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Marv Brooks joined WPGC in late 1964 from WPAC (also on 1580!) in Patchogue, Long lsland, New York, initially as a jock, then later became a Newsguy and Production Director for the station. He continued to do a weekend airshift as well until 1968. Years later, he was the long time public address announcer for the Washington Bullets and Washington Capitals after his WPGC and WMOD days. He passed away of a massive heart attack on February 23, 1998.



Dave Ayers writes:

Marv was I believe the first PD when 98.7 became the first oldies station in DC, WMOD in the late 60's. Maybe late '67 or early '68. I remember Charlie Schue, who replaced Cousin Duffy from 2-6, told me he thought Marv made a mistake moving because "nobody listens to FM." Famous last words. Marv was still there when I returned from a tour in the Navy in 73. He left there, I believe, to become the Bullets PA announcer at the Capital Centre.

Skip McCloskey of the WRC tribute site adds:

Marv died around 1998.  He was dismissed from the Washington Bullets as their PA announcer in 1992 and was dismissed as the Washington Capitols PA announcer in 1995.  He came out against smoking in 1994...something he had done most of his life.

Lynn Brooks, Marv's widow writes:

Marv started at WPGC in August of 1964. The first record he ever played on that station was Roy Orbison's "Pretty Woman."

Marv has actually been doing voice work from the time he was 6 years old, in Detroit, MI. He worked on local radio stations in the Detroit area until college. He attended college at Ann Arbor (I can NEVER remember if that is Michigan State or University of Michigan!! -- It's the one with the Spartans!)

When Marv finished his Freshman year at college he wanted to try his hand at professional radio. He made his Mother a deal: Give me a year to make it...if I don't, I'll come back and finish school.

He got a job at WPAC - AM, Patchogue, Long Island, NY. That was in 1962 and 1963. One of the WPGC guys was driving through the area and heard him on WPAC. They needed a guy in the DC area and he was down here within 3 days!!

Marv was 20 years old when he started at WPGC. I had just turned 14 years old and listened to him everyday on the radio!! Marv was the biggest thing to happen to the DC area in a LONG, LONG time!!

He did many different shifts at WPGC,along with the requisite Hops and Promos.

He stayed at WPGC until 1968. As I recall, there were some political problems with the ownership / management and union. Marv was unceremoniously fired.

That's when he went to WMOD. Marv actually built that radio station from the ground up. It was the first Oldies station in the country AND the first totally automated radio station in the county. He was always very proud of that.

To be honest...I don't really remember why he left WMOD...I think they may have changed formats and he was unhappy.

He then started making his living as a free-lance voice talent. That is how he made his living for the rest of his life. Marv had his studio in the house and recorded anything and everything that needed a voice. Character voices were a specialty.

Marv also was the voice for many well know politians all over the country. His voice was heard in practically every state at election time!

When word came out that Abe Pollin was building the Cap Centre in 1973...Marv made an audition tape...complete with echo, crowd noises and cheers. He sent it to Abe Pollin and got the job as House PA Announcer for the Capitals. He had that job for over 23 years.

Marv also did the announcing for the Bullets in Baltimore and then when Abe brought them to the Cap Centre. He also did ring announcing for Boxing and Wrestling (I'm not a big fan of either!)




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From the Corral Hills studios.

Good Guy Marv

December 1965 in Bladensburg



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Sound Files


01/01/67 - 8:05 - Top 100 of 1966
March 1967 - 25:13
03/25/67 - 21:35
03/26/67 - 12:27



March 1967 - 1:18
03/25/67 - 1:06
03/26/67 - 1:09
03/22/68 - :08



01/01/67 Happy New Year - :15
Mar. 1967 Club News (with Harv Moore
& Bob Raleigh [Bill Miller]) - :38
03/25/67 GO Magazine (live) - :34
Mar. 1967 Irish Eyes Contest (with Harv Moore) - :37
Mar. 1967 Miss WPGC Contest (live) - :42
03/26/67 Club News (with Harv Moore
& Bob Raleigh [Bill Miller]) - :32
03/26/67 School Salute - 1:30


In House Commercials

06/19/66 Cheverly Theater - :16
06/19/66 Eddie Leonard Sandwich Shops - :35
12/24/66 Burger Chef - :30
02/04/67 Burger Chef - :36
02/04/67 Colonial Dodge - :30
02/04/67 Gateway Square Apartments - :17
02/04/67 Laurel Dodge (with Cousin Warren Duffy) - :54
09/11/69 Lustine Chevrolet (with Harv Moore) - 1:05



03/25/67 Good Neighbor Memorandum - :24



Mar. 1967 ('Thatman') © Spot Productions, Dallas - :18



April 1966 Bat-Contest 1 - 2:14
03/25/67 Good Guys Sweatshirt Giveaway
(with Bob Raleigh [Bill Miller]) - :23


Miscellaneous Audio

03/26/67 Four Seasons Station ID - :11
1994 Harv Moore & Marv Brooks from WXTR on:
Harv coming to town in 1963 - 1:06
1994 Harv Moore & Marv Brooks from WXTR on:
Marv coming to town, & 'house' DJ names
- 1:23
1994 Harv Moore & Marv Brooks from WXTR on:
'House' DJ names & Larry Justice - 1:50
1994 Harv Moore & Marv Brooks from WXTR on:
Production, Bob Howard & sweatshirts - :56
1994 Harv Moore & Marv Brooks from WXTR on:
Bob Howard & Lustine Chevrolet spots - 1:55
1994 Harv Moore & Marv Brooks & Barry Richards from WXTR on: Lustine spot & Max Richmond - 1:29
1994 Harv Moore & Marv Brooks from WXTR on:
Missing 'W' contest & Bob Howard - :57
1994 Harv Moore & Marv Brooks from WXTR on:
Marv's embarrasing moment
- :57
1994 Harv Moore & Marv Brooks from WXTR on:
Bathroom records, radio wars & Cousin Duffy
- 1:48
1994 Harv Moore & Marv Brooks from WXTR on:
Obscure local records (including Harv's!)
- :18
1994 Harv Moore & Marv Brooks from WXTR on:
Would they do it all over again - :46
07/28/04 Davy Jones on: Marv Brooks - 1:04


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