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Bob Raleigh (Bill Miller) - 6/19/66

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Listen To This WPGC Aircheck


'Out of the Good Guys Golden Galaxy of Solid Gold...'

At least six different guys used the 'Bob Raleigh' house DJ name at WPGC. But none used it longer than Bill Miller who joined the station in 1966 from KOIL in Omaha for nights in the Nation's Capitol. He would eventually move into morning news in 1968 and became the station's Production Director, roles he would play through the Great Strike That Struck Out in May of 1977.

Heard here on a Summer's Sunday eve not long after coming to the station, he presents WPGC's 'Weekend Spectacular', featuring an oldie every other song on Father's Day, 1966.

Epitomizing the larger than life role DJs played on the station during the Glory Days of Top 40, listen for contesting in the form of the 'Good Guys Swimming Derby' in which listeners would guess the pre-determined and pre-recorded outcome of the station's personalities racing in a pool. That's General Manager, Bob Howard doing the play by play. In this particular case the prize up for grabs was a Mamas & Papas album.

Good Guys sweatshirts had long become a promotional staple on the station by the time of this aircheck. Even John Lennon had one - see it here. Listen for a station promo detailing how listeners could get their own. The air talent on this is unknown.

Some commercials become ingrained in our collective consciousness by virtue of sheer repetition. In the Washington area, such was the case with those for Eddie Leonard's Sandwich Shops, featuring Marv Brooks at the tail end of it. You'll also hear his voice on the spot for Charlie Cooper's Cheverly Citgo. When Marv left the station in 1968, it was Bill Miller who succeeded him as News Guy & Production Director.

Other commercials linger on in our memory because of their irresistable hooks, much like mini-songs. 'Buckle Up for Safety' from the National Safety Council is heard on this tape and is bound to bring back a smile or two.

Bill's curious remark about 'welcome back on the FM side' is a reference to WPGC-AM's daytimer status. By 8:30 in the evening during the month of June, the AM was off the air and only the FM carried on after dusk, a harbinger of a wholesale change to come in listener habits a decade later as the teens who grew up with the station in the '60's more than willingly made the transition to the FM side in the '70's.

Jingles heard throughout this tape are primarily from PAMS.






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