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Bob Raleigh (Bill Miller) - 07/20/69

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At least six different guys used the 'Bob Raleigh' house DJ name at WPGC. But none used it longer than Bill Miller who joined the station in 1966 from KOIL in Omaha for nights in the Nation's Capitol. He would eventually move into morning news in 1968 and became the station's Production Director, roles he would play through the Great Strike That Struck Out in May of 1977.

This Summer Sunday morning was like no other on the day humankind landed safely and walked on the moon for the first time. But like all Summer days, seasonal products were heard often with commercials for tanning products such as Tanya and Coppertone as well as their counterparts in the too-much- sun department for Bactine ('Winter in a can') & Solarcaine. Spots heard on this aircheck are roughly evenly split between National and Local. Among the latter is the full sing version of Eddie Leonard Sandwich Shops and one done by night guy, Davy Jones for the Association's concert at Merriweather Post Pavilion.

As WPGC's Production Director, Bob Raleigh's (Bill Miller) voice appears on many of the local commercials. It's his voice too heard on the Pulsebeat newscasts throughout this tape. The primary topic of course were preparations for the Apollo 11 moon landing.

General Manager, Bob Howard had long been the voice behind 'Mr. Soundoff'. Two examples of listener gripes in Soundoffs are contained herein; one on bank security guards and the other on radar speed traps.

Contesting took the form of 'Name It & Claim It' in which listeners could win fabulous merchandise if they knew what that hour's prize was when the station called. That's morning man, Harv Moore and one of his character voices, Orville on the promo describing how the contest works.

Speaking of promos, WPGC Good Guy DJ, Davy Jones can be heard on both the 7-Up Uncola un-words contest in which listeners had to submit a list of words beginning with 'un' to win fridge full of un-soda, and the Lifeguard Salute promo. Those listeners inclined to do so could submit the name of their favorite lifeguard to win a Good Guy sweatshirt for him.

Jingles on this tape are a mixture of cuts from various PAMS packages and others that sound like they came from a Pepper-Tanner package. The common theme throughout is appropriately, summer fun! By 1969, Top 40 radio had evolved to the then radical new concept of playing two, sometimes three songs in a row without commercial interruption! 'Two-In-A-Row' and 'Triple Power Play' jingles heralded the abundance of music, oblivious to the fact that most songs weren't even three minutes long yet!

As for the songs themselves, WPGC had created a reputation in the industry of being early to add new records. Besides the legitimate hits of the day, listen for now forgotten classics from the likes of the Peppermint Rainbow ('Don't Wake Me Up In The Morning, Michael'), Max Frost ('Shape Of Things To Come'), Shannon ('Abergavenny'), Steve Greenberg ('Big Bad Bruce'), Underground Sunshine ('Birthday') and #1 in your hearts if not #1 on the charts, Wilmer Alexander & The Dukes ('Give Me One More Chance').

WPGC had added (((reverb))) to it's signal since 1964 but at no time was it louder and prouder than in the Summer of '69 (Bryan Adams remembers it, no doubt). Positioners in use at the time included 'Good Guys Radio' and the apt, 'WPGC #1'.


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