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Rick Young

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Dedicated in memory of Jim Collins


Rick Young was hired by Harv Moore in 1974 as a board operator for the live overnight show from the Black Ulysses restaurant as well as a Programming Assistant during Harv's show. He left the station early in 1975 shortly after Harv left for WYSL in Buffalo.



Rick writes:

On the Black Ulysses overnight remotes:

I was hired in March of '74 to replace Ken Metzger who was running the board in the studio for Big Don O'Bryan at the Black Ulysses on 21st and M street. This was a nightly remote, 2AM to 6AM. Don had a mike and a small mixer attached to a class A phone line back to the studio in the Parkway Building. Don did all the voice cuts and I did all the board work.

"The show" as Harv put it when he hired me "had to sound like he (Don) was in the studio", which it did. After a while I could read Don's mind (although we did have a cue light). Anyhow, Ken got tired of working the shift, and wanted to try his hand as a possible air personality in a smaller market. The show then moved to Lum's which was short lived after some jerk pulled a gun on Don one night.

I also worked American Top 40 on Sundays. Dan Steele came in relieved me at noon.

On the Morning Show:

In my early days, (for me) 'PGC was the greatest place to be employed. I had Bob Howard calling almost every morning around 6AM looking for Harv (who was always late for his shift) and I had to play segue serenade until he got there, and tried to explain why he wasn't there.

Harv used to do the school lunches for the kids. Heaven help Joanie (the Redhead) if there was French bread on the menu. Harv would chase her around the studio, "ohh..zee French bread"!!-to her screams. Too funny to watch, but the listeners didn't get to see it. Harv was one hell of a nice guy, that I can absolutely attest to.

During weekdays, he would have me come in and do various things around the studio / office - record library, mass mailings etc. I was a student back then and needed the money.

On Leaving the station:

Glenn Potter had nothing against me, but was looking to make changes in the station from the get-go. Harv was fired in January '75. Harv was not about to take direction from him, and THAT was no secret. Plus he had a fallback deal with Bob Howard which surprisingly took some time to put together. I remember the day well. It was snowing like hell, and Potter entered Harv's office to give him his two weeks notice. Harv said he new it was coming, but was surprised at the timing. Anyhow, and I wasn't there, he basically said "I'm outta here now".

I remember seeing Harv's office after he had left, and wondered what else was coming down. Barry Richards had this gig on Channel 20, and Harv and the Redhead were guests periodically during the transition to Buffalo. Then he was gone, and Joanie dropped off the map. There was a kind of real sadness as to what had transpired during my almost one year there. Morale had plummeted after the sale, and the Mormons were a disaster. They knew nothing about how to treat people, or about the radio business.

Anyhow, about a month later, and I was surprised it took that long - Jim (during his air shift) told me I was out "for economic reasons". Total BS-but not from him, and I new from his demeanor that it was total BS. I got my FCC first phone shortly after my tenure, but my radio career was basically over.

Jim Collins was never a personal friend, but I always felt badly for him. He was a good guy, even through all the gloom. Sorry his life ended so needlessly, but it was not unexpected.

On the Money Girls:

Driving the Money Car was very dangerous. They had creeps crossing two or three lanes of the Beltway trying to get in front of the girls. Judy told me she was always afraid, and basically slowed down just to let the people get in front of her to avoid accidents.

I did keep up with Judy Golding for several years, but we lost touch around '80 when she worked for WTOP-TV. After 'PGC she worked for WKYS and then to 'TOP as a public affairs reporter. I know she was living with a guy who she later married, and then they split to the Midwest. Judy was a real nice girl.

One thing that's kinda funny, the girl went bananas over the movie JAWS (1975). She must have seen it six times, and I saw it for the first time with her, and I remember having to pretend I hadn't when I took my girlfriend sometime later. Awkward. By the way, Money Girl, Carla's last name was Rainey. Columbus was dating her back then.

I also stayed in touch with Money Girl, Linda Kelly. Sorry she's having difficulty.

Spoke to Don O'Bryan when he was a weather reporter for WJLA TV-7 several times, but have now lost touch.

I'm now involved with communications for the Government and doing quite well. But I'll always remember the WPGC days fondly, that is before the cult management took over.

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