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Vicki Mallgrave

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Vicki worked in the Accounting Department in the late '70's and early '80's. Today she is with NORAD in Colorado Springs.



Vicki writes:

I began there in 1978 in Bladensburg as the Accounts Receivable Clerk and worked in that little tiny room in the back with Chris Fisher and Sheila Chandler. Two years later we moved to Greenbelt and I sat in the very back corner with all the windows in accounting. Some time after we moved there Dale Williamson joined us as our Accountant, then I left a little while after that.

What I remember most is the times I spent with Chris Fisher and Sheila Chandler. Chris was always telling us stories about Elvis as she was such a fan of his and Sheila made me laugh 8 hours a day. Chris must have wondered about us because we were always giggling.

One of the cutest things I remember was when Shaun Cassidy came to the station in 1981 to see Scott Shannon. Scott told all the girls that Shaun would be here soon and demanded that we were not to stand around and gawk (which is always what we did when a celeb came by) and to continue working as normal. So...Shaun arrived and went into Scott's office and they shut the door, we ladies waited out in the hall.

After a while went by I decided I was going to see this guy whether Scott liked it or I knocked on his door with a sealed envelope in my hand with Scott Shannon's name on the front. He yelled 'Come in!' and I walked in and handed him the envelope. I said, 'This just came for you.' as I turned to Shaun with a big smile and saying hello, and then casually walked out of the room. Scott opened it immediately and inside was a note that read 'Ha! Just wanted to get a look at Shaun!'.

I also cracked up every time he asked 'Miss Betty' as Sheila and I called her (a girl from Macon Ga. that worked there with very bleach blonde hair) what she washed her hair in....Bleach??? WPGC was alot of fun with alot of good memories.





With Shelby Austin & Sheila Chandler

With Shelby Austin in Star Wars Halloween Costumes

With Scott Woodside

With Sheila Chandler

With Boston



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