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Dedicated in memory of Jim Collins

(WBUZ-FM) 1947 - 1950

1510 Southern Avenue, Bradbury Heights, MD

WBUZ-FM was first located above the Washington, Marlboro & Annapolis (WM&A) bus passenger facility at 1510 Southern Ave. in Bradbury Heights, MD, across the street from the DC line.

In 1973, the WM&A bus line was absorbed by Metrobus which still operates a large bus depot on the very same property. When the Green line of Metrorail was extended into PG County, the site was an obvious choice for a subway station. Ironically, the line ends a few stops later at Greenbelt, directly next to where WPGC was located from 1980 - 2000.


The irony of this photo from 2006 of a Metrobus having a WPGC billboard on its side (albeit with Donnie Simpson) as it pulls in to the very spot where WBUZ-FM was originally located above the WM&A bus terminal over half a century earlier is extreme!



(WBUZ / WRNC-FM) 1950 - 1954

4421 Southern Avenue, Coral Hills, MD

By 1950, WBUZ-FM moved a few miles down the road to the WM&A bus repair facility at 4421 Southern Ave. on the border of SE, DC & Coral Hills, MD. In 1954, it moved again to the transmitter site which had relocated from the WM&A passenger terminal at 1510 Southern Ave. in Bradbury Heights to 6369 Walker Mill Road in Oakland, MD.

Front of the building as it appears today. When Metrobus tookover the facility from the WM&A Bus Line in 1973, it was cleaned up quite a bit.


Close up of the front doors. The one to the right led upstairs to the studios.


For a building now over 60 years old, it's in remarkably good shape.


Side of the building. Metrobus still uses the facility as a bus repair depot. The studios were located on the second floor where the windows Harv refers to are.

Harv Moore, 'the boy next door' writes:

Our studios were in SE Washington in the WM&A bus repair the spring they would paint the buses (orange and black), and the paint fumes would drift in the windows of our studios. Listen to Harv Moore & a listener from WXTR talk about it.



(WPGC-AM) April, 1954 - 1956

Dottie Kelly Ct., Morningside, MD


The exact spot of the original WPGC-AM studios / transmitter / tower site from 1954 - 1956 seen in the red dot above is on the Morningside / District Heights border on Dottie Kelly Court off Anton Dr., off Walters Lane. Respecting the privacy of the residents, the actual street address is not given here.

With the aid of a U.S. Geological Survey map from 1950, the paved and dirt roads leading to the site still exist (though all are now paved), directly in the heart of a residential development that sits on the farm once owned by Duval B. Evans, whom WPGC founder, Harry Hayman leased the land for the station.


Using data collected from the FCC's Official Records at the National Archives in College Park, the exact latitudinal (38° 50' 29") and longitudinal (76° 53' 31") coordinates of the original site from 1954-56 has been located with the use of GPS technology. The house above literally sits on the precise spot where the 150' tower once stood.

The site was abandoned in 1956 when WPGC-AM moved into the studio space previously occupied by WRNC-FM (formerly, WBUZ-FM) at 4421 Southern Ave. in Coral Hills were it stayed until being evicted by the WM&A bus line in June, 1965.



June, 1965 - October, 1980

Parkway Building
5801 Annapolis Road,
Bladensburg, MD
(301) 779 - 2100

In 1965, WPGC - AM & FM were evicted from the Washington, Marlboro & Annapolis (WM&A) bus line repair facility at 4421 Southern Ave. in Coral Hills, MD. The station frantically searched for office space in Morningside, but little was available because of its predominantly residential nature.

Studio and office space was secured in a brand new development at the intersection of Annapolis Road (Rt. 450) and the Baltimore-Washington Parkway. Initially, the FCC objected to the stations moving significantly further away from Morningside but relented when it was demonstrated how easily accessible the new location was from both the BW Parkway and the Beltway.

The Parkway Building was located near the intersection of Annapolis Road & the Baltimore Washington Parkway.


The sad state of the building in 2002. By the mid 80's, the inside had been gutted in an apparent renovation which was never completed. The driveway leading up the hill to the rear of the building was on the left.


Close up of the main entrance. The elevator to the upper levels was along the back wall, directly in a straight line from the front door above.


The back of the building wasn't in much better condition. Because it was built into the side of a hill, you would enter from the back door at a floor higher than that as accessed from the front. The driveway going down the hill to the front of the building was located on the right, paralleling Annapolis Road.


The building was demolished in the Spring of 2004.


Close up of what had been the front entrance of the building.


The concrete barrier is in the same spot as above in 2002.


Is that an old tape cartridge in the rubble?!


View from top of the hill behind the now gone building.


The barren property the way it looked prior to construction.


Wonder if the neighbors knew who had been next door?


The second building in the rear is also gone now.


Thanks to Skip McCloskey of the WRC tribute site (who as a teenager won too many contests to mention from WPGC and picked up his prizes in the Parkway Building) for the demolition photos above.



October, 1980 - Summer 2000

6301 Ivy Road, Suite #800
Greenbelt, MD
(301) 441 - 3500


Main entrance. This was the first of several identical buildings to be constructed in the early '80's. All are still in use today.


Front of the building as seen from the parking lot. The station moved to Lanham in the Summer of 2000. The space once occupied by the station is now used by a legal firm.


Side of building facing the Beltway. The studios were on the top (8th) floor. From left to right, they included: Business Offices, Production Studio #3, Production Studio #2, the News / Production Studio, the On Air Studio, the Jock Lounge, Engineering & Engineering Offices.


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