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Dedicated in memory of Jim Collins


All jingles below are copyrighted by PAMS of Dallas, and are used by permission. Special thanks to Jonathon Wolfert as well as contributors Lee Whitney and Norman Barrington.


Year Package Name Length
1958 Series 6 - Color Radio ?

PAMS Series #6 'Color Radio' had been created in 1957 for KJOE in Shreveport and WKDA in Nashville, though the term itself had been made popular by Chuck Blore at KFWB in LA earlier. WPGC had adopted the TV-like phrase soon afterwards and used this package to reinforce the slogan of the station in 1958.


Year Package Name Length
1959 Series 9 - Highlander ?

1959 saw PAMS release its Series #9, 'Highlander' package which featured long cuts. Though a number of stations around the country including the Bartel stations used the package, it was not a big seller for PAMS. One that did however, was WPGC.


Special thanks to Good Guy, Harv Moore for the above.


Year Package Name Length
1963 PAMS - 'Washington My Home' song 4:08

In the early '60's, PAMS had included cuts on it's Series #16 'Sound of the City' & Series #17 'New Frontier' packages that spotlighted mini-songs localized to each market, sung by a female soloist. The concept was refined further in 1963 when the full length, 'My Home Town' song was created as a stand alone cut with multiple singers. Custom lyrics for each city created the illusion a unique song had been written for the town listeners lived in.

The 'Washington, My Home' song was commissioned by WPGC that year. Copies were pressed onto vinyl and given to staff members and possibly to listeners as well. Listen for the mention of WPGC towards the end of the four minute song. Special thanks to contributor, Lee Whitney who received the original PAMS tape in 1972 from JAM President, Jonathon Wolfert who worked at PAMS at the time and who rescued the only copy of it in existence from the trash can!


Year Package Name Length
1963 PAMS - Series 22 - Sono-Magic 1:25
1963 PAMS - Series 22 - Instrumentals 2:23

By 1963, simple electronic effects were being used in jingle packages. PAMS created a stir using the Sonovox technique, a means of deliberately distorting the human voice electronically to great effect. So much so, that an entire package was built around it. Such was Series #22 'Sono-Magic' which Program Director, Dean Griffith #1 (Dean Anthony) ordered that year.

Also included in the collection were the instrumental tracks used in the creation of the final product. Those music-only cuts are also featured here and illustrate just how attention getting the Sonovox effect was, at least by 1963 standards.



Year Package Name Length
1963 PAMS - Series 24 - His & Her Radio :45

PAMS released so many packages in such quick sequence it's hard to keep track of all of them even today, much less at the time. Policing which station had actually bought which package was a difficult proposition at best, particularly since many stations opted to legitimately purchase some packages but 'borrow' other cuts from other packages that they hadn't. The telltale clue - no call letters!

Listen to these cuts from Series #24 'His & Her Radio' that contain no mention of WPGC but plenty of references to 'Good Guys Radio'. Their origin was another station somewhere which also used the 'Good Guys' slogan. A sharp razor blade in the production room worked wonders - instant jingles without the bother of actually having to order them!

The practice was widespread in the industry. Even if caught in the act, it's questionable whether PAMS would have enforced prohibiting their use, fearing a station might not order future packages from them. Case in point, in 1963-64 alone, WPGC bought the 'Washington, My Home' song as well as Series #22, #25, and #27. What's a little stealing amongst friends?!

In the middle of this montage taped off the air on WPGC, listen for Bob Raleigh #1 (Rolle Ferreira) talk over a jingle donut. He would leave for WWDC the following year.



Year Package Name Length
1963 PAMS - Series 25 - The Happy Difference ?

PAMS output was in high gear in 1963. By the end of the year, a memorable package featuring twin 8 year old girls was offered. The girls were relatives of one of the actual jingle singers at PAMS. While the novelty of children singing station jingles wore off quickly, there was no denying how cuts in Series #25 'The Happy Difference' commanded attention.




