGC - Bob Raleigh #5 - Bill Miller
'60's Boss Jock


WPGC - Bob Raleigh #5 - Bill Miller
Late '60s
WPGC - Bob Raleigh #5 - Bill Miller
Phone Phanatic
in 1971
WPGC - Bob Raleigh #5 - Bill Miller
Morning News Guy, circa 1971
WPGC - Bob Raleigh #5 - Bill Miller
Sometime in '71
WPGC - Bob Raleigh #5 - Bill Miller
Senators Leave DC in 1971
WPGC - Bob Raleigh #5 - Bill Miller
In the Newsroom in 1971
WPGC - Bob Raleigh #5 - Bill Miller
With Big Wilson
in 1971
WPGC - Bob Raleigh #5 - Bill Miller
With Bob Wooten & unknown in 2/72
WPGC - Bob Raleigh #5 - Bill Miller
With Harv Moore & Big Wilson
WPGC - Bob Raleigh #5 - Bill Miller
With ? in 1972
WPGC - Bob Raleigh #5 - Bill Miller
With contest winner in 1973
WPGC - Bob Raleigh #5 - Bill Miller
With another winner in 1973
WPGC - Bob Raleigh #5 - Bill Miller
With yet another winner in 1973
WPGC - Bob Raleigh #5 - Bill Miller
Publicity Shot
in 1973
WPGC - Bob Raleigh #5 - Bill Miller
w / Harv Moore& Jim Collins in '74
WPGC - Bob Raleigh #5 - Bill Miller
In Fall of 1974


#6 - Dewitt Robert Raleigh (aka 'Jr.')

WPGC - Bob Raleigh #6 - Dewitt Robert Raleigh
About 1970
WPGC - Bob Raleigh #6 - Dewitt Robert Raleigh
With furry
friends in 1971
WPGC - Bob Raleigh #6 - Dewitt Robert Raleigh
The Master
in 1971



Print Materials


Click on images below to see enlargements.

#5 - Bill Miller

WPGC - Music Survey Playlist -  10/09/71
WPGC - Music Survey Playlist - 11/28/71
WPGC - Music Survey Playlist - 02/19/72
WPGC - Music Survey Playlist - 04/01/72
WPGC - Music Survey Playlist - 02/03/73
WPGC - Music Survey Playlist - 05/12/73
WPGC - Music Survey Playlist - 08/11/73
WPGC - Music Survey Playlist - 09/22/73
WPGC - Music Survey Playlist - 12/29/73
WPGC - Music Survey Playlist - 04/13/74
WPGC Music Survey Weekly Playlist - 10/18/74


#6 - Dewitt Robert Raleigh (aka 'Jr.')

WPGC - Music Survey Playlist - 05/21/71
WPGC - Music Survey Playlist - 06/05/71
WPGC - Music Survey Playlist - 06/12/71




Print Ads

Click on images below to see enlargements.

#5 - Bill Miller


'Air Force Bombards DC'

WPGC 'Air Force' Bombards DC

©The Washington Post

'Public Apology'

WPGC - Public Apology

© The Washington Star News, October 1973





Click on images below to see enlargements.

#5 - Bill Miller

WPGC - Bob Raleigh (Bill Miller) Good Guy Profile

Good Guy DJ Profile

WPGC - Another Big Cash Winner

'Big Money Contest' - 1972

WPGC - Number One - 1974 Airstaff

1974 Composite On-Air Line-Up


#5 - Bill Miller & #6 - Dewitt Robert Raleigh (aka 'Jr.')

WPGC - Together Gold LP
'Together Gold' LP - 1970




Sound Files


#1 Raleigh Ferreira

06/24/64 7:55


#5 - Bill Miller

06/19/66 7:07
07/09/66 5:06
07/10/66 11:52
08/30/66 11:54
07/20/69 44:42
August 1967 26:48
December 1972 :22
01/01/73 - Top 100 of 1972 21:27
01/01/74 - Top 100 of 1973 27:21
1974 :05


#6 - Dewitt Robert Raleigh (aka 'Jr.')

