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Alexander Goodfellow

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Both shots below are from 1971

Good Guy DJ Alexander Goodfellow writes:

Oh my, I remember being 'The Beachcomber'. I was only part-time at that point (the picture was taken just a month or so after I started at 'PGC) and driving around to apartment pools and giving away advertiser swag was a way to get on Big Wilson's good side. They didn't even pay me to sweat my butt off and spend my whole weekend looking for pools!

I seem to recall that picture being taken at an apartment complex somewhere in Silver Spring, but I could be wrong.


With Good Guy Todd Reynolds

The picture with Todd was taken at the station, probably by Dino Del Gallo. I was doing 10 pm-2 am and Todd did 2-6 am. He was going to Bowie State and had some kind of a day gig; he rarely slept.

He would drag into the station after midnight and crash on the floor in the back production room; I'd wake him up at 1:50 so he'd be awake for his 2 am ID. I was going to the U of MD during the day but the early classes combined with the late nights caught up with me and I knew I had to make a choice: school or WPGC. WPGC won by a landslide.


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