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All jingles below are copyrighted by Futursonic.



Year Package Name Length
1959 Futursonic - Pacemaker ?

Futursonic was formed when three employees at PAMS left to form their own company. Their first package in 1958, 'Pacemaker', was in use on WPGC in 1959. 18 cuts were produced for the demo which was distributed on 12" vinyl insted of tape.

Among those also using the package were WCAO in Baltimore, CHUM in Toronto and WGH in Norfolk. The latter is of interest because future WPGC Program Director, Dean Griffith #1 (Dean Anthony) had been playing jingles from Futursonic for some time at WGH before his arrival in Washington, perhaps explaining his ordering of the packages below.

Futursonic offered the package via barter to stations in exchange for airplay of commercials. PAMS had initiated the barter process earlier and sued Futursonic for one million dollars claiming barter of airtime for jingles was proprietary. A judge in Dallas however ruled against PAMS, citing herself as an example - she had bartered airtime in her re-election campaign that year!


Year Package Name Length
1960 Futursonic - Time Chex 1:24
1960 Futursonic - Weather Cuts 1:51


Thanks to contributor Lee Whitney for the above two compilations, who writes:

Time Sings: The "Please What Time Is It" donut is probably Futursonic, but I have no idea what package. I've never heard it elsewhere. Too bad I cut out the open middle because the jock talked over it.

I'm pretty sure all the minute cuts are Futursonic "Time Chex" done in 1960. They were the lower priced competition for CRC's "The Singing Clock." These were professionally done, but were generic with no call letters and cuts only for every five minutes. CRC had undertaken the ludicrous task of customizing 720 jingles per station--one per minute for 12 hours (AM and PM shared the same cut).

Weather Cuts: "Weatherweatherweather" appeared on WPGC in 1960 - first the generic version then the "Big PG" version. "Here Comes the Weatherman" was old when Jerry G started using it - probably from 1958 or 59 when the station was the 'New WPGC'. They often in-cued it to "From the 1580 Weather Tower."

"Mr. Weatherman, What's The Weather Gonna Be?" is from PAMS Series 9. "Mr. Weatherman What's The Score" appeared about 1961. "Come In Mr. Weatherman" is older but I don't know how old. "Will it be warmer" was also heard on other stations, maybe WKBW / Buffalo. I would guess that all the jingles except the known PAMS cuts are Futursonic, but I don't know for sure.


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Jingle Machine Mark-Century PAMS
Pepper-Tanner SPOT TM
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