01/01/70 - Top 100 of 1969 10:17
March 1970 14:43
04/01/70 - Davy Jones refuses to do the news! 1:06
4/01/70 - Roscoe P. Mutterbag takes over the station! 7:04
Fall 1970 7:21




#1 - Raleigh Ferreira & #2 - Dale Tucker


Tiger Bob -'The Jet Set'
© PAMS of Dallas



#5 - Bill Miller


Tiger Bob Raleigh 'Jet Set'
© PAMS of Dallas


Tiger Bob Raleigh - 'Grid'
© PAMS of Dallas

07/20/69 Tiger Bob Raleigh (Shout)
© PAMS of Dallas
07/20/69 Tiger Bob Raleigh (Music Power)
© PAMS of Dallas
07/20/69 Go Get 'Em Tiger Bob (Shout)
© PAMS of Dallas

Jock Cut - Series 42a
© PAMS of Dallas


(Special thanks to Jonathon Wolfert for the above).




#5 - Bill Miller

01/01/67 Happy New Year :15
01/01/67 March Of Dimes :18

Club News (w/Marv Brooks & Harv Moore)

Mar. 1967

Club News (w/Marv Brooks & Harv Moore)

Aug. 1967 Dial-A-Good-Guy Line :17
Aug. 1967 8 Pack In a Row (live) :20
Aug. 1967 GO Magazine 1 (live) :54
Aug. 1967 GO Magazine 2 (live) :39
Aug. 1967 GO Magazine 3 (live) :45
Aug. 1967

Missing 'W' (with Jack Alix)

Aug. 1967

Missing 'W' Clues 'The Riddler' (Bob Howard)

Aug. 1967 Party Crashers 1 (live) :34
Aug. 1967 Party Crashers 2 (live) :30
07/20/69 Davy Jones Tease (live) :09
07/20/69 Lifeguard Salute (with Davy Jones) :44
1969 WPGC News :14
12/31/69 Decade In Review 1 :58
12/31/69 Decade In Review 2 1:13
Mar. 1970 Jolly Green Good Guy :36
1975 Adventure Ring - Motocross 1:14
1977 Cash Recall :31

#5 - Bill Miller & #6 - Dewitt Robert Raleigh (aka 'Jr.')

1969 I'm Bob Raleigh Too! :18




#1 - Raleigh Ferreira

1964 Jock Roll Call (with Dean Griffith (Dean Anthony), Jerry G , Harv Moore & Don Pee Wee Reese) :33


#5 - Bill Miller

02/04/67 Triple Play :07
03/25/67 18 Songs In The Last Hour :22

Triple Play Exposion (w/ Cousin Warren Duffy)


Hourly Triple Play (w/ Cousin Warren Duffy)

Aug. '67 Super Summer Sound :08
1969 Triple the Power Legal ID :07
1969 2 Souvenir Years Ago Today :04
1969 3 Souvenir Years Ago Today :04
1969 Million Dollar Weekend :07
1970 Power To The People :08
Mar. 1970 Super Music Power Legal ID :16
Mar. 1970 Oldies Trivia Time Stager 1:03
03/11/70 Best Bet of the Week :02
01/01/72 Where The Rock Rolls On Legal ID :06
04/02/72 Number One Rocks On :02




#5 - Bill Miller

April 1966 Bat-Contest 2 2:22
Summer 1966 Good Guy Swimming Derby 1 :54
Summer 1966 Good Guy Swimming Derby 4 :38
06/19/66 Good Guy Swimming Derby :41
08/30/66 Good Guy DJ Derby :51
1967 Good Guy DJ Derby :45
01/01/73 Voices of Rock 5 1:31
01/01/73 Voices of Rock 6 1:28
01/01/74 Musical Mystery Tour 1 1:18
01/01/74 Musical Mystery Tour 2 1:32
01/01/74 Musical Mystery Tour 3 1:14




#5 - Bill Miller

05/27/69 - 1:55p :36
07/20/69 - 1st of 3 :51
07/20/69 - 2nd of 3 :44
07/20/69 - 3rd of 3 1:00
09/11/69 - 8:00a 3:07
09/11/69 - 8:30a :40
1969 :37
Fall 1970 2:20
12/31/71 - 8:00a 4:15
12/31/71 - 9:00a 4:15
12/31/71 - 10:00a 3:20
01/01/72 - 1971 Recap 1 :28
04/10/72 - Hijacking :23
09/19/72 - Vietnam War :45
10/72 - Spending Ceilings 1:02
01/01/73 :55
01/01/73 - Roberto Clemente Death :31
11/21/73 - Fauntroy Criticizes Mayor :46
11/21/73 - Virginia Speed Limit Reduction :44
05/23/76 5:02



Sports Reports

#5 - Bill Miller

07/10/66 1:09
07/08/69 :36



Sound Off!

