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Dude Walker

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Dude Walker came to WPGC shortly after Elliott & Woodside left for Q107 in early 1982. For a short period of time he did afternoons before moving to mornings where he joined Dave Foxx. Sadly, 'Dude & Dave' only lasted a few months before J. Robert Howe was brought in from sister station KYAK in Provo. Joining the pair was Redskins Quarterback Joe Theismann.

Dude went on to do mornings at WASH then went to morning fill-in at B104 in Baltimore for 'Brian & O'Brien'. Today, he operates his own voice over company and is heard as the imaging voice on numerous stations around the country.


Visit Dude's website.

Dude Walker today.

Dude Walker tomorrow.





Publicity Shot in 1983.



Print Materials


  'Divorce For Dude Walker & WPGC'

Wednesday, 3/2/83

© Washington Times Magazine





Coffee cup from the Fall of 1982



Sound Files


5/28/82 - (with Dave Foxx) - First Dude & Dave Show - 38:52
7/21/82 - (with Loo Katz) - 52:24



7/21/82 6:28am - 5:35
7/21/82 6:54am - 1:58
7/21/82 7:28am - 7:47
7/21/82 7:53am - 3:07
7/21/82 8:55am - 1:46


Sound Offs!

1982 Weekly Winner - :22



Bay Bridge Bonanza 1 (with Dave Foxx) - 1:14
Bay Bridge Bonanza 2 (with Dave Foxx) - 1:12
5/28/82 Bay Bridge Bonanza 3 (with Dave Foxx) - 1:17



1982 Walker & Howe Shout - :01
© JAM Creative Productions, Dallas

(Special thanks to Jonathon Wolfert for the above).


1982 Police Gazette (with Dave Foxx) - :29
1982 The Usual BS (with Dave Foxx) - :29
1982 Just The Foxx (with Dave Foxx) - :40
1982 Make An Elephant Fly (with Dave Foxx) - :29
1982 Boldly Going Where... (with Dave Foxx) - :40
1982 Steaming Crabs (with Dave Foxx) - :30
1982 Coming Apart (with Dave Foxx) - :30
1982 It's Your Show (with Dave Foxx) - :30
1982 Marie Osmond's Honeymoon (with Dave Foxx) - :29
1982 Summertime Hints (with Dave Foxx) - :30
1982 E.T. Breaks In (with Dave Foxx) - :46
1982 E.T. Visits The Sites (with Dave Foxx) - :52
1982 Dave Needs A Vacation (with Dave Foxx) - :39
1982 I've Got Your Roadwatch! (with Dave Foxx) - :55
1982 That's My Coppertone! (with Dave Foxx) - :55
1982 Summer Vacation Tips (with Dave Foxx) - :48
1982 Morning Department Store (with Dave Foxx) - :37
1982 How To Be Cool! (with Loo Katz) - :47
1982 Coming Apart Revisited (with J. Robert Howe) - :34
1982 Joe Theismann's Here (with J. Robert Howe) - :33
1982 The Movie Game (with J. Robert Howe) - :23
1982 Come Together (with J. Robert Howe) - :33
1982 Miss Lilly's On The Show (with J. Robert Howe) - :42
1982 Theatre Of The Mind (with J. Robert Howe) - :33
1982 Burger & Fries (with J. Robert Howe) - :35
1982 Dancing With Joe Theismann (w/J. Robert Howe) - :59
1982 Yah Hee Indians (with J. Robert Howe) - :37
1982 Stark Naked (with J. Robert Howe) - :37
1982 The Singing Quarterback (with J. Robert Howe) - :33
1982 200 Pound Pumpkin (with J. Robert Howe) - :31
1982 Pumpkin Grand Champion (with J. Robert Howe) - :36
1982 They're Early (with J. Robert Howe) - :27
1983 Tell A Friend 2 - :58


Misc. Audio

5/28/82 Miss Lilly Bit - Loo's Love Life (with Dave Foxx & Loo Katz)- 1:39
5/28/82 Miss Lilly Bit - Kids At The Movies (with Dave Foxx) - 1:18
5/28/82 Miss Lilly Bit - Thought Of The Day (with Dave Foxx) - :41
7/21/82 Miss Lilly Bit - More Wrinkles Than E.T. (with Loo Katz) - :26
7/21/82 Miss Lilly Bit - Real Men (with Loo Katz) - :57
7/21/82 Miss Lilly Bit - Mafia Man (with Loo Katz) - 1:44
7/21/82 Chooz Yer Nooz (with Loo Katz) - 2:13


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