Year Package Name Length
1964 PAMS - Series 26D - Beatles :23

Beatlemania took over the nation's airwaves early in 1964 and reached epic proportions with their first concert in America at the DC Coliseum. Hysteria was equally as great in New York for their Ed Sullivan Show appearances. PAMS was quick to assemble a package of Beatles sound-alike jingles, so much so, they appeared as an addendum to Series 26 'Let's Go America' rather than a package unto itself.

The audio heard here is a crude recording off the air made with a microphone placed in front of a radio speaker from 09/08/64. On it, 'Marvelous Marv' Brooks can be heard playing a cut that sound suspiciously like it may have been a home grown affair with someone at the station having sung the WPGC call letters over another station's at the end!



Year Package Name Length
1964 PAMS - Series 27 - The Jet Set 8:04

Just as 1964 marked a distinct change in direction musically with the arrival of The Beatles, so too was the case with PAMS jingles. Work on Series #27 'The Jet Set' began in November, 1963. Recording sessions for the pilot package for WABC were underway the day of the tragic JFK assassination.

It's fresh new sound veered away from the Big Band arrangements of previous packages and quickly became PAMS most successful offering up to then. Demand was great; countless stations in cities all over America used these jingles including WPGC in 1964 which Program Director, Dean Griffith #1 (Dean Anthony) ordered before his departure in November of that year for WMCA in New York.


Year Package Name Length
1969 PAMS - Grid 8:26


Late in 1968, PAMS introduced what was considered at the time a revolutionary concept - a means by which basic jingle beds could be created for use by any station, yet still customized for each one individually by the incorporation of that station's musical logo at the front or end.

This was accomplished with an early multi-track reel to reel tape machine. Unique musical station logos were added on separate tracks apart from the basic jingle beds. PAMS called the concept 'Grid'. WPGC was one of many stations to use the package in 1969.



Year Package Name Length
1969 PAMS - Series #38 - New Generation 6:12


As the '70's were about to dawn, new sounds were being heard in station jingles. PAMS Series #38, 'New Generation' was notable for the inclusion of a Moog synthesizer. A new, younger group of singers was also used to make this set stand apart from the competition as well as previous PAMS packages. WPGC Program Director, Charlie Shoe ordered both of these packages in 1969.




Year Package Name Length
1972 PAMS - Series 42a - The Ignitors (Originals) 2:49
1972 PAMS - Series 42a - The Ignitors (Rehearsal) 1:12
1972 PAMS - Series 42a - The Ignitors (Re-sings) 3:01


Over the years, PAMS created more custom jingle packages for WABC than any other station. These in turn were soon syndicated to stations around the country. Late in 1971, PAMS started work on Series #42a 'The Ignitors' which WPGC put on the air in 1972. Rather than a collection of unrelated cuts, the package was an early attempt at accentuating the flow between the songs by use of 'subliminal logo triggers'. The latest in electronic gimmicktry such as phasing and flanging effects highlighted the series.

Program Director, Harv Moore selected the package but was dismayed with the result, leading to the jingles being re-sung in Dallas soon after their creation. Both the original and re-sings are included here for comparison. Harv himself attended the do-over session. A rare, behind-the-scenes glimpse at the creative process of making jingles from inside the studio is also provided with a minute or so of the rehearsal just prior the re-sings. Listen towards the end when one of the female singers can be heard speaking with Harv.


Year Package Name Length
1975 'LS Auditions :12


When it came time for a new package in 1975, Program Director, Jim Collins (for whom this site is dedicated) looked no further than WLS in Chicago for a custom package known simply as 'LS Auditions'. The cuts on it were short, quick and to the point. Streamlined by design to get back into music quickly.


Year Package Name Length
1976 PAMS - Series 47 ?


The package was the last to be ordered from PAMS, which by the mid '70's faced economic hardships that ultimately led to its demise in 1977 (though in later years, re-sings of many of the classic PAMS packages would be heard on numerous Oldies stations around the country, most notably at 66 WNBC in New York during its re-creation of WABC's '60's sound as the 'Time Machine' in the mid-80's, when ironically, Jim Collins worked on the air there).


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