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Jack Rabbit

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Dedicated in memory of Jim Collins


'Jack Rabbit' did part time at the station in 1969.
He later moved into station ownership.



'Jumpin' Jack Rabbit' writes:

When I first came across the web site, I was shocked, it's awesome!

I was with the Armed Forces Radio in the Navy and got out in '68. I worked at a number of DC area stations from '68 to '73. My first radio gig was with WHMC in Gaithersburg as 'Tony Mann' working with the infamous Barry Richards, who also had the first late night, live TV "What's happening in the world of Rock" show.

On Joining WPGC:

I had sent air checks to most of the stations in the area and got a call
from Program Director, Charlie Schue at WPGC. An audition and a shot at the big time followed.
I started at WPGC doing Midnight to 3AM, then 3 to 6 AM, then middays from 10A to 3PM.

For a while, we rotated three hr shifts, 12A to 6 AM. However, every
Friday, I did 12M to 6AM.
I remember working overnights and having my friends come up to the studio to answer the phone in the middle of the night to make dates...for every night of the week, for weeks in advance....while I was on the air....working!

On The WPGC Staff:

I replaced the second Famous Amos. His name was Rick Rosenthal. He went on to do ABC radio. Then, WGN-TV in Chicago.

When Handy Andy Andrews left (he was a stage actor), Jim Collins started but used a different air name, 'Mark West'. Wow, what a talent!

Then I think it was Davy Jones that left and Charlie put me on middays,
Monday - Saturday, 10A to 3P. Five hours of solid Rock and Roll.
Later on, he asked me to do Saturday morning fill-in for Harv Moore, one of the best ever, and I jumped at the chance. Charlie will always have a special place in my heart. He hired and promoted me. Guess he knew raw talent when he heard it. I was on top of the world doing middays; I was 22 in '68 and the new kid on block. All the others it seemed were a lot older; late 20's and 30's.

Harv was 'The Man'. One morning he came in wrapped up like a bear from the cold weather right at 6 AM, sat down at the mike and sounded as smooth as ever. Didn't take his coat and stocking hat off unit about 15 minutes later. I wish I had of picture of him then with his head phones on!

I think I was replaced by Bob Raleigh Jr., Another great talent. He was originally a voice over guy with Disney. Before he started at the station, he was in a plane accident and badly injured. Almost died, he said. He had to use a cane to walk for the rest of his life.

I really enjoyed working with Bob Raleigh, Sr. (Bill Miller). He was a lot
older then I was and he did the news while I did middays. We had an extremely well timed format. Never a nano-second of dead air.

And then there was time I ran the ad for 'Big Ed's Speed Shop' followed by a Public Service Announcement, 'Speed Kills'. General Manager, Bob Howard was on my case the next morning. When I was hired, I suggested that I continue as Tony Mann but Bob Howard made those naming decisions. 'Chuck Roast' was also a consideration. Guess I got lucky!

On Leaving WPGC:

Former WPGC Good Guy, Jack Alix, then at WEEL recruited me to go full time. I did mornings there. This was my first really full time gig and I needed that. The station was sold to the Linda Johnson Robb family while I was there.

I think from there I went to WLMD, where I did mornings and Sales. I
wanted to get into Sales because a small group of us wanted to
put a station on the air. I also did mornings at WINX for a while, right before leaving to go to Texas.

Our group started KRNA in Iowa City in 73. I sold my interest
in about '76.
I bought KLSN in Brownwood, TX and KBAL in San Saba, TX in 1974. I turned KLSN into a Class C and sold it about 1985. I sold KBAL
about 1982.

Today, I live in Dallas. However, I was born and raised in DC.



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12/31/69 - 25:42 - Rock & Roll Generation 1950-53


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