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Scott Shannon

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Scott Shannon


Scott Shannon began his career in 1969 at WAAB in Mobile, Alabama. In 1971 he moved to WMPS in Memphis. From there he went to WMAK in Nashville spending three years as Program Director & Air Personality. After a stint as National Program Director for Mooney Broadcasting, he headed to Atlanta to WQXI. LA beckoned next as he then accepted a position with Casablanca and Ariola Records.

General Manager, Bill Prettyman hired him as WPGC's Program Director on March 19, 1979. Scott faced the onslaught of ABC's revamped Q107 successfully. When he left the station in 1981, it had an 11.2 share and was well on its way to regaining the Top 40 crown in DC. Then it was off to program Q105 in Tampa where he developed the Morning Zoo concept, one he refined even further when launching Z100 New York in the Fall of 1983.

Pirate Radio in LA came next for him followed by a return to the Big Apple as morning host of the syndicated 'Scott & Todd' morning show, originating at WPLJ. This was followed by 8 years in AM Drive at CBS-FM where his show often led the largest market in ratings and revenue. He is now retired from morning radio though his 'Ameirca's Greatest Hits' syndicated show as well as his True Oldies Channel continues nationally. Most recently, Scott was inducted into the NAB Hall of Fame.

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Alexander Goodfellow writes:

I remember when he first got to town, he moved into a townhouse on Capitol Hill where his TV was stolen the first week. I was with him when he discovered the theft...the thieves had knotted together quite a few of Scott's prized silk ties to make a sling so they could lower the TV out of his bedroom window. Scott was outraged-but because of the ties, not the TV. His reaction was one of the funniest things I've ever seen...


Vicki Mallgrave writes:

One of the cutest things I remember was when Shaun Cassidy came to the station in 1981 to see Scott Shannon. Scott told all the girls that Shaun would be here soon and demanded that we were not to stand around and gawk (which is always what we did when a celeb came by) and to continue working as normal. So...Shaun arrived and went into Scott's office and they shut the door, we ladies waited out in the hall.

After a while went by I decided I was going to see this guy whether Scott liked it or I knocked on his door with a sealed envelope in my hand with Scott Shannon's name on the front. He yelled 'Come in!' and I walked in and handed him the envelope. I said, 'This just came for you.' as I turned to Shaun with a big smile and saying hello, and then casually walked out of the room. Scott opened it immediately and inside was a note that read 'Ha! Just wanted to get a look at Shaun!'.




In Engineering from May 1979

Not Rod Stewart in March 1980

Shannon on the radio in Oct. '80



Print Materials


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'Musicradio' Tug-Of-War

© The Washington Star - 1979

"Top 40 Radio Rating Battle"

© The Washington Star - 1980


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New Program Dir. - 03/19/79

New PD Reception - 04/29/79



Sound Files


April 1979 First Show - 21:15
Summer 1980 Sunday Night Oldies Show 1 - 21:13
Summer 1980 Sunday Night Oldies Show 2 - 44:20
Summer 1980 Sunday Night Oldies Show 3 - 24:58
Fall 1980 Sunday Night Oldies Show 4 - 32:22
10/19/80 Sunday Night Oldies Show 5 - 43:30
10/26/80 Sunday Night Oldies Show 6 - 23:10
1980 Sunday Night Oldies Show 7 - 11:58


1979 Academy Awards Trip 1 - :32
1979 Academy Awards Trip 2 - :46
1979 Lenny & Squiggy Appearance - :53
1979 Mork From Ork In New York 1 - :26
1979 Mork From Ork In New York 2 - :36
1979 Alien Worlds - :31
1979 Indy 500 Star Car 1 - :42
1979 Indy 500 Star Car 2 - :38
1979 Indy 500 Star Car 3 - 1:08
1979 Indy 500 Star Car Winner - :56
1979 Rex Smith Appearance - :30


05/28/79 #1 Weekend - 1965 (w/Dave Foxx) - :08
05/28/79 #1 Weekend - 1970 (w/Dave Foxx) - :13


Summer 1980 Jacks Oldies 1 (live) - :49
Summer 1980 Jacks Oldies 2 (live) - :50
Summer 1980 Jacks Oldies 3 (live) - :40
Fall 1980 Jacks Oldies 4 (live) - :36
Fall 1980 Jacks Oldies 5a (live) - :32
Fall 1980 Jacks Oldies 5b (live) - :42
October 1980 Jacks Oldies 6a (live) - :39
October 1980 Jacks Oldies 6b (live) - :44

Sound Off!

05/28/79 Speeding - :38

Miscellaneous Audio

Fall 1979 Rappin' "Dee-Jay's Delight" song! - 3:53
December 1979 Rappin' "Santa's Delight" song! - 1:42
10/20/80 26th Anniversary Montage - 1:48

26th Anniversary DJ Roll Call
(with Dave Foxx) - :47


26th Anniversary 1954 Sign-On Recreation (with Dave Foxx) - 1:13

04/11/08 Don Geronimo on: Scott Shannon - :42


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