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Charlie Shoe

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Dedicated in memory of Jim Collins



Charlie Shoe at Seaview 104.9 / Punta Gorda, FL


Charlie Shoe had worked at WKIX in Raleigh, NC before heading to Manchester, New Hampshire at WFEA in mid 1965. The following year he moved across the street for afternoons to WKBR. In 1968, he made the move to DC and became Program Director in July of that year when 'Cousin' Warren Duffy left the station for WMEX. He remained PD until 1969 when he moved into the Sales Department and 'big' Wilson took over as PD.

For many years later in his career, Charlie did mornings at Seaview 104.9 in Punta Gorda, Florida, until his untimely passing at 79 on 12/21/15.



Charlie wrote:

What a great website. Another radio friend of mine brought it to my attention. How great to see and hear about the guys I worked with from '68 to '73 at the 'PIG. But talk about being out of it...I had no idea about Jim Collins. He was a great guy. Really sorry to hear that news.

I'm semi retired in Punta Gorda Florida, doing a three hour morning gig at WCVU 104.9 FM and was thrilled to find this web page. Great job. I put it on my favorites!


Charlie Shoe at Seaview 104.9 / Punta Gorda, FL


Remembrances of Charlie



Chuck Hunter

Very sorry to hear of Charlie's passing. Condolences to his family and friends.

Remembering Charlie when he hired me for the weekend overnight shift at WPGC back in 1968, I believe. At WPGC, he had a tiny office just off the waiting area. We sat there listening to my demo (reel to reel tape on a small tape deck). It was about 2 minutes worth of air check material from WINX. I was very nervous. Charlie listened intently.

Fortunately, he liked it and after a brief discussion and reviewing my resume, decided to hire me right there on the spot. "Can you start Saturday?" he asked. I said sure. So I sat in with the the DJ who was working temporarily on the shift and learned the board and all the other logistics of the studio. Went on the air solo the next night. Handing off the studio to Harv Moore at 6:00 am Monday morning.

Charlie was a real gentleman. His manner was friendly but professional. Charlie was about 10 yrs older than my 21 years, and gave me some brotherly advice about the business after listening to my tape. Something about having a good sound, but to keep working on it, always improving. Someone on the DJ staff had put in a good word for me, too. So, with that recommendation and a hastily put together demo, I was in with the Good Guys. I'm forever grateful to Charlie for giving me a shot and for being a decent human being. RIP, Charlie.



Mike Cohen

What a shock! I can't express how saddened I am by Charlie's passing. I was just doing some reminiscing with Bill Prettyman last month about some of our mutual adventures with Charlie. We will all miss him. My condolences to Beverly. And, thank you for continuing this labor of love for all of us former "good guys" from the "Big PG"!



'Alexander Goodfellow'

I loved listening to 'PGC when he was Program Director and I enjoyed working with Charlie when he was in Sales. Kind of stunning to think that a station that big only had 3 salespeople. Today they probably have 15.



Davy Jones

There are no words to express my feelings of loss. Charlie and I go back to WFEA in Manchester N.H. Charlie hired me to do mid-days at that station in 1967, We worked together until 1968. when we were both uncerimonously fired by the owner. Charlie moved to a station in Manchester and I relocated to South Carolina. About a year later my mom called and told me Charlie was looking for me, he had a job offer in Washington DC. I interviewed and was hired. That was the beginning of the glory days of my radio career. Charlie and I stayed in touch via phone calls and email up until this untimely event. I will miss him. He was one of my heroes both professionally and personally. RIP Charlie...Rock and Roll. Bev, reach out if there's anything I can do for you.



Steve Michaels

So sorry to hear of his passing. I listened to him as a kid, and was fortunate to ride with him and the late Don Cavaleri on a party bus to Busch Gardens to celebrate the grand opening of a roller coaster. Dan Mason made me do it. Mr. Shoe, if you are listening, you were an inspiration in my radio career and I hope you have stack of 45's by your side and a pile of contracts signed by all of your clients. RIP Charlie.



'Jack Rabbit'

I'll never forget the day when Charlie Shoe called me and moved me from doing overnight to doing 10a-3p. He was not only a great guy, fun-loving person but a dear friend. My thoughts and prayers are with the family. Rest in peace Charlie. "Jack Rabbit". Yes, Charlie gave me that name but, it has been more fun in the last 45 years than you can possibly imagine.



Steve Kingston

I never had the pleasure of knowing Charlie, but my business partner for over 25 years, Don Cavaleri and Charlie, were the best of friends while working for Bill Prettyman at 'PGC. Don would tell stories of making sales calls w a gallon of lemonade in the backseat of the car, going from appointment to appointment, never thinking of showing their faces in the office during the day, when they should be out selling! I know they kept in contact until Don's passing a few years ago.



Scott Woodside

He always was smiling! He made me a lot of money when he was a salesman. He was a gentle man. He was the AE for the Classic IV super club in MD. Hired me to do a personal appearance doing trivia and I almost got him and myself fired when I did trivia for free albums. Charlie laughed his ass of. Owners canceled the account. Nothing ever seemed to bother Charlie.



Scott Carpenter

Charlie was a great guy and a good friend. He was a sailor and a small plane pilot, and one hell of a salesman. WPGC screwed him royally back in the day when they took away accounts he had gone out and gotten on his own, then nurtured through the years.



Dan Mason

Charlie was probably our most successful salesperson but I remember how well he treated all of the jocks ..first class guy....the jocks would have went thru walls for him because of the respect he had for the product and on air people.



Marty Sacks

A real gentleman for sure. Always friendly to us Engineering types as well.



Vicki Mallgrave

Very sad, he was a great guy one never forgets.




'60's Boss Jock


With 'Phono Phunnies' winner (left) in 1973.



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