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Harv Moore's on-air re-creation for the "Cruisin" series of albums.

Hear a scoped version of the album - 14:51



Harv Moore writes:

The 'Cruisin' '69' tape was an actual aircheck music and all. It's a pretty amazing story of how that all came about. The only part that I had to "recreate" was the very beginning and the very end.  A friend of mine in D.C. had a music tip sheet, and he told me a guy named Howard Silvers was trying to locate me to do a Cruisin' LP. He was very persistent, so I finally called him. He said he wanted to do a 'Cruisin' '68' for Baltimore, and wondered if I had any tapes of myself.

I told him I never worked in Baltimore...I worked in D.C. He said, "Well, Baltimore / Washington are considered one market". I told him I would look. I really never wanted to go into my basement archives, and start searching for airchecks. I didn't really save airchecks. Again, he was persistent, so I acquiesced. The only tape I found from circa '68 was a complete aircheck from (July 8th), 1969. I sent it to Howard, and he loved it. The only thing I did was cut an intro and an outro here in Buffalo. The rest of it was "pristine".



Front cover:


Inside Left:

(Liner notes by Robert Scheri)

Text Reads:

"Good morning, Washington". No, it's not Adrian Cronauer (or alter ego, Robin Williams). Back in 1969 Harv Moore gave listeners in Baltimore-Washington their morning wake up call just this way. Bright and upbeat, Moore's "Boy Next Door" approach kept him, and WPGC, the number one rated AM station throughout the Top 40 era. (Apparently the author had not heard of WPGC-FM!).

Harv Moore began his tenure at WPGC in 1963, initially as the all-night jock. (Actually, Harv did the evening shift until the AM signed off at dusk). Before the year was over, General Manager, Bob Howard recognized that Harv's style was a winner for the key morning slot, and in November he made the switch. (Just days before the tragic JFK assassination).

WPGC was an perfect example of the newer, slicker Top 40 approach of the era. In the face of burgeoning competition from the new FM rock outlets, AM rockers were tightening their format - less talk, less jingles - more music - a seamless (albeit less personal) approach. Harv, however, was one of the first announcers to develop a regular cast of comedic characters (Kay Sera, The Colonel, Orville, Pronto, et al), and listeners loved them as well as Harv. This apparent conflict did not stymie Moore in the least, and it is a testament to his canny instincts that he was able to integrate his approach with the new approach and remain the city's top radio personality.

It was Moore who was requested to introduce the Beatles at their Washington Coliseum appearance, (Harv undoubtedly was there but it was Jack Alix who was the actual MC) as well as host the Rolling Stones, the Yardbirds, Herman's Hermit's and many more. Always a recipient of awards for his innovative and appealing approach, this was capped when his peers from all over the country voted him "Radio Personality of the Year".

(The rest of the text goes on to describe current events of 1969
and details the history of the songs included in the album).


Inside Right:


Back (LP) Cover:


Outside (CD) Cover:


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