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Jim Madison - 07/10/66

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Listen To This WPGC Aircheck


'On the Gentleman Jim Swing Thing.....'

'Gentleman Jim' Madison was a house name used by several different jocks. One of these was Bob Benson (he's best remembered for using the 'It's him, Gentleman Jim' slug line). In fact that very verbiage can be heard at the beginning of this aircheck in his Jock Jingle.

Jingle usage was widespread on the station in the mid sixties, but not limited to any one company. Though many of the cuts heard on this tape were from previous packages by PAMS, in 1966 WPGC began using the 'Funtastic' package from Spot Productions in Dallas (where else!). That same company jumped on the Bat-craze sweeping the nation with a thinly disguised package called, 'That-man'. Listen for Walt's interplay with his own Bat-jingle!

The arrival later that year of new WPGC Program Director, 'Cousin' Duffy' put a sequence of events into motion which resulted in some changes in the station's line up. Perhaps most significantly was moving Good Guy DJ, Marv Brooks to Production Director for the station. This accounts for his voice being heard in virtually every stopset on local spots such as the Route 301 Drive In Theatres, Anacostia Chrysler-Plymouth, Charlie Cooper's Cheverly Citgo and most notably, Glen Echo Amusement Park (go ahead and sing along with the jingle if you like!).

National commercials are also well represented on this tape. It may not have been the cola wars per se, but Pepsi's 'Teem' soda and Canada Dry's 'Wink' soda are both in hot rotation during the Summer of '66! So too were seasonal spots for Pond's Dry Skin Creme and Coty's 'Entre Vu' perfume.

In an age when Disc Jockeys were still revered, interaction with the station's teenage core is evident with numerous 'Request-o-matic' solicits as well as a listener 'Swimming Pool Report' on the temperature in his backyard watering hole!

And let us not forget the time-tested (if not water-tested) contesting vehicle, the WPGC 'Good Guys Swimming Derby' in which listeners would guess the pre-determined outcome of a fictitous race between the DJs on the station (with a prize of a bathroom scale!). Although the solicit is heard on this tape, sadly, the actual game itself is not. General Manager, Bob Howard (also the voice of the mysterious, 'Mr. Soundoff') was known to do the vocal talents on these elements too. And yes, that's him as Ed Sullivan on the tease for Bob Raleigh (Bill Miller).

As was the practice on every weekend during this time, the station presented the 'Sunday Spectacular', featuring an oldie every other song. Despite catering primarily to Baby-Boomer teens, even as early as the mid sixties the station attempted to lure in Adults with vintage titles from years gone by ('More Solid Gold, More Often!'), a strategy that would pay off handsomely as the years ensued.

On the flip side of the musical coin however, listen for the 'Best Bet of the Week' featuring 'Come Share The Good Times With Me' by Julie Monday, her only charting song which ultimately stiffed at a not so good #96!

Special thanks to Ed Brouder & Skip McCloskey for this tape!


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