#5 - Bill Miller

02/04/67 Open & Close :15
1975 Metro Bus Drivers :44
1975 New Vice President :32
01/01/76 Cooking Classes :59
02/08/76 No Government Heat :34
11/11/76 Personal Property Tax :49
01/01/77 Holiday Gripes :56
01/01/77 Opening Car Doors :43
01/01/77 Redskins Season :50
01/01/77 Samples Not For Sale :49




#1 Raleigh Ferreira

06/24/64 Mt. Vernon Dodge :58

#5 - Bill Miller

07/10/66 ABC Drive In Theater :19
07/10/66 Anacostia Chrysler Plymouth :46
07/10/66 Caplan & Crawford Dodge 1:00
08/30/66 Glen Echo Amusement Park 1:06
02/04/67 Ben Dall Pontiac :37
02/04/67 Cope Ford :33
02/04/67 Cosmopolitan Photo Service :40
02/04/67 Marlboro Chrysler Plymouth :31
02/04/67 Mill End Shop :16
02/04/67 Miller High Life Beer :14
Aug. 1967 Temple School (live) :41
07/08/69 Coke :33
07/20/69 Burger Chef :51
07/20/69 Eastern Concrete Foundations 1:04
07/20/69 Lennox Furniture Warehouse 1:07
07/20/69 Tanya Tanning Lotion 1 1:07
07/20/69 Tanya Tanning Lotion 2 1:06
07/20/69 Washington Star - Special Apollo 11 :31
09/11/69 1st National Bank of Southern MD :46
1969 Spider's Web Boutique :38
1969 Ken Dixon Cars :32
03/11/70 Foley Ford :42
03/11/70 Grandma's Molasses :55
1970 First National Bank :46
April 1971 The Hanger Club 1:03
12/31/71 Harmony Hut 1:06
12/31/71 Kenway Esso :53
04/10/72 Calvees Stores :57
04/10/72 K-Tel :55
09/19/72 Arby's :55
09/19/72 Beta's Petites :59
09/19/72 Lowes Chevrolet 1:02
09/19/72 Speed Unlimited :34
Oct. 1972 Classics Three Nightclub :34
Oct. 1972 Cope Ford :29
Oct. 1972 L. Frank Stores :55
Oct. 1972 Landsburgs :31
Oct. 1972 Supersaver Supermarkets :24
Nov. 1973 Carpet Carnival :30
Nov. 1973 Hecht Company :54
Nov. 1973 Kennedy Center - BB King :28
11/21/73 Eastover Mall :25
11/21/73 Marlow Heights Shopping Center :51
11/21/73 Penn Mar Shopping Center :24
01/01/77 EZ Method Driving School :26

#6 - Dewitt Robert Raleigh (aka 'Jr.')

03/11/70 Ranch Drive In Theater :26



Misc. Audio

#1 - Raleigh Ferreira

March 1963 Coming to WPGC soon! :29
06/24/64 Peter & Gordon Artist ID :07
1994 With Caroll James of WEAM from WXTR on: Bob Howard, & 'house' DJ names :39
1994 With Caroll James of WEAM from WXTR on: the 1969 'Together Gold' album :45


#5 - Bill Miller

1966 Bogus Request-O-Matic Phone Call 1:11
Aug. 1967

The Riddler Chewing Him Out for Saying the Missing 'W' (with Bob Howard)

08/27/72 As 'Dr. Strangletter', Missing 'W' Legal ID :10
Aug. 1972 As 'Dr. Strangletter', Missing 'W' Clue 18 :14
Aug. 1972 As 'Dr. Strangletter', Missing 'W' Winner :28
Aug. 1972 As 'Dr. Strangletter', Missing 'W' Restored :43
Dec. 1972

Harv Moore on: Bill Miller

07/28/04 Davy Jones on: Bill Miller :49

#6 - Dewitt Robert Raleigh (aka 'Jr.')

Mar. 1970 Apollo 13 Mention - (month before flight) :15



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