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'Cousin' Warren Duffy

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In recent years, Warren's health has declined, having undergone Stage IV cancer which went into remission. Of late however, he was admitted to a hospital in Arizona for pneumonia in September, 2017. The cancer has returned and he is now in an assisted living care facility. Still, he holds on......

His wife, Pam, advises he can receive letters at the following address:

Warren Duffy
c/o Callens Outreach
1642 Lakeside Drive
Bullhead City, AZ 86442

A Go Fund Me campaign has been created to help with his medical bills and burial plans. If you can help this genuine 'Good Guy', donations can be made here.


'Cousin' Warren Duffy came to WPGC in 1966 as Program Director and afternoon man, positions he held down until 1968 when he left for sister station, WMEX in Boston. He later programmed KMET in Los Angeles. From 1994 - 2004 he did afternoons in Los Angeles at Salem's religious talk, KKLA.



Cousin Warren Duffy writes:

In 1959, we put a "Good Guys" Top 40 format together at a little station in York, PA owned by Susquehanna Broadcasting.  For its time, it was very innovative.

The company purchased a station in Ohio (Akron to be exact) and in 1961 they named me as their first program director at WHLO and of course, the "Good Guys" format trailed along with us.

By 1966, the station came to the attention of Bob Howard, the GM of WPGC, whose family lived in Cleveland.  He would monitor the station when he visited his relatives, and somewhere about 1966 he and I got in touch and next thing you know, I was living in Silver Spring, MD and I was the afternoon jock and the PD of WPGC.

I left WPGC to take a hiatus, moving briefly to St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands for a time of rest and re-focusing because - frankly, 45s were dying out and LPs were coming in and that meant a new format which I called "underground" and took that format to Boston and WMEX - also owned by the company that owned WPGC.  Then, I brought the "underground" format to Los Angeles and in 1969, put it on the air at KMET FM.

I returned to the air briefly in 1974 - with Wolfman Jack - on KDAY here in Los Angeles - a blend of albums and 45s that was semi-successful until the station was sold to black ownership and all the white guys were fired - including me.

Washington was one of my best cities in radio, until I came to Los Angeles.

On The Air Staff:

I was there for about 3 years - using the name "Cousin Duffy."  Jack Alix had been one of our competitors on WEAM - so we hired him to join us.  Also, from the upper Michigan peninsula - I hired a DJ and since Peyton Place was such a big hit TV show at the time, we changed the guy's name to Bob Peyton - he did our mid-days.

Harv Moore was the morning man when I arrived and he was still there when I left.

One of our weekend DJ's was Bob Raleigh - who we called "Tiger Bob" when he was playing records.

Marv Brooks had been one of the disc jockeys when I got there, but we thought his talents were better used in the newsroom and so he became one of the station's premier news talents.

On Memorable Station Promotions:

I remember coming on the air with a big promotion: for the March of Dimes, I marched from Dulles Airport to the Washington Monument - and as long as the phones kept ringing, I kept walking.  I don't remember how much money we raised, but I do remember I walked in a blizzard from 6 in the morning to about 6:30 that night.

We had many, many successful promotions and events connected with the station including the WPGC "Hide the Picnic" where we invited listeners to come to a free picnic - but we only gave them clues to the location.  They had to find out where the big event was being held. That was lots of fun.

And of course, hosting the concerts with Hendrix and Joplin - with Jim Morrison - and so many others.  Brings back wonderful memories.

On Beatlemania:

The Beatles had already hit by the time I got to Washington.  I was one of the first 3 program directors in America to feature The Beatles on WHLO in Ohio -- they had recorded a single on a small label prior to their major releases on Capitol Records, and we made one of them our PICK HIT OF THE WEEK, played it every other hour and even had Brian Epstein on the air thanking us for playing their record in America.  None the less, we tool full advantage of connecting to the British invasion while I was at WPGC.

I have no airchecks - no jingles - very few souvenirs from that era - just some wonderful memories of a time in radio history that perhaps can never happen again. 

On The Passing of Jack Alix:

Jack and I were young kids getting started in the radio biz back in DC. As I remember, he was at WEAM when I first heard of him. For a very long time General Manager, Bob Howard and I were very aware of Jack's presence in the marketplace and his great work and secretly we always hoped he would someday be part of our Good Guy team.

Then he arrived and quite honestly we didn't know what to do with him so we gave him the evening show. But as you know, with 'PGC being a daytimer back then, I didn't even get to do my entire drivetime show during the winter (we signed off at 4:45PM for a few weeks). So it took a little convincing but Jack came onboard and he was simply wonderful to work with.

He was very professional -- far beyond his years (or mine). He never
argued, never disagreed, always made things work for the good of the station and that was always his first thought. He also had a terrific promo mind and was constantly bringing famous recording artists to town for live shows. We teamed up on a few of them over at the old Arlington Roller Rink - remember?

He always had a smile. That's what I remember most about Jack. He was never down or depressed. He always had something to smile about. It -- and he -- were infectious. He not only smiled, he laughed out loud long before the internet. It was a combination giggle / laugh and many times he laughed so hard he broke into a cough. He was simply a joy to be around.

He went on a vacation to Mexico one year and brought me a beautiful silver gift back from his trip. In all of my years in broadcasting, nobody before and nobody since has ever been so thoughtful. He was a real pioneer. He was a good friend back in the '60's. I send my condolences to his family and my thanks to God for knowing - and have the chance to work with - such a great, great man.



BD Howard writes:

I remember Cousin Duffy's '68 Cadillac - he had a brand new gold convertible painted with a psychedelic scheme that most thought bizarre. I was thirteen and I kinda liked it. In those days, it was probably pretty cool among the hip crowd, but most thought he had ruined the car and destroyed its resale value.




WPGC - 'Cousin' Warren Duffy

Publicity shot

WPGC - 'Cousin' Warren Duffy

With autograph!

WPGC - 'Cousin' Warren Duffy

From GO Magazine,
September 1967

WPGC - 'Cousin' Warren Duffy and 'JA the DJ', Jack Alix

With Jack Alix in '67

WPGC - 'Cousin' Warren Duffy with Brenda Lee

With Little Miss Dynamite
in September of 1967

WPGC - 'Cousin' Warren Duffy with Brenda Lee

With Brenda Lee in 9/67

WPGC - 'Cousin' Warren Duffy

At the 'Hide the Picnic', 9/67

WPGC - 'Cousin' Warren Duffy at the 'Hide the Picnic' promotion

On stage before 12,000 strong at the 'Hide the Picnic' promotion from September 1967.  





Cousin Duffy's Original 22 Smashbacks album

WPGC - 'Cousin' Warren Duffy

Front Cover

WPGC - 'Cousin' Warren Duffy

Back Cover

WPGC - 'Cousin' Warren Duffy

Liner Notes

Special thanks to Skip McCloskey of the WRC tribute site for the above.



Sound Files


12/24/66 - 33:45
2/04/67 - 38:52
4/01/67 - 11:37
3/25/68 - 1:02


12/24/66 1st of 2 - 1:40
12/24/66 2nd of 2 - 2:00
2/04/67 1st of 4 - 1:09
2/04/67 2nd of 4 - 1:07
2/04/67 3rd of 4 - 1:12
2/04/67 4th of 4 - 1:10


12/24/66 Casino Royale Nightclub - :37
12/24/66 Downtown Park & Shop - :56
12/24/66 Nichols Furniture (with Harv Moore) - :33
12/24/66 Pepsi - 1:02
2/04/67 Alpha Sigma Fraternity - :39
2/04/67 Laurel Dodge (with Marv Brooks) - :54
2/04/67 The Sound Center (with Jack Alix) - 1:17
2/04/67 Temple School (live) - :41
March 1967 Ken Dixon Chevrolet (with Harv Moore) - :29
3/25/67 Ken Dixon Honda (with Harv Moore) - :29
3/26/67 Ken Dixon Chevrolet (with Harv Moore) - :25


May 1967 Balloon Buster 2 - 1:01


4/01/67 © 1966 - Spot Productions - 'Thatman' - :17



12/24/66 1966 Popularity Poll - :47
12/24/66 Money Street Contest - :42
12/24/66 Top 100 of 1966 (w/Dean Griffith - Hank Burdick) - :30
1/01/67 Happy New Year - :15
2/04/67 Chinese New Year 1 (with Harv Moore) - :40
2/04/67 Chinese New Year 2 (with Harv Moore) - :40
March 1967 Monkees Contest - :59
3/25/67 April Fools Day Contest (with Harv Moore) - :43
3/25/67 Playboy Club (with Harv Moore) - :41
3/25/67   Monkees Contest - :56
March 1967 Dial-A-Good-Guy Line (with Harv Moore) - :21
3/26/67 Good Guys Sweatshirt (with Harv Moore) - :33
3/26/67 GO Magazine (Slobovia) (with Harv Moore) - :16


3/25/67 Good Guys Triple Play Explosion (Bob Raleigh) - :06
3/26/67 Hourly Triple Play (w/Bob Raleigh [Bill Miller]) - :16
Aug. 1967 Triple Play - :06

Miscellaneous Audio

02/04/67 March for the March of Dimes - :45
Spring 1968 FM Car Radio Mention - :07
1994 Harv Moore& Marv Brooks from WXTR on:
short records, radio wars & Cousin Duffy - 1:48
Cousin Duffy on: Bob Howard - 1:01
Cousin Duffy on: Bob Howard Hiring Him - 1:11
Cousin Duffy on: Impressing Bob Howard - 1:17
08/28/06 Cousin Duffy on: The Station's Success - 1:11
08/28/06 Cousin Duffy on: His Air Name - :37
Cousin Duffy on: Being Program Director - 1:08
08/28/06 Cousin Duffy on: Success At An Early Age - :57
Cousin Duffy on: Harv Moore - 1:05
Cousin Duffy on: Marv Brooks Doing The News - 1:36
Cousin Duffy on: The Bob Peytons - 1:04
Cousin Duffy on: Jack Alix & FM Radio - 1:26
Cousin Duffy on: Appearances With Jack Alix - 1:15
Cousin Duffy on: Station Appearances - 1:35
Cousin Duffy on: Hide The Picnic - :58
Cousin Duffy on: March For The March Of Dimes - 1:02
Cousin Duffy on: The Kennedys - 1:21
Cousin Duffy on: The Beatles - 1:23
Cousin Duffy on: Brenda Lee Photo 1 Above - :21
Cousin Duffy on: Brenda Lee Photo2 Above - :28
Cousin Duffy on: Bringing Jimi Hendrix To DC - 1:16
Cousin Duffy on: The Monkees - :57
Cousin Duffy on: GO Magazine - :31
Cousin Duffy on: 22 Original Smashbacks Album - :24
Cousin Duffy on: Race Horse Named After Him - :40
Cousin Duffy on: Soundoffs - :30
08/28/06 Cousin Duffy on: Station Jingle Packages - 1:26
08/28/06 Cousin Duffy on: 'Thatman' Jingle Package - :34
Cousin Duffy on: Recreational Drug Use - :59
Cousin Duffy on: His Psychedelic Cadillac - :33
08/28/06 Cousin Duffy on: No Regrets Leaving WPGC - 1:30



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