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Alexander Goodfellow

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Dedicated in memory of Jim Collins


Today, Alexander Goodfellow is retired.



Good Guy DJ 'Alexander Goodfellow' writes:

I grew up in Cheverly, where WPGC was the neighborhood station (I lived just a few blocks from 5801 Annapolis Rd. and passed it on the way to and from school every day; my girlfriend even baby sat for Cousin Warren Duffy, who lived across the street from her at the Mattapony Apartments). I loved WPGC growing up (I remember hearing The Beatles on WPGC for the first time), with my next favorite stations being WEAM and WCAO in Baltimore.

On being hired at WPGC:

"Biggie" Wilson, what a hoot. He was the PD who hired me, but it was a setup. Joel Denver (then Good Guy Jim Madison) told me I was going to get the job before I interviewed: he knew because Biggie had asked him to find a new part-time jock he could hire! (Joel and I had met at WINX/Rockville where we became pals.) Biggie was a unique PD, and let his dj's pretty much hire the new dj's. Twice, Biggie gave me and Todd Reynolds (aka Ed Kowalski / Ed McNeil) piles of airchecks and we selected jocks for him to hire. 'Columbus' was from WCOJ / Coatesville, PA and later Johnny Jones came from WAMS / Wilmington, DE.

On Jim Collins:

It was Harv Moore, after becoming PD, who brought Jim Collins back when Jim got out of the Army. Jim's hiring bumped me down the ladder shift-wise but I ended up liking him (and I had to admit he really was a better jock) so it didn't bother me.

I was especially impressed with your stuff on Jim Collins, and was touched to see the dedication to him. Jimbo was probably my best friend. I introduced him to his first wife and he introduced me to mine. We saw each other or spoke almost daily for over 20 years; I spoke to him the day he killed himself (he was in Kansas, I was in NYC; he gave no indication anything was wrong) and have been to the Collinson family plot in Kansas to visit his grave (his ashes were buried with a copy of The Eagles' Greatest Hits, his favorite album) with his Mother. I still think of Jim and am still angry at him for not toughing it out against his inner demons. But then, maybe if I had been him I wouldn't have either. There's no way to know such a thing.

Jim was unusually talented and unusually sensitive to those around him, although he was never really comfortable with people. He was more comfortable with things, and a website (like a radio station) is a thing. He would have loved your site and would no doubt have been a vigorous contributor.

Those who were around at the time know what an amazing job Jim did as PGC's PD; he really made "The Pig" sing and it wasn't just us radio people who thought so. Now, thanks to this great website, Jim and his achievements live on!



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The 'Beachcomber' in 1971

With Todd Reynolds in 1971


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Sound Files


8/12/71 - 2:26
5/01/72 - :28
October 1972 - 12:13
December 1972 - 1:23
March 1973 - 1:29


8/12/71 - :33



1/31/73 Phono Phunnies (with Johnny Jones) - :29



1972 Jock Cut - PAMS 42a - :02

(Special thanks to Jonathon Wolfert for the above).

Miscellaneous Audio

Dec. 1972 Harv Moore on: Alexander Goodfellow & Bryan Lawrence


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