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Dean Griffith (Larry Jarvis) - 02/20/66

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Listen To This WPGC Aircheck


'Number Dozen on the Good Guy Fab Forty....'

'Dean Griffith' was a house name used by several different personalities over the years at WPGC. Dean Anthony was the first to use it in 1960-64. The name of the next DJ to do so in late 1964 was Dale Tucker. The one heard on this tape is Larry Jarvis (also known as 'Larry James') who joined the station in April 1965 from KEWI in Topeka, Kansas. He was heard on WPGC from 6-11PM on Wednesday, Thursday & Friday nights as well as 2-6PM on Saturdays & 10a-2p on Sundays.

Larry's amiable personality comes through bright & clear on this aircheck from a Sunday afternoon in which the 'Weekend Spectacular' was featured. Oldies alternated every other song with the current hits of the day. To that end, listen for the '#1!' stager before Nancy Sinatra's chart buster, 'These Boots Are Made For Walkin' as well as the 'Flashback' stager before the Kinks', 'All Day And All Of The Night'. Other imaging elements consist of jingles which are heard in abundance and are from various packages from PAMS of Dallas.

Contesting at the time included giving away WPGC Good Guy sweatshirts. A winner of one is heard at the start of this tape. To win one for yourself be sure to send a postcard to 'WPGC Good Guys sweatshirt, Parkway Building, Bladensburg, MD. The station had moved to that location in late 1965.

Night guy, Bob Raleigh (Bill Miller, the fifth of six different jocks to use the name at WPGC) is on the Tom Amatucci Rambler spot while morning man, Harv Moore makes an appearance on the one for the Someplace Else nightclub. Afternoons were handled by Marv Brooks who the voice heard on the commercial for Lustine Chevrolet. And speaking of transportation, Larry Jarvis does a live read on the TWA bit about flying standby. But it's an agency produced spot for DC Transit Bus that invokes irony here; WPGC-FM's predecessor, WBUZ had been owned and operated by the WM&A (Washington, Marlboro & Annapolis) bus line before being acquired by WPGC-AM in 1956.

If bombastic was your style, then WPGC 'Pulsebeat News' fit the bill. Delivered here by newsguy, Bill Banner, stories include the latest developments at home and abroad including the toll in Vietnam